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    Rosé is having its moment—in ALL the ways. Sure, the summer-esque pink wine {which, spoiler alert: is not sweet, as previously perceived} is gracing all the shelves, cookouts, and girls' nights in. But, rosé is popping up in other forms, too—like in Guy Tang's rose gold hair line {if you're not familiar with the hair GOD, Guy Tang, you need to be}, and in this flowy romantic number from Tobi. Booze, hair, and clothes—all in the form of rosé. Proof that there is a god. I'm no wine snob—I almost always go for the "chipper chicken," like this Lab Rosé that's become a fav! Dress: Tobi {size medium} // Shoes: Melrose & Market at Nordstrom Rack // Sunnies: Nordstrom - no longer available, but Similar & Similar // Earrings: Quartz drop earrings from Stella and Dot - no longer available; Similar & LOVE // Ring: Nordstrom Rack - sale, no longer available; Similar options Kissed by a rosé hair brought to you by Guy Tang's #mydentity line {7RG}. Photo cred to one of my favorite creatives & duck tamers {no kidding—shoot at a pond and quack happens}: Erin Michelle Photography Psst...another trend-obsession: #hair #fashion #shopping #beauty #style


    Black as a slimming trick - groundbreaking, right? We're not recreating the fashion wheel here - we all know black is a go-to slimmer. I pretty much lived in black {leggings} postpartum. And even now that I'm feeling much more fit-mom-ish and less frumpy-mom-ish, I've kind of become accustomed to my black. Colorful me - accustomed to black. Motherhood does things to you. Now, pair black with a bodysuit, and you're in the double-slimming business. In the right fabric, a bodysuit can be like a one-piece that's sucking & tucking you in all the right places. Bonus: it's not a bathing suit, and you're not on the beach feeling all sorts of body-conscious. Trust me, bodysuits {or, as they appear in my new-mom head - adult onesies} are where it's at! Not quite as slimming, but equally as appealing to me these days: mom jeans. I am, afterall, a mom. Not that this stopped me from rocking high-waisted mom-jeans pre-twinlets. Rebel that I am. Last random thought from my recent fashion files - let's talk about Tobi. I've long shied away from buying from Tobi because - well, models be fiercely fit. Which always begged the question - how isthat going to fit this shorter & stouter bod. Slowly but surely, Tobi's endless sales broke me down - and now I can officially tell you that any ol' average girl can rock it like their gorgeous amazon models. Fabrics are quality, fit is on par, fashions are trending, AND prices are enticing. Like, annoyingly enticing. Enter my newest shopping obsession—and my latest apology, for turning you into a Tobi fiend like me. Top: Tobi {size small} // Pants: Anthropologie - sale, no longer available; Similar & Similar // Shoes: Oldies from god-knows-where; Similar & Similar // Head scarf: Ancient; Similar // Earrings: Francescas: Oldies; Similar & Oh-so-boho Photo cred: Instagram & Blog Husband {Thanks, Babuh!} Psst...more fashion obsessions: #accessories #shopping #fashion #beauty #style


    Fresh off the sandy-heels of our first beach trip {or trip, period} as a family of four, and I feel like I now have the knowledge {read: trials & errors} to be able to share the MUST have items for your first beach trip with babes. For comparison - ours are 6 1/2 months, teething like fiends, newbie-sitters, easily entertained, and live by a pretty strict eat/play/sleep schedule. Much like when we registered for our baby shower, I spent countless hours researching and asking for advice for what we would need for not just one, but two babies, for the beach. While we got a tonof helpful tips and packed the entire house {plus half of Amazon and 3/4 of Target} - in the end, these were the things we would not have survived without. Summer Infant Pop N' Sit IN REAL LIFE {IRL) The twinlets aren't quite ready for highchairs, but we also didn't want to lug/ruin the bumbos. These practical chairs fold up insanely small and have a carrying case you can throw over your shoulder. They pop open in seconds, have a tray that attaches, and can even be buckled down to chairs at a restaurant. We used these on the beach, as a highchair to feed, and to keep them contained at restaurants. Worth their weight in GOLD, but can be found for $30 at a ton of places. Beach wagon: Mac sports collapsible wagon When you have 87 things to carry out to the beach, trust me when I tell you that pulling this wagon {which folds up uber compact for the car} is way easier than growing extra hands. IRL Baby wearing: Wraps and carriers One of the biggest things that kept me up at night was the logistics of getting the babies from point A to point B—point A being the condo, and point B being the beach. Then, a fellow twin-mom told me that the best way to transport would be for each parent to baby-wear. Genius. We were hands-free to pull the wagon, and back-free to carry the diaper bag. I went the Boba wrap route, while the hubs rocked a carrier in true Hangover fashion. IRL Backpack