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  • 14 Things You Should NEVER Say to Someone Who's Had a Miscarriage

    I've started writing this blog so many times over the past, gosh, five years. But every time I would stop and think — would anyone even get it? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this. Then Chrissy Teigen and John Legend suffered a crushing loss and just by sharing it on my Instagram stories it started a frenzy of DMs. I got into all-nighters with complete strangers; people I know "socially"; and even people who I would consider friends... but I never knew they miscarried. Those women shared their stories — each and every one heartbreaking in their own right — and told me the best and WORST things someone said to them after their miscarriage. Some things people said right away... some things people still say today. And we get it — you all don't know because you haven't been there. I was that very person once. But let me — and several of my closest Instagram friends — teach you what you should never say to someone who has had a miscarriage. {While writing this, "She Used to Be Mine" by Sara Bareilles came on Spotify and it perfectly sums up that girl who went through a miscarriage 5 years ago. It changes you — no matter who you are, how many weeks you were, or how long it's been. So, excuse any typos, as I'll now be writing this through sobs.} "Only" 7 weeks? Okay, well then you're on a devastation level of like a 2, right? Wrong. If you know you're pregnant you're far enough along to be any level of devastation. Hey, if your baby, who's actually living and breathing, died, how would you feel if someone cited some stats about drownings, or SIDS, or car accidents, or cancer? Statistics are not comforting, trust me. Yea, sure, let's celebrate that tiny silver lining. But also, I have no interest in ever going through a miscarriage again, so every future pregnancy is now tainted with constant fear. I'll never get my "first" back. Yea, uterus, what is it about this baby that made it so you couldn't hang on, exactly? Let's not do that again. Still pissed at you, btw. {Fact: 75% of repeat miscarriages have an unknown cause — so do not come at someone with your 'why's'.} The equally-as-annoying cousin to the above: "Everything happens for a reason." There may be a logical explanation, but that will never be reason enough for me to understand why this had to happen. Please please spare me your religious bullshit. Having something wrong with my baby wouldn't make me want or love it any less, for starters. And, without proper testing, who's to say there was something wrong with baby? Some people may not have the chance or resources to find out the biological reason, so let's not speculate that there was something "wrong" with my baby. Mmmkay? Anywhere else is just not good enough. Look, I get the excitement, but this is not the time. There is nothing exciting or enticing about trying right now, so don't even ask about when we'll start trying again. But thank you for putting that thought into my head... Also see: "Maybe this is your sign from god that you should be done." I'll be sure to tell all of my miracle babies that if you were their mother, they wouldn't exist, because you would have thrown in the towel by now. The latest golden nugget! Let's just sit on our who-ha's and wait for the world to be utter perfection before we bring a baby into it. Newsflash: it's never going to happen!! But do you know what does bring light into a shit world? Beautiful babies. Think about it, feel it, relive it in my head at least once a year on the anniversary. Yea, it was a death — I'm forever a little broken from it. But hey, if you're able to get over the loss of someone that close to you and never think about it, good for you, Satan. I thankfully have never been through this, but any time I hear that someone has said this, I cringe. Their pain is no less because they have other kids already. And by the way, caring for other kids while mourning a miscarriage is probably one of the hardest, most gut-wrenching reminders and exhaustions of life. So cut her some damn slack, and stfu. And then there's the tricky one. The one that doesn't get a quote card because... it's true. "I know that miscarriage sucked, but now you have these perfect babies, and you probably wouldn't have them if you hadn't miscarried." Knife to my gut. It's like saying I "chose" the twins over our miscarried baby. Of course, I know I didn't choose — my body chose for me. But thinking of our miscarried baby as collateral damage or a "sacrifice" for the life we have now just doesn't sit well with me. I'll never thank him for "taking one for the team." If you've made it this far, congrats — you're a really good friend, fam member, or supporter who wants to learn. So I figured I would share with you something that is good to say... To every mom who has ever miscarried, this is our letter to you: I'm here for whatever you need — venting, silence, drinking, distractions — anything. I'm not always going to know what to do, and I'm going to follow your lead, but know that you're loved, you're insanely strong, and you will get through this. You won't forget, and you may never stop aching, but you will be happy and excited one day. We truly believe that — even if you don't, yet —we'll hold on to it until you do believe it. Take your time getting there, though — no one is rushing you. Be where you need to be, and we'll be there with you. Know that no matter how long you carried your baby, you are still a mom. You still dreamt about what the baby would look like and who's personality they'd have and what they'd be when they grew up — and you cared for them just as much as you would if they were on the outside. They will always be your baby — just as much as any of your other babies. There's this beautiful quote that says, "Grief is just love that has nowhere to go." If it's constantly in the air around you — consuming you, streaming down your face in tears, living in all the shattered pieces of your heart, or in a picture frame thrown across the room in a fit of rage — that's okay. Or, if years later, that grief gives you a moment of peace when you think about that baby and oddly miss the person you never truly knew — but you also feel thankful for having "known" them at all — that's okay, too. The grief will probably always be with you, and that's kind of a good thing, because that means you'll always be surrounded by their love, and your love for them. I'll leave you with something that my husband used to say to me when we were going through our miscarriage and infertility journey. Something that used to drive me insane at the time, but is now pretty much my pregnancy tagline... Keep your eye on the prize, babe. Love, Your Fellow Rainbow Mamas

