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  • Nikki Cagle


Let's flashback a bit, shall we? Childhood—I played soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball year-round, with a passion...and with as little running as possible. The name of my game was defense, aka, hang back and let the opponent come to me. Teenage years—I failed my ROTC physical training test because I couldn't run the course fast enough {or finish at all...}. I quit almost all sports that required a timed-run as part of the tryout. And I sure as heck was not running for "fun." {I also didn't understand this relation of "running" and "fun"—whose idea of "fun" was that?!} Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman {your first taste of my Britney-obsession—don't even try to knock it}—"Fun Runs", aka, 5K's, were becoming all the rage. I joined my first ever gym and stepped onto my first treadmill. The longest I could run at a 5mph+ speed was maybe—M A Y B E—three minutes. Three minutes, ya'll! The thought of running nonstop for 10 minutes or *gasp* 3.2 miles was laughable. I laugh in the face of 5K's! {insert evil laugh} Catch up to today and I am a {self-proclaimed} bonafide runner. I have completed a countless number of those daunting 5K's, crossed the finish-line of my first half-marathon two years ago, knock out at least nine miles on the weekly, and I'm currently training for a 10-miler (that's 15K!) in April. And I did it all while nonstop running. That's over 2 1/2 hours of straight running—if you're counting. So, from a barely three minute jog, to a 13+ mile trot, I am proof that anyone, at any size, any age {yes, any age}, and with any level of determination can build their stamina and L O V E for running. It's actually—dare I say—FUN!!

Now that you know you CAN run, let's add in the r e a l fun part! Running on a straight & narrow road, or especially on the never-ending tread, can be total boresville—even with the jammiest of jams {like Brit-Brit}. My go-to running technique not only keeps me super distracted, but also constantly confuses my body & muscles to keep my cardio routines super-fresh! And my surefire way not to tire of the same ol' HIITs over and over again? I compete with myself! "How far did I run last time with 'HIIT-tastic'? Oh, is that so? Well, I see your three miles and I raise you .2 miles! What now!?" {You do all have pep-talks with yourself before a workout, right?!} My love of HIITs {High Intensity Interval Training} has manifested over time, and while I have countless HIITs pinned, I have started to create my own to mix it up even more and evolve with my level of running! From beginner to speedy-Gonzalez, I'll sporadically be bringing you HIITs to add to your routine. Let's get HIIT-tastic, ya'll!

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