diaper bag We have both a shoulder strap diaper bag and a backpack diaper bag, and as the twins get older I find it much easier to bring along the backpack diaper bag. Again, the theme for vaca is hands-free. You will need your hands for much more important things than hiking a diaper bag strap back up on your shoulder. Beach essentials: Tent, hats {hers & his}, sunnies {hers & his}, SPF, baby powder We bought one of those baby-proof UV-protected pop-up tents for napping, but it could not withstand the light breeze on the beach. I wouldn't call it a wasted purchase, but I would call it a pointless beach addition. All you really need is tons of shade—a la tailgating tent—and a waterproof mat/giant blanket for beach naps. Other beach babe necessities: sunnies and hats {because the sun is BRIGHT to these tiny eyes and they need shade on shade on shade}, SPF {babyganics seems to be the favorite among moms these days}, and baby powder - your arsenal against sandy hands/feet/bums/bellies/cheeks... Pack N Play We needed two - one for each sleeping baby. We also brought crib sheets to wrap around the padding at the bottom to try and trick them into thinking it was their cozy crib. Bonus: it worked. Reality: they were likely exhausted from the stimulation of the beach that they would have slept on the kitchen table. iPad loaded with Baby First TV I had all of these lofty goals not to succumb to technology and to brave through tough times with sheer human entertainment. Ha! Those goals flew out the window around hour one into our screamfest car ride. Thankfully, our babes are already obsessed with VocabuLarry and his Baby First friends. The hubs and I got to face the road and ride in peace {other than the sounds of a singing parrot...}, and I was somewhat at ease knowing that at least they were learning the basic of baby vocab. {Tip: download the app AND some of the videos ahead of time, because there's no wi:fi on the open road!} Food essentials: 6 bottles, gallon water, to-go bowl & spoon We're formula folks, and instead of having to wash bottles after every feeding, we brought six bottles so we could make it through a whole chunk of the day without stopping to wash. We also brought gallons of purified water, because you don't want to find out the hard way {while on vacation} that your babe's tummy can't handle the city water from {insert vaca city here}. I had also picked up this handy little to-go bowl & spoon at Target a few days before our trip and it really came in handy for meals on the go! {Also suctions to the table} Tile floor mat Yeaaaa, I didn't actually bring this, but luckily we stayed at a condo where the owners are new parents, and they had a tile floormat on hand {insert emoji prayer hands}. Highly recommended because you never know if there will be a soft-enough space to lay your babe down, and sometimes a simple blanket just won't do. Bonus is that most of these tile mats come with a zipper bag to keep them compact for traveling! Wine, coffee, patience & a can-do attitude This is for you, mama {or dad}. One of the best pieces of advice another twin-mom gave me pre-vaca was, "It's all in what you make of it." So, instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed while trying to maneuver bab{ies}, wind, restaurant seating, food wait times, and failed plans of entertainment for the babes {giant blow-up pool fail that we won't discuss}—just take a deep breath, laugh through parenting {like you always should} and enjoy the fact that you are on your first vacation with your little one{s}! When deep breaths fail - that's when the wine and/or coffee kicks in. Also, highly suggest as many extra hands as you can get—by way of family or friends—on the first venture. Not only will they help with the 87 things you have to juggle, but they'll also be good company for the wine portion of the evening {or morning, I don't judge - as long as you're sharing.} Psst... More on this crazy little thing called parenting: New-mom Must Have: The Undercover Baby My Newest Obsession: Actual Hardcopy, Hold-in-your-hand, Pictures #accessories #fashion #rainbowbabies #style #shopping


    If I had a dollar for every time I said, "you don't understand" then, well, we'd be a lot richer than I'd like to admit. When a couple is going through infertility treatments, the empathy, concern and support is almost always geared towards the woman in the scenario. And, well - rightfully so. After all, we're the ones who are hopping up on hormones, shooting ourselves in the gut {or butt}, getting blood-draw-after-blood-draw, and bearing the weight of the guilt and pressure on our shoulders. But, because of those raging hormones, it's the man in the scenario who braves the storm, and really, at the end of the day - shoulders the most. The difference is, we as women get to scream about it—usually at the man—while they have to take the brunt of the hormones, all while simultaneously supporting us and our wild emotions. While the men of infertility may not be the ones going through the actual treatments, they are dealing with a hardship that may be even