  • My Top 10 Quarantine Essentials {for Survival}

    Survival is such a strong word... but if you don't feel it's a necessary term to accurately portray quarantine — or 2020 in general — well then hot damn, aren't you just one lucky duck? I, on the other hand, plop on the couch at the end of each day thinking, praise wine, we survived another day in quarantine. I get that quarantine is starting to soften a little {depending where you live}, but with the colder {and darker ::insert whining emoji::} months coming — paired with flu season — quarantine-woes are about to ramp right back up. I know I just gave you the worst feeling of dread, but I had to dramatically set this up so you fully appreciate my essentials for survival list ;-) No way in 2020 {aka, hell} would I survive quarantine without each and every one of these things. I highly suggest you adding them to your quarantine kit ASAP. {Cuz, ya know, shipping will take 10-12 weeks. #kidding #hopefully} DearMom Wine Or, as I like to call it: pocket wine. The cans are so perfectly adorable that they have been easy to grab when we're headed out the door for a walk around the neighborhood, or to head to a picnic. Look, 2020 is hard, no one is judging you for pulling a tiny sippy-wine out of your pocket at the park. If they're staring, chances are they really just want to know where you got that... and if you brought more. STOCK UP: My favs are Sparkletown {pop, pour into OJ, survive the morning} & Oregon Red {relaxation in a can}; $16.99 - 4-pack {also search local stores because they just popped up near me!} TENS Machine Right before quarantine set in, I became addicted to the chiropractor. Like, give me a quickie chiro adjustment over an hour-long massage any day. But then the chiro closed at the start of the pandemic, right about the time we moved, during which I threw out my back the worst I have in my life. I'm not talking "laid up" back sprain, I'm talking, it was so painful I couldn't lay, or even breathe. My chiro told me to get a TENS machine and Biofreeze. The hubs picked up this pocket pain pro and not only did it nurse me back to health after two uses, but I now have the mac daddy and it is LIFE-CHANGING, I tell ya! INVEST: They're not expensive at all, and you can grab the pocket one from Target {$40}, or the mac daddy on Omron's website {currently on sale for $99!!} TIU App If you know me, or follow me on Insta, you know I'm a die-hard Tone It Up girl. For those who don't know, TIU is a workout phenomenon by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn — aka K&K. They have free workouts on their website, host a handful of Insta-Live workouts each week from one of their TIU-trainers, anddd they have an app with hundreds {thousands??} of workouts. So many reasons I love TIU and their app, but my top reasons would be: K&K are in their late 30s and look BOMB so it's super motivational; they're hilar and real and FUN; their workouts are hard, no matter how many times you do them; and there's a workout for every body, mood, timeframe, or day. YOU NEED IT: Tone It Up App; $99/year {you can do a 7-day free trial to check it out first! Follow my TIU highlights on Insta for my fav ones to try on demand} Gear That Says Something And not just says something, but supports something. I don't care what you support, but of all times, in all of history, you should be supporting something this year. It's just a bonus if the something you support comes with some cool gear so you can further the message. I adore @kbousq and all that she stands for {and teaches about social media}, so when she came out with this sweatshirt that gave 100% of proceeds to the Black Visions Collective, I had to have it. It's a conversation starter and stance-maker that I'm proud to rock {plus, it's stupid cozy}. SPEAK LOUDER: This crewneck is currently sold out, but she restocks periodically {$36}! While you're there, peruse a little, because her other stuff is sooo cute, and also has a message. Blendtec Blender Besides SoulCycle, one of the things I missed the most when I stopped going into the office was my weekly South Block fix. If you've never had a South Block acai bowl you are missing out on so many taste buds. My Blendtec is the only saving grace to try and recreate my SB fav {warrior bowl, add coconut on top, almond butter on the side, get in