worse. He doesn't just lose his chance at a baby—he loses a piece of his wife. While she's consumed with emotions, he's wiping tears. While she's broken into a million pieces, he's holding you together. While she's losing hope, he's keeping both of you going. While she's losing her childhood dreams of being a mom, he's losing you. To my man of infertility: Thank you for shooting me in the stomach when I was a wuss - and acting like "shot time" was always something we were both doing, instead of just me. I'm sorry for that time I threw a picture frame at your head, when all you were trying to do was talk me off the insanity-ledge. Thank you for the times you took off work to attend the umptheenth appointment that really had nothing to do with you - just so I could hold your hand. You're incredible for holding back your emotions when we had a miscarriage, so that you could pick me up off the bathroom floor. Thank you for finding 87 million different ways to say "we can do this—YOU can do this" when I wanted to give up {because you knew I didn't actually want to give up}. I can't believe the jabs you would take, the scowls that would bounce right off of you, the "get off me's" you would push right past to hold me - all while I screamed and yelled and treated you way less than you ever deserved. I wish that while you were busy shouldering all of my fears, anger, and heartbreak - someone was shouldering all of those things for you. Thank you for acting like "dealing with me" while we tried to conceive for years was something youwanted to do - not something you had to do. Thank you for "dealing with me" - period. I know that "not understanding" what I was going through was probably just as hard for you, as it was for me. I'm sure you would have given anything to understand - to be the one who could go through it, instead of me. I had a hunch, but I never knew that you were hurting just as bad, until you stood up there at our gender reveal and choked up while thanking everyone for supporting us for the last two and a half years. In that moment I realized how very thankful you were to not only have our babies on the way—but also to have your wife back. Most of all - thank you for being strong enough to keep going when I wasn't, because without you, we wouldn't have the two most perfect rainbow babies on earth. To all men of infertility - the support, shouldering, and frames you dodge doesn't go unnoticed. Keep going, so we can <3 #miscarriage #infertility #life #rainbowbabies


    Every year I make a fitness inspiration calendar that I hang in my workout room and glance over at when I need an extra push. Sometimes it gives me a chuckle, sometimes a nod of "you know that's right!" and sometimes it lights a much-needed fire under my bum. I also jot down every workout that I do on the calendar so I can track my progress and beat my PR's! There's no better competition than yourself. Here are my favorite 12 fitness quotes that I used for my 2017 calendar {thanks for that, Pinterest}! I always use Vistaprint to create my calendars because they have great deals and good quality. #winwin {JANUARY} {FEBRUARY} Okay, so, yea, I'm doing it for me...but there are two new humans in my life who also push me to be the best me I can be. So I can play with them, run with them, and be there for them for a very, very long time. {MARCH} Remember how I said some of these quotes light a fire under my bum? #caseinpoint {APRIL) Like skinny jeans. {MAY} Anything before that point was too easy. Push past the point when you want to stop—that'll make the real difference. {JUNE} A little summer inspiration for ya. {JULY} This one just plain cracked me up. Don't waste that fairy's dust, yo! {AUGUST} I did not change my life over night—I didn't even do it in a year. It's a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Commit to yourself. {SEPTEMBER} We push and push ourselves and rarely stop to pat ourselves on the back. LOOK at what you're doing. Now walk up to the mirror and give yourself a fist-bump, you rockstar, you. {OCTOBER} A reminder that I think every mom needs, at any age or stage of motherhood. Even if it's only 20 minutes a day, a workout is time for YOU. {NOVEMBER} One of my FAVORITES, and I aptly made it the month of my twins' birthday :-) They are not an excuse for not working out - they are my reason for working out - to be a healthy role model for them. {DECEMBER} Now, go kick your workout's ass. {BONUS: COVER} You heard it - it's game time, ya'll. Go kill it. Psst...More fitness inspo: The 6 Commitments That Helped Me Lose 80 Pounds My Fitness Frenemies: Workout DVDs for The Advanced #workout #fitness #health


    When you buy as much Lularoe as I do, you learn to mix it up! I've had a few people tell me that they don't like the Perfect Tee because it's too flowy and makes them look wide in the hips. But, ya know, letting it flow isn't the only way to style it. I for one love a little tie or a little cinch, and a little less flow. Here are my six favorite ways to sauce up the Perfect Tee {shown in size XXS}. {Au Natural} With the right size and right pair of pantalones, letting it flow ain't so bad sometimes! {Double Side Ties} Simply tie the slits together on each side & let the front & back flop out! {Tucked Double Side Ties} Same as above - but this time I tucked in the front! {All tied up} I took the "front" part of the shirt where it slits on each side, pulled it to the front and tied twice. This is my favorite to cinch in the waist! {You could also tuck in the back and just have a cute little double-knot in the front.} {Side knot} My favorite and most go-to Perfect Tee style - one side tied up to show off your waist, but have a little flow, too! {Side tuck} Instead of knotting the side, just tuck it in! All six ways are equally as simple, ya'll. What's your fav? What Lularoe piece do you want to see styled different ways next? Let me know! Chances are, I own it... {and then some.} Psst...More style inspo: Valentine's Day 3 Ways: Girl Next Door, Boho Chic & Girly Edge Best Non-maternity Brands for Pregnancy #fashion #style #lularoe


    As a new mom, you quickly find out that there are like 80,000 "must-haves." It can be so overwhelming to figure out what you actually need—and what's just going to collect dust. If you're teetering on whether you need a car seat cover, or not - let me save you the headache of deciding: you do. I know, another mom telling you another thing you have to have. But, trust me on this one. Top three reasons why: People LOVE babies. Love them. But people are...well...gross, sometimes. Whether that means they're sick, covered in germs, smell like smoke, or worse—you don't want your baby exposed to them. This cover is a surefire way to keep them and their germs out of your baby's face. The cover can shield your baby from the elements like wind, a little rain, and let's face it - light. When you have a happy sleeping baby, you want to keep it that way. Not to mention, if they have a skin condition and need to be shielded from direct heat and the sun - it's a life saver. It's versatile! Not only does it work for covering your baby's car seat, it will also cover youwhen you're nursing, cover the germ-laden cart at the grocery store, and—get this—it can be worn as an infinity scarf! **Bonus: It's an insta-accessory for you and your babe! I fell in love with The UnderCover Baby's covers because they are super stylish {case in point - above}, really really soft and stretchy {which helps them work with any car seat, cart, or breastfeeding situation}, and affordable {which comes in handy when you need two}. {Another bonus: you don't have to take the cover off to get the car seat snapped into the base in the car...or the stroller.} How about, instead of just telling you all about my must-have cover, I actually let you check it out for yourself, yea? Consider it a gift from one mama to another. Head over to my Instagram for anUndercover Baby giveaway! Psst...more pregnancy & baby must-haves: Best Non-maternity Brands for Pregnancy My Newest Obsession: Actual Hardcopy, Hold-in-Your-Hand, Pictures #life #accessories #fashion #shopping


    Okay, so, yes, maternity pants with their big stretchy belly band and all the room to breathe are amazing. I invested in two whole pairs and despite their comfiness, it still pained me to shell out money on clothes I will never, ever, wear again. Which is why I made it my mission to seek out maternity-friendly clothes that weren't actually maternity. Simply put - give me all the stretch and flow. Here's a breakdown of my maternity wardrobe staples - and by staples, I mean, stalk every sale, stock up on every color, and rock nearly every day for nine months. Best part? Instead of packing them away for a friend when they get bumpin', I am still rocking them, because they are bump andpostpartum-friendly! {Lularoe} Are we surprised? We shouldn't be. My go-to Lula staples were as follows: OS leggings, TC leggings {which kind of were like maternity pants with their big belly bands}, Perfect tees {also great for nursing!}, Carly's {and all their flow}, Irmas, Cassies, Julias...wait, I'm sensing a theme. I probably should have just said: ALL the Lula. {Leggings, leggings, leggings: OS; TC; OS} {Lula head-to-toe: Carly; Irma & OS leggings; Perfect Tee & OS leggings} {Love a stretchy bodycon dress for bumps! Lula Julia.} Psst - shop with one of my fav consultants {with a killer inventory}: Meagan Marshall! {Old Navy} Boyfriend. Plaid. Shirts. Need I say more? Really helps that flow and comfort are on trend when you're preggers! {Boyfriend plaid shirt in medium. Bodycon dress in XS - NOT maternity!} {Okay, fine, I caved on one Old Navy maternity dress, because SO cute, and it was generous with my bump growth #thanksforthat.} {American Eagle} Specifically, something they call "soft pants" on their website. I don't know how I came across them, but when I did - I thanked my lucky stars...and then bought them in every pattern, style and color available. They have major sales on these puppies! {I felt like the flare balanced my belly - no?