my bellayyyy}. Here's my go-to recipe for recreating my at-home warrior! BLEND IT: Blendtec with bonus smoothie-sized blender {$420} - This price is insane, I know. The hubs found it major on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so look around for sales! But hands down well worth the investment - I've killed many a blenders before and this one has held strong. Oh So Retro Life Planner You know people always say that when they decide to be a SAHM they wonder how they had so much time before? That's kind of how I feel about quarantine — like, how does being forced to stay at home now feel so much busier and overwhelming?! Here we are, quarantine-deep, and I couldn't find my head most days without my Erin Condren Life Planner. I scoured the earth for the perfecttt planner {I'm kind of a planner snob} and love that you can tailor it however you need {daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 18-months, or all of the above}, and customize and personalize the look. I feel like every mom of a school-aged kid with 87 Zooms a week needs this planner. PLAN IT: I have the Oh So Retro Life Planner and it's my life line; $41 {currently on sale!} TanLuxe Look, I don't know about you, but life is just better when you're tan. Even a slight glow makes me happier. Those indoor vitamin D lights {or whatever they are} sound great, but give me a little faux-glow and I feel like an insta-human. I'm buying stock in this stuff as we enter colder seasons and naturally become pasty, because quarantine + paleness does not = happiness in my book. This is my newest fav tan stuff — you add drops right into your regular lotion so there's no need to apply 16 different skincare products before bed #bless. No streaks, no smells, no weird fade, just pure golden glisten. I've had my bottle for 5ish months and it's not even halfway gone. BE GOLDEN: I have the body one, but also use it in my face lo {$53}. There's a specific face one, too, if you fancy {$48}. ALL The Crafts If you've made it through quarantine without tie-dying, planting, or chalking something... what have you been doing with your time?! You've had to have run out of Netflix by now. I jumped on the tie-dye wagon pretty early, and that was just my gateway craft. Then I ended up with acrylic markers for coloring rocks #kidfriendly; fabric markers for turning my flares into a whole 90s vibe; all the scrapbook paper and mags for a vision board; glue guns for making my own masks #mamadontsew; and my latest: beads for mask lanyards! Now, I've yet to crack open the Cricut box, but that's my ultimate quarantine goal. Whatever you fancy, hit up Walmart, Michaels, or JoAnn fabrics and buy a craft — it's seriously therapeutic. GET CRAFTY: A few of my favs: Tulip one-step tie-dye kit {$29.99}; Bead variety box for mask lanyards {$19.99}; Fabric markers {$12.99} Stationary Bike I find that term to be sooo boringgg, because to me, this cycle bike is more than just a stationary workout machine — it has literally been my therapist. Well, the bike is kind of like the couch — my actual therapist has been @bombchelledc. When SoulCycle closed, my soul went off to cry in a quarantine-corner — so when Michelle started doing cycle-guided workouts {and Zoom HIITs}, I came back to life. I'm not even kidding you that one day when I look back on quarantine, I'll wonder how we got through it and then I'll think of these rides and know — that's how. RIDE IT OUT: First, buy the bike {$350}, then follow @bombchelledc, subscribe to her newsletter, and get free cycle workouts, HIITs, recipes, and mantra-reminders in your inbox weekly. MASKS, DUH Hi, did you think I could make a quarantine essentials list without masks!? What would be quarantine even without masks? Probably just regular life. We know dang well if I have to wear a mask while doing hair {and shopping, and hanging, and all the things} it's going to have to be cute, comfy, and breathable. I've tried my fair share and these two are my favs — one found on Etsy, and the other is shockingly... Hanes?! Yea, I was just as mind-blown, but they fit and feel the best. MASK UP: My fav set from Etsy is a tie-dye set #shocker {$19.99 3-pack}; Hanes 100% cotton 5-pack masks at Walmart {$7.50} Hang in there, guys, wear your mask, wash your hands, drink your tiny wine, and we'll all get through this together.