} {PinkBlush} If you've been around, you already know about my love of PinkBlush. They make clothes specifically to stretch with you when pregnant - but shrink back with you postpartum. There is no ruching, no belly bands, nothing making it "maternity," other than heaven-ness stretch. {Dress & kimono from PinkBlush! I also did my maternity shoot in my favorite PinkBlush dress of all time.} {SheIn} Pros about SheIn: CHEAP. Cons: takes a while to ship. If you're not in a hurry I highly recommend ordering from SheIn. Their bodycon dresses are like stretchy t-shirts that grow with your bump. And did I mention it's CHEAP!? #score {Left & middle: same dress at 19 weeks and 29 weeks! Right: another comfy stretchy number.} {Target} A fellow-preggo turned me on to Merona tanks because they are insanely long and perfectly cup over the bumpage. They are almost always on sale, so, I mean, why not buy them in every color!? {All tanks in Medium!} {Kiki LaRue} I already had some Kiki in my closet, and dreamt of the day it would adorn a bump. Dreams majorly came true, people. {Dress, palazzo pants & dress = soft flowy goodness!} There's also something really nostalgic about wearing something later down the line and knowing it dressed my bump, too. Win-win wears! Psst...More maternity stuffs: Twin Bump Through the Months Second Trimester Fitness: Weekly Workout Schedule #lularoe #shopping #accessories #style #fashion


    I hate to admit it... but my mother was right. She was just telling me how I need to start printing pictures or making picture books because the babes are going to want to see them some day. And, let's face it - by the time they're old enough for social media, Facebook and Instagram could be *gasp* a thing of the past. Shortly after my Ma was drilling this into my head, I came across Nowvel on Instagram. At first it just seemed like any other photo site like Snapfish or Vistaprint - but I was wrong... it was better, ya'll. Hear me out... Nowvel is specifically designed to make it super-duper easy to create photobooks from the pictures you post on social media. They give you themed album ideas, or you can create your own - ALL on your phone. The reason I never create photobooks is because I don't have time to get on an actual computer, upload pictures to a website from my computer or social sites, and then plug in pictures and text. It takes HOURS - and ain't nobody got time for that {especially a twin-mom, amirite?!} One of the themed-albums Nowvel had was a pregnancy journey—um, say what?! How perfect! I pulled in pics from my Instagram and dropped them right into the pages. I barely added anything because the wording was already so perfect. But when I needed to add text or switch around the page layout, I could just click & drag things around. Easy peasy. Okay, so, the book was super easy to create in the app—awesome. But then I was worried about the actual quality of the book. What if it was flimsy, or the pics weren't clear, or the book itself was teeny tiny? But really, I love the quality of the book way more than any other I've ever gotten. The pages are thick - THICK, ya'll. And the book is perfect coffee-table size. I'm seriously obsessed {and already working on several more books}. I mean, "Street Style"? How perfect is that?! My favorite page <3 Thick-as-thieves pages! I'm gonna put on my new-mom hat & tell you that you must check out Nowvel & start putting all of your pics into photobooks. And I'll happily help you out...with a little giveaway ;-) Head over to my Instagram to enter for the chance for you and two friends to win a customized 8x8 hard cover gloss photobook! Go ahead and get snap-happy over the holidays with your fam & friends, because those pics will make the perfect photobook afterwards! #life #rainbowbabies #fashion #shopping


    You didn't really think I wasn't documenting that bump, did you?! C'mon now, who do you think I am? I just decided about halfway through to hold on to all pictures so I could make one big final reveal. Ya know, give you the full effect of how this puppy grew. When I first started scouring Pinterest for monthly belly picture ideas, I knew I wanted to steer clear of the usual fruit/vegetable or chalkboard trend. I'm not actually against these adorable trends, it's just that...I had already been there, and tainted that, with our first pinto bean that never was. The second I saw the silhouette belly pics, I was in love. So classic, so sweet, and so simple. Now, I'm no photog, so I had no idea how to actually achieve this, but I did some research, played around in Lightroom, and walla! All you need is a bright background {we did ours in front of a window that gets a lot of light}, preferably a light colored/sheer curtain, and a black dress {or shirt and pants}. I got my dress from Old Navy {no longer available, but here's a similar black maxi dress, and here's amaternity option} and it stretched along with me & my belly. To edit in Lightroom I would simply turn up the Exposure, bump up the Shadows and Whites a bit, and turn down the Blacks. Again, I'm no photog, or graphic editor, so I don't really know what I'm doing in LR - I just play around until it looks good! Even though sometimes we'd forget and go weeks without taking a picture, I love that we stuck with it {loosely} through the end. Something for the baby book{s} <3 Psst...more bumpalicious posts: Second Trimester Fitness: Weekly Workout Schedule Pregnant in the City: Maternity Date Night #life #rainbowbabies


    You know how they say, "just make it to your second trimester—you'll feel human again"? "They" speak the truth! In the first trimester you might be battling morning sickness {aka, all day nausea}, you lose your breath much easier {HOW did I used to do 10 jumping a row?!}, and the bloat - oh god, the bloat. Fun fact: your body is now pumping 40 percent more blood to allot for baby - and that's werk on your body. But, by the second trimester, you get the pep back in your workout step. You feel—dare I say—normal. You're able to catch your breathe a bit more, your energy levels are back to the norm, and you can fit a workout into your day because you're not crashing at 8pm...okay, fine, 7pm. This is your shining trimester, so e m b r a c e it - while you can {I'm striking that part for good reason—because I hate the negative "just wait"-esque sayings. If you push and stay healthy, your "while you can" will turn into, "there's nothing you can't do" - no matter how many weeks you are or how many babies you're carrying. Don't let anybody tell you it's too hard to handle - because it's up to you{and your doctor}, not them. I digress...} In the second trimester I mostly jumped back into one of my favorite BeachBody workouts - PiYo. I followed that and running...until I was put on "light rest" around Week 23 due to my cervix shortening. It set "me" back, but I'm no longer the priority - these babes are. You'll notice a break in my schedule, but then a reamping-up, slowly but surely. In the first trimester you listen to your body - in the second, you listen to your doctors. Trust. Here's every workout I did for each day that I worked out in the second trimester - including links to almost every workout! 142.9 lbs Day 1: 3.5 mile run at my own pace—getting harder because I have to jump off an pee so often! & 2:00 plank & Thigh Challenge Day 5 {I love throwing a 30-day challenge in every now and then as a workout supplement. Recruit all of your friends to join you and check-in with each other every day!} Day 2: Tone It Up {TIU} Beach Babe 3 Arms DVD & Arms/Abs Circuit Pin - Circuit 1, all with 10lb. weights, & Thigh Challenge Day 6 Day 3: PiYo Sweat & Thigh Challenge Day 7 Day 4: 21Day Fix Cardio & Thigh Challenge Day 8 {TIP: I signed up for BeachBody On Demand so I could access TONS of BeachBody workouts whenever and wherever I wanted. This majorly came in handy for me to switch things up when I got bored! It's worth it for the Autumn Calabrese Maternity Workouts alone.} Day 5: PiYo Strength Intervals Day 6: TIU Cardio Abs {13 minutes} & TIU Beach Yoga {20 minutes} & Thigh Challenge Day 9 Day 7: REST 145.4 lbs {Can you tell my appetite was back?} Day 1: Thigh Challenge Day 10 was all I could manage {I worked and was on my feet all day and was exhausted! Needed a break - so I listened to my body and did not feel bad about it for one second.} Day 2: 3 mile HIIT = 29:01! Felt good enough to modify harder a little bit! & Thigh Challenge Day 11 Day 3: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown 1 {modified last move of the circuit - did crab dips instead and arched my back to work my back muscles} Day 4: PiYo Core {no modification - but HARD!} & Thigh Challenge Day 13 Day 5: 1.8 mile walk outside with 5lb. weights & Thigh Challenge Day 14 Day 6: On vacation! But fit in Thigh Challenge Day 15 Day 7: On vacation! But fit in Thigh Challenge Day 17 147.9 lbs Day 1: REST Day 2: PiYo Sweat & 1:30 plank Day 3: PiYo Buns & :30 side planks each side {with 10 raises and hold throughout the :30} Day 4: PiYo Core {no modification - but HARD!} Day 5: 2 mile run at my pace & TIU BB3 Arms Day 6: REST Day 7: 3 mile HIIT = 29:40! & TONS of housework that had me up and down the stairs all day {yes, this counts as a workout!} 149.7 lbs Day 1: PiYo Sweat & 1:00 plank Day 2: PiYo Core & 1:00 plank Day 3: PiYo Buns & 1:00 plank Day 4: PiYo DRENCH!! {All the way through, NO modifications, few child poses needed, felt great!! A little tired/shaky at the end - but that's not a preggers thing, that's a PiYo Drench thing} & 1:00 plank Day 5: 2 mile run at my pace{not a lot of time today but squeezed something in!} Day 6: REST Day 7: Kayaking for two hours 149.3 lbs Day 1: 3.5 mile HIIT {Sore and exhausted afterwards! Back is starting to kill after runs. Might be time for a belly band soon...} Day 2: PiYo Sweat {Plank section getting tough! Modified to less burpees.} Day 3: PiYo Core & 1:10 plank Day 4: PiYo Buns & 1:20 plank Day 5: PiYo DRENCH! {All the way through, little mods!} Day 6: REST Day 7: 3 mile HIIT {Had a little big of very light pink, very light blood afterwards - but no pain. Still, something to mention to doc...} & Tricep Pin with 10lb. weights, 10-20 reps each move 150 lbs Day 1: PiYo Sculpt {Yowza, I forgot how tough this one was, in general! Works those triceps!