  • 6 Ways to Style This $5 Walmart Shirt

    What, you don't shop at Walmart? You will after this. Don't throw shade - think outside the box. When something is $5 I buy now and think later — and once I started thinking, the outfit options were endlesss. I'll include links to similar pieces used in each outfit so you can complete the look (most of my looks were created using ancient pieces I already had, but I'll point you in the right direction. Got you, boo.). For starters, you'll need that shirt, yea? I'm in an XS, for reference — I could have gone for a S or M, but it's all they had, and again - five dollarsss. They have it in three colors (I'm in the "red," which is more like a burnt orange), and for the price, you kind of need all three... #iknowido Every Day Casual-Cute Look Maybe she's a blogger, maybe she's just running into Trader Joe's — maybe it's both. This is the perfect getup for running errands and then rolling right into a photoshoot... or happy hour. Get the look: Date Night or GNO Hey all you cool cats & kittens... yea, okay, it's played out — but animal print will never be. Get the look: Outdoor Concert Vibes Anyone else itchinggg to go to a live concert? Yea, just imagine me, wearing this, rocking to some Chris Stapleton. Concert or not, it's the perfect summer-to-fall transition look. Get the look: Backyard BBQ Dying for one last beach getaway, but since that'sss not going to happen, I'll just wear this to a {socially distanced} backyard BBQ, pop a Simpler Wine in Mango (have you had!? I'm obsessed), and pretend. Get the look: Brunchin' No pandemic going to keep me from a bloody mary and eggs bennie, mmmmk? So what if it's on my sister's patio... Get the look: MomLife-Friendly She's a little bit country — she's a little bit boho. Love this for a "hi, I'm a mom, but kind of cool and chill and we should be friends" look for a daycare event or backyard BBQ. Get the look: Watch the full transformation here! This was one of the most fun videos I've ever filmed and edited, and oh-so-sweaty. Mad props to the bloggers who do this on the reg.


    Look, I get it - you mean well. And we all know it's awkward. And unless you've been through it, we're not expecting some life-changing profound words through this time. But just as there are certain things you wouldn't say to a loved one at a funeral, or to anyone going through any sort of tough time - there are definitive things you should never utter to someone who is trying to conceive. At the end of the day, it's none of your business. If, however, someone does trust you and makes it your business, make sure you brush up on the do's and dont's of what to say so you don't make them regret that trust. {These obviously stem from things that people have said to us over the years. Please don't take offense if you were one of the people who said one of these things - we were all learning together.} 1. "There's always adoption!" Really? Then why didn't you adopt? Because you wanted the joy of having your own child? Golly gee. We'd like to adopt because we can - not because we have no other choice. 2. "You should be thankful! Now your lifestyle/banking account/body/etc. won't have to go through any changes!" I would rather throw away my entire lifestyle, wipe clean my banking account {which you nearly do through infertility treatment}, attend a lifetime of weight watchers meetings and more - just to have a baby. 3. "Have you tried everything?" Nah, we gave it one good romp and it didn't happen so we said "bygones!" I haven't been poked, prodded, bounced from specialist to specialist, or exhausted our savings account. Nope, none of that. 4. "I bet you'd wish you'd have known so you didn't waste so much money on birth control, condoms and anxiety-ridden pregnancy tests over the years!" Yes, tell me more about how much money I wasted on NOT having a child, while I pay doctor and infertility bills out the ying-yang now. If I had a dollar for every time someone uttered this line, we could have bought me a new uterus by now. 5. "Well, how long have you all been trying? They say it could take up to a year!" Ohhh, well that comforts me then. Phew, I was so worried - we just started yesterday! I thought for sure I should have been showing by now... 6. "It'll happen. Just be patient." Oh, is that all it takes? Patience? SCREW you and your patience. Oh, sorry - hormones ;-) 7. "Ya know, my best friend's cousin's daughter's kindergarten teacher went through this EXACT same thing it and only took them two rounds of IVF, so just hold on and it'll happen!" No WAY! Your insanely distant acquaintance is 30-years-old, has hyperthyroidism, doesn't get a menstrual cycle, has been trying for years, works out 6 days a week, eats as clean as possible, doesn't have a properly functioning pituitary gland, AND is married to my husband?! Wow, we're like twinsies - it MUST be the same diagnosis. 8. "It'll happen." Yes, so my very expensive doctors tell me. But are you a doctor? Do you know my case inside and out? Do you have a crystal ball? Because that's the easiest, most general passe thing to say. But, thanks for the comfort! {Another favorite: "it'll happen"'s common cousin - "It'll happen when it happens." So wait, it won't happen before it happens? Or afterwards? I was banking on before.} 9. "Ugh, you can have mine! They're driving me insane!" Don't tempt me. And meanwhile, go hug your kid - the child I would kill to have. 10. "I know how you feel, we tried for three months!" Just walk away. Go. Now. Because this fake smile is going to fade in 3...2... Look, I get that you MAY understand the timing element - the longing for, wishing for, waiting for. But you could never understand the shots, the hormones pumped through your body, the nearly daily appointments, the questions, the emotional burden, the strain on your relationship, the negative thoughts in your mind - none of it. Not unless you've gone through infertility treatments - you just can't possibly know how it feels. But, come here, I'll shoot you in your gut with a needle, just to give you a taste... Let people live, love and grieve at their own pace, without added pressures from outdated traditional family timelines. You wouldn't ask a grieving widow when she's going to get married again—have the same respect for those taking their time to start a family. #miscarriage #health #infertility #Realtalk #pregnancy