} Day 2: PiYo Sweat Day 3: PiYo Core {Getting tougher to do floor exercises. Feels weird and tougher to maneuver bicycle section.} Day 4: PiYo DRENCH! {Definitely getting HARD-er, especially the plank section!} Day 5: PiYo Buns Day 6: REST Day 7: PiYo Strength Intervals - After going nonstop all day on house stuff, I chose to squeeze this in at 7:30pm at night. Proof that you can squeeze something in at some point - especially when it's only 22 minutes! 151.5 lbs Day 1: PiYo Sweat {Core section is tough, but busted out all burpees at the end, and all push-ups in the last segment!} & Tank Top Arms Challenge Day 1 {Followed a friend's challenge, but here's a good one to try!} Day 2: 3 mile HIIT Day 3: PiYo Buns & Arms Challenge Day 2 & 3 {Played catch-up. Exhausted today, but pushed through!} Day 4: PiYo DRENCH until Flow {didn't have enough time!} & Arms Challenge Day 4 Day 5: PiYo Sculpt Day 6: REST Day 7: PiYo Strength Intervals & Arms Challenge Day 5 This is also the week I decided I finally needed a belly band. It took just a little getting used to, but all-in-all it was a great investment. Really worked wonders when I was running! Kept the pressure of my bladder and back, and didn't slip or get uncomfortable. I used this for week to support my back during runs and lower body workouts {like buns & legs}. Stopped using after the second trimester when it got harder to wrap around my belly - but I also slowed back on workouts {doc's orders} so I didn't need it as much. Bottom line, I would recommend this for the start of the second trimester and throughout! Even though you may not be caring that much more weight {yet}, your back still overcompensates and this really helps! 153.7 lbs Day 1: PiYo Sculpt & 1:30 plank Day 2: PiYo Sweat {No mods - felt great! Proof that how you feel and how your body performs will ebb and flow.} Day 3: PiYo Core {Did great until bicycle segment - felt like I could barely breathe! Did the second round standing - and I felt like I got the same effect! Cramps in my lower abdomen when trying to do floor exercises - I think it's officially time to retire PiYo Core - womp.} Day 4: PiYo Buns Day 5: PiYo DRENCH {Definitely getting a little too big for this workout - things are crunched in certain positions. Pushed through, though! I think I might have ONE more full Drench left in me!} Day 6: REST Day 7: 3 mile HIIT = 29:42 & 1:30 plank & :30 plank each side with 10 dips each {Noted to myself: "GREAT MONTH!!" I really stuck to my PiYo schedule and added in some challenges. Felt great most of the time, and felt like "me" through workouts.} 155.3 lbs Day 1: PiYo Buns & 1:30 plank & :30 side planks with 10 dips each side Day 2: PiYo DRENCH {Woo-wee - tough, but I did it!} Day 3: Triceps Pin {15-20 reps} & 1:30 plank & :30 side planks with 10 dips each side Day 4: 2.25 mile run outside at the beach {ROUGH start - didn't think I would be able to do it, but I paced myself, concentrated on breathing, and pushed over the hump at .5 miles. Ended up feeling great!} & 1:30 plank & :30 side planks with 10 dips each side Day 5: Yoga on the beach - 1 hour {Very relaxing and chill vinyasa} Day 6: Stand-up Paddle Boarding Bootcamp - crazy!! First time paddle boarding and did not expect the extent of this workout. Did intervals and "sprints" on board - burned over 400 calories in an hour! Day 7: 3.5 mile HIIT {Pushed through and felt good. Some side pains in the beginning just when I was trying to get loose and find a rhythm - but they quickly dissipated. Note to self: push through the first mile to get into the rhythm!} 156.6 lbs Day 1: Turbo Fire 40 {Some modification - less hopping/jumping and more "shuffling." It was LONG and rough at times, but I stuck through! Great cardio workout. Fire 40 takes the "fire drills" out of Fire 45, which I likely couldn't do anyway because of the intensity of them, so it worked out perfect.} & 1:30 plank & :30 side planks with 10 dips each side Day 2: TIU BB3 Beach Bombshell DVD - drop set of weights 10, 8 and 5lbs. {Light modifications but mostly stuck through it! Reverse plank dips were rough - mostly did crab dips.} Day 3: 30 minute treadmill HIIT Day 4: SkinnyGirl Yoga 40 minutes {Hadn't done this one in a while - it's much tougher now! Have to remember that I'm lifting a lot more weight now. Modified a bit, especially at the end, but was able to do a 3-count wheel!} Day 5: Diary of a Fit Mommy Bun in the Oven Prenatal workout -30 minutes at my own pace {Did all the way through but modified on side planks when needed - they were tough!} Day 6: REST Day 7: 3.5 mile HIIT {Felt great!! No pains, had good energy, felt like I could keep going! Which is ironic, since...} 157.6 lbs Day 1: Put on "light rest" due to cervix trying to "funnel" open. Will be kept under a close eye from here on out. Best case scenario - we're told we'll make it to 28 Weeks. You'll notice over the next few weeks that I ween back in to workouts - this is only due to my doctor's permission. Little by little I could add things back in, and if my cervix remained stable then I could add a little more back in. LISTEN to your doctors - they are the only reason I got as far as I did! Day 2: REST Day 3: REST Day 4: REST Day 5: Booty Blast Day 1 {Friend's challenge, but here's another good one!