  • 20 Day Quaran-Crunch Challenge for Poppin' Abs

    Repeat after me: Repetition is key. See what I did there? ;-) Seriously though, if you go ham on your abs every day, 20 days straight, you will see results. Case in point, results from my last 20-day challenge... 20 days, 1,450 sit-ups, 1,450 crunches, 580 leg raises, 2,150 seconds of plank (almost 39 minutes of planks). It may seem daunting all spelled out like that, but that's why we take it one day at a time, ya'll. I was getting quarantine-complacent. Nothing to work towards, no reason to do a challenge or fight for my "best bod ever" — which I do every summer, just to prove to myself that I still can. But there was nothing to push towards, so I didn't push at all. Until one day I decided, if I truly only do this for me every summer, why am I not doing it for me now? I don't need a tropical vaca or bachelorette party to push me — I just need ME to push me. So, for 5-10 minutes a day I dropped and did my core crush challenge. Every day. And if I didn't get the whole thing in I'd add it on to the next day. I'd split it up and get the sit-ups out of the way in the AM, then crunches midday, and then leg raises and plank in front of the TV at night. But no matter what, I'd get it in. I had reminders set in my phone, fit-fam joining in to keep each other accountable, and I just took it one day at a time. All this to say, anyone can handle 5-10 minutes for 20 days. COMMIT. And join me for the next 20 days, because what else do you have to do in quarantine? #justsayin #noexcuses Who's with me!?

  • 20-Day Core Crush Challenge

    Oh how I love an ab challenge!! There was just no other way for me to start this post. It's true, I loveee me some ab burners. It's how I got started with working out eons ago, and it's the workout that always makes me feel the best, especiallyyy in the summer. Now, let me give you some advice about this challenge... you know how when you're really high up, let's say, on a rollercoaster, and as you're freaking out you think to yourself, "don't look down." I'm going to tell you the same thing with this — don't look down the list. Don't look ahead. Don't start dreading the days with 100 sit-ups. You will inevitably talk yourself out of it. Take it one day at a time. Day 1: 25 sit-ups. You can DO 25 sit-ups. And I promise you this — by the time you get to 100 sit-ups, you'll be able to do those, too. You know why? Because you took it one day at a time, and slowly but surely, you built the strength to add on a little more each day. So, don't look down, don't skip ahead, don't talk yourself out of it — just start with day one. Commitment tip: I set a reminder on my phone at 9am and 9pm that says "AB CHALLENGE: DO IT!!" and I have it repeat for 20 days. If I don't get it done with the 9am reminder, I have that late night reminder that makes me get off the couch and crunch while Netflix'ing. Life is cray — I'd be lost without my reminders. The hubs jokes that I even have one set to remind me to pee. Real funny, but I've birthed twins, I don't need a reminder to pee — all I have to do is stand and I'm reminded. Here's a little vid to showcase each move, including some modifications {some easier, some harder}, and some tips for when you get to those mega-rep days and need to break it up! Who's with me!? Phase 3 abs, comin' in hot!

  • Get Off Your Bum And Squat It

    I have this theory that our bums should be sore from squating, not from sitting on them all. quarantine. long. My workplace asked me to lead a fitness challenge for April, to which I said "squat, yea!" (or something to that effect), and I figured, why not share it with ya'll, too? It's totally attainable, takes maybeeee one minute a day, and the whole quarantine-fam can join. I'll post the full 4-Week challenge below for saving (aka pinning) and each week I'll update this post with how-to vids and modification tips, so be sure to check back (or, follow me on Insta, where I'll remind you, because who has time to remember to check back unprompted?!). Week 1: Traditional Squats First and foremost, let me start by saying, I'm not a trainer — I am a TV-taught fitness fanatic (Jillian Michaels taught me almost everything I know). So if you really want to know how to squat, take it from the professionals. But, if you'd still like some tips on what I do to amp up my squats, continue on! Your official week 1 intro & how to: Modifying those squats to be a little lighter (but still burn): Amping up those squats to burn SO GOOD: Until next week, ya'll, here's my favorite water jug, aptly named Bubba, who also happens to fit two bottles of wine — not that I've tried... Keeps water ice cold for 12-hours and a fraction of the price of a Yeti. Get one on Amazon (ranging $11-15), or at Walmart. (Also comes in black, teal, and more colors, depending on size.) Week 2: Jump Squats I'm going to be that annoying person that says, "I love jump squats to start my day!" But... truly — there's something about boosting your metabolism first thing in the morning that keeps you revved all day. I like to hit up a sip of coffee {just a sip - don't need any sloshing} and then hop to it — literally. They'll be over before you know it {less than a minute} and you'll SO awake and ready to KILL THIS DAY! ::insert grrr face:: Your basic jump squat {because everyone seems to do them a little different? That's okay, do you!}: When you're just nottt quite ready to get some air: I secretly hate these, but, whatevs, I'm told they work, so I throw at least a few jump tucks in there: If you're having trouble keeping up with your daily sips {you are, aren't you? It's fine. Just kidding, IT'S NOT. GET YOUR SIP ON!} — maybe you just need me to yell at you? If that doesn't work, I suggest making your water jug your BFF. Everywhere you go, they follow. Sitting at your computer — water in plain view. On a walk? Water in hand. Watching the RHOBH — wine in hand, water right next to you. #balancebaby The point is, if you see it in front of you, you're more likely to grab it for a sip. Week 3: Weighted Squats The squat of all squats — my favorite! Good golly I love a weight. And a squat. And when the two marry in holy squatrimony — it's pure apple bottom jeans. {Too many puns in a sentence? Never!} The beauty about weighted squats is that you pick your poison — dumbbells, soup cans, kettlebells, bottle of wine — whatever you have on hand, put it in your hands and squat! Your basic B of weighted squats - the dumbbell: Lighter just means to quite literally go lighter with your weights. Or, go back to the basics with bodyweight{ed} squats: And when you're ready, don't be afraid to up the ante, because your legs and booty are powerhouses and they can handle more than you think! Just remember to engage your core to protect your back and keep perfect form. If you feel form slipping, time to downgrade the weight: Now for some sips of a different kind: Smoothies! I am a smoothie-fiendddd. I have at least one a day because they are so versatile, easy to hide veggies in {without tasting} and with the right protein can be super filling. Here are some of my favorite recipes from over the years! {Sub in any protein powder you like, or omit altogether. I'm on an Arbonne Vanilla or Vega Vanilla kick lately.}: Strawberry Banana Smoothie Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie Chocolate Covered Berries "Milkshake" Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