} & Tricep Pin - 10lb. weights for 15 reps per move {Took it super slow and easy, but had to do something. Promised myself I would stop immediately if anything felt off.} Day 6: REST Day 7: REST 156.2 lbs Day 1: Booty Blast Day 2 & Tricep Pin - 10lb. weights for 10-15 reps per move Day 2: Booty Blast Day 3 & TIU Bikini Arms - 8lb. weights for 10-20 reps per move, no swimmers - did lateral raises instead Day 3: Booty Blast Day 4 & TIU Arm Routine x3 - 10lb. weights for first two rounds, then 8lb. weights for third round Day 4: 1.8 mile walk outside with 5lb. weights Day 5: REST {on feet all day working - that was enough!} Day 6: TIU BB3 Arms - 8lb. weights {Not bad considering it's been a while - hung it and it flew by!} Day 7: TIU Thigh Pin & Short Triceps Pin - 8lb. weights for 15-20 reps per move & My own made-up triceps workout with band - 25 minute workout total 159.9 lbs Day 1: 20 minute walking incline treadmill workout - 1.25 miles {Backed off to 3.5mph when needed!} & Diary of a Fit Mommy 15-minute Abs & Core workout - 30 reps each move Day 2: REST {Pains - listen to your body!} Day 3: TIU BB3 Arms with 8lb. weights Day 4: 1.8 mile walk outside with 5lb. weights Day 5: REST Day 6: Autumn Calabrese Maternity First Trimester workout with 8-10lb. weights {GOOD workout!! I was expecting way less, but it worked me!} Day 7: TIU Bikini Arms Pin x1 with 10lb. weights - no swimmers No pics from Week 27 - Whoops! 160.7 {Gained 17.8 pounds in the second trimester. Up 21.8 pounds total!} Day 1: Autumn Calabrese Maternity Second Trimester workout with 10lb. weights {Modified jumping jacks and side planks, but otherwise quick and great!} Day 2: REST Day 3: Autumn First Trimester workout with 8-10lb. weights Day 4: TIU Bikini Arms x2 - first round with 8-10lb. weights for 20 reps, second round with 8-10lb. weights for 14-15 reps {Pelvis pain! So I took it easy.} Day 5: Cize Crazy 8's! {Fun and low impact cardio workout!} Day 6: REST Day 7: 1.8 mile walk outside with 5lb. weights While I started out strong in the second trimester, I am still so happy that I got to do something to finish it out - even if the workouts weren't close to my normal level. At the end of the day, the twinlets are more important than some toned arms. Still, being able to ween back into some modified and low-impact workouts kept my mind sane, my body moving, and me and the babes healthy. Always, always, always listen to your doctor. They are not trying to jeopardize your healthy lifestyle - they are trying to kickstart your babes' health, period. Until the third trimester wrap-up... {Which, P.S. Has a lot more Autumn Calabrese Maternity, andShaun T's Cize - because nothing is funnier than seeing a mega-preggo dance around the living room.} Psst...more workout-aholic posts: First Trimester Fitness: Complete Workout Schedule A Beginner's Guide to Workout DVDs #health #fitness #pregnancy #workout #fitmom


    Growing up, I was never a fan of bananas—not banana cream pie, banana foster or even {gasp} sliced bananas in my cereal. I've since come to realize that I am a very picky fruit eater in that they have to be the perfect ripeness. Bananas are the biggest culprit of not-ripe-enough or too-dang-ripe. You have your too-green bananas that are actually painful to eat and leave your mouth somehow stuck like peanut butter. And then you have your spotted and mushy 'nanners that don't belong anywhere but in banana bread or the freezer. Luckily, 1.) I've come to love bananas, and 2.) This ShakeO gets most of it's banana flavor from a delicious {yet healthy!} banana cream Greek yogurt. So, for all of my {now} fellow banana cream pie and banana foster lovers - dig in, because this is 'nannerlicious without all the calories of the aforementioned decadent desserts. My secret ingredient that helps to cut the calories by 75%? PB2. Yes, it's powder - no, you can't tell it's not real PB when it's swirled into your smoothie. Don't you worry your peanut butter-lovin' heart. The star ingredients in all of their glory The recipe is as easy as {banana cream} pie! {P.S. Why do people say that? Have these people never actually made a pie?! Because, pie'in ain't easy.} Toss the following ingredients in the blender: 1 packet Vanilla Shakeology 1/2 frozen banana 1 Light and Fit Banana Cream Pie Greek Yogurt 1 Tbs. PB2 {25 calories opposed to it's "real" counterpart, which would come in around 100 calories} 1 cup raw spinach 1/2 cup unsweetened original almond milk Ice to preferred consistency And, what's a pie without some whipped cream on top?! It's not a real pie - that's what. I used fat free Reddi-Whip for a whopping 5 calories—so. totally. worth it. I also used to have animosity against whipped cream, but that lapse in judgement is long gone. Psst...More decadent Shakeology recipes to melt into: Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ShakeO Chocolate Covered Berries Milkshake-O #recipe #health #fitness