  • Living The Lunge Life

    Love 'em or not, the proof is in the pudding — lunges are the way to long, lean, cut legs. Or, as most of the world refers to them: Carrie Underwood legs. I MEAN. Any questions? Just like the squat challenge, I dedicated each week to different lunge variation to make sure you don't get bored, and to hone in on every angle of those gams. My personal fav is week four... which I purposely put at the end so it keeps me on track the entire month! Week One: Back Lunges Pretty much the "traditional" lunge, and for whatever reason I prefer stepping back opposed to forward. I feel like it gives you more control over form — but maybe that's just me! Don't sleep on those modifications — and if you're amping it up, don't be afraid to load up on the weight. Your legs are stronger than you think! Week 2: Lunge Hops (or Skips) I hate, loathe, avoid-at-all-costs a jumping lunge. You know the one — kind of like you're skiing, but getting deeper in your lunge, and dying, and just hating life, and probablyyy killing your back. They're just not fun, or necessary. You can get the same plyo lunge effect with a lunge hop (or skip). Check it: Week 3: Side Lunges Talk about an outer-thigh burner! And booty. And inner thigh. And, surpriseeee, an ab burner, too — if you add on this crossover knee crunch, too. Why the hell not!? Week 4: Curtsy Lunge My favorite lunge of ALL time. I fell in love with these bad boys during PiYo. Actually, they're less of bad boys, and more of proper girls? Whatevs — they will KILL your outer and inner thighs on both sides, no matter which side you're curtsy'ing to. And, as if I didn't love them enough, I added one of my favorite ab moves at the top: a rainbow crunch! It takes a little coordination but it's hella fun and will cinch your obliques. We're coming for you, Carrie. What challenge should we do next?! Whether we're in our backyards or on the beach, summer is still coming — and let's face it, fitness keeps us SANE in an otherwise coo-coo-bananas world.

  • Shop My Shein Winter Haul

    In case you didn't alreadyyy know, yes, is totally legit and I shop it all. the. time. {I mean, not ALL the time babe, just sometimes, hardly ever, really.} I can essentially get an entirely new seasonal wardrobe for $100 — which is pretty much what I spent on this entire winter and holiday haul! Perfect pieces for every happy hour, holiday party, girls night in, girls night out, or just some good ol' cozy winter fashion to wear until your spring haul... I shared the entire try-on haul on my Insta stories so you can see fit & sizes, and I linked everything below so you can click straight through & get your own $100 haul {or less... or more... don't blame me}. Happy holidays, lovers!! #bargainhunter #Shein #shopping #fashion

  • These Are a Few of My Favorite {Beachwaver} Things

    IT'S ON. The biggest dang Beachwaver sale of the year. Beachwavers for $69. SIXTY-NINE DOLLARS, PEOPLE. I already have two in my cart... who cares if I own five. Who cares, I say! When they are $69 you buy back-ups - and gifts! Okay, calm down you. Aside from the 'wavers, their other tools {read: flat irons} and products {read: amazing} are also on mega sale. If you can't bring yourself to buy it all {wuss}, these are my absolute must-haves {must use this link and BLACKFRIDAY30 to score the killer deals}. Before you dive in, here are the major details you should know: This sale runs from 11/22/19 - 12/2/19. After that, prices go back to norm, but you can still use my code NIKKICAGLEWAVE for 10% off at any time. Certified Open Box (COB) or Certified Second Wave beachwavers are cheaper... but what are they? These are 'wavers that were returned, un-opened, or maybe the box was messed up from the get-go - but the irons are still in tip-top shape. They're not a second-hand 'waver because they've never been used. I have several of these and they are in perfect shape — the only downfall is that they're only in the black and grey style, and I prefer the white and grey style, but hey, beggers can't be choosers #amirite Must use this link to access the sale with my code, and must use code BLACKFRIDAY30 to get the mega sale {ends 12/2/19}. Now, on to all the things you should buy... 1. The Beachwaver S1.25 - The gateway 'waver Whenever anyone asks me what size to get, I almost always say the S1.25. It's my daily waver, and I've come to realize that long, short (even shoulder length or slightly above), curly, or straight hair — this is the preferred size for daily wear. Price of NEW iron: $129 *Black Friday price: $90.30 Price of a COB iron: $99 *Black Friday price: $69.30 2. The Beachwaver S1 - The 'waver for fancier you This is the waver I use when I want to be a little more dressed up — so, date night, events, holidays, or even when I want to make sure my curl lasts for dayssss, I'll use this one and as the curl softens it still holds because it started a little tighter. Ya feel me? You need it. Regular price of NEW iron: $129 *Black Friday price of a NEW: $90.30 Regular price of a COB iron: $99 *Black Friday price of a COB iron: $69.30 3. Coast Pro Titanium Styling Iron - The Beach... straightener I know, it's a little against the grain for the Beachwaver to make a flat iron, but this isn't just a flat iron — it also curls. Hear me out - it can act as a normal flat iron and will get your hair sleek as ish. But it also has curved attachments on the outside that will let you curl your ends under if you don't prefer stick straight, and for those who are savvy enough to curl with a flat iron {don't look at me}, the attachments give you that extra oomph. Regular price: $139 BF price: $69.30 4. Stay Strong Reparative Kit - My favorite re-hydrating products This is Beachwaver's newest arsenal and I am hooked. It smells like a cozy warm night, but it's a soft scent, not overpowering {some scents make me sick to my stomach, this ain't one of 'em}. The descriptions on the shampoo and conditioner say it'll make your hair feel like virgin hair after three washes — it ain't lying. My hair gets super dry in the winter and this is giving it life. The mousse that it comes with goes in your hair before washing — it's weird, it works, don't ask questions. Regular price of Reparative Kit {shampoo, conditioner, pre-wash foam}: $114 *BF price: $63.70 Individual shampoo OR conditioner reg. price: $36 *BF price: $25.20 Individual pre-wash foam reg. price: $42 *BF price: $29.40 Btdubs, for those calculating, it's $16 cheaper to get the whole set opposed to the individual products. 5. Great Barrier - The protector Before you put heat on your hair {waver or flat iron} you haveee to protect it. No matter how amazing an iron is, it's still hot and your hair will still thank you if you protect it first. I use the GB spray every time I wave — just spray a lighter layer on top of the section you're about to curl. Bonus: Seconds as a hair perfume, because it smells divine. Regular price: $33 *BF price: 15.40 {comes with a full size and bonus travel size for the holidays!} 6. Braid Balm - A styling MUST Clearly, braids aren't going anywhere, so you might as well invest in this braid "foam." You can put it in your hair while it's damp or dry and it helps to smooth any frizz; gives you some grit in your hair so it's easier to grab and braid; and when you take your braids out you have the most gorgeous soft natural beachwaves. I use it in my daughter's baby-fine hair because we know kiddo hair is a B to braid and this gives it some hold so it's not slipping out of my hands. Plus, it's like a little conditioning balm. Bottom line: Add to your cart, especially because... Regular price: $24 for one *BF price: $26.60 for a bundle of TWO! {hello, someone's stocking} 7. Prep Brush - Like the Wet Brush, but better... Obsessed with this brush for me, my kiddos, and my clients. It glides through hair like a Wet Brush, but even better? They've outdone themselves. Regular price: $11 for one *BF price: $9.10 for TWO! {gifts on gifts on gifts} 8. On Set Pro Brush - The smoother I'm an avid for brushing out your curls. Call me crazy, but I swear to you that your curls are not going to fall out as long as you follow the cardinal rules and let them cool before brushing out. They'll go from uber bouncy Blair Waldorf prissy curls {still love you, B} to cool-girl Serena waves. This brush is usually hella expensive so to me this is one of the best deals. Regular price: $42 {for a brush, no joke, it's that good} *BF price: $17.64 {whaaaattt #buysabackup} 9. Perfume Rollerballs - My new favorite scents The number one thing my clients say when I'm using BW products is, "What is that? It smells amazing!" I concur, and so does Beachwaver, so they created B.Bungalow, a fragrance line that features the scents from their products {just waiting for them to launch candles...}. These rollerballs are perfect to throw in your purse for when you're on the go during the holidays! Regular price: $32 for one *BF price: $22 for Bali Beach Night AND Polynesian Pink Sugar rollerballs {BOTH!} The sale doesn't end there, and I could go on with my favs, but am I really going to list the entire website?! That would be overkill, even for me, yea? But they also have insane deals on their other products, bun wrap-ups, and the BLACKFRIDAY30 code works on anything across their entire site. Oh, and, 'tis the season for giveaways... so keep an eye on my Instagram for some surprises ;-) #beauty #beautytips #shopping #Hair #hairtips #bargainhunter