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    FITNESS FAVS Shop My SHOP BY: All My Insta Beauty Buys Fitness Favs Fashion Finds Happy Home #MomLife Bubba 52oz. Keg-jug Bubba is my best good jug! Keeps my water ice cold all day and helps me suck down H20! I shoot for two jug-fulls a day. BUY ME Fav Muscle Tank Warning, going to this site will make you want to buy like 5 more tanks!! They have the best sayings and designs. BUY ME Tone It Up Booty Band This little band packs more of a punch than you'd think. You don't need heavy weights to build that booty! BUY ME Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookies Favs: Double chocolate, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chip. Buy the variety pack and try them all! BUY ME Leggings Depot High Waist Yoga Pant At least 70% of my workout pants are Leggings Depot leggings. They come up high, stay put, and are super soft! BUY ME Liquid IV: Hangover cure!! Proven to cure hangovers, help you rebound after hella hard workouts, and even give you a little afternoon jolt! BUY ME Tone It Up App I am a TIU girl through and through! I do this app 4-5x week, and have for years. It's worth the annual investment! BUY ME Alani Nu Pre-Workout I can't do a workout longer than 30 minutes without this stuff — it doesn't give you the jitters, just energy and determination! BUY ME Vega™ Vanilla Protein & Greens I take my protein powders very seriously — I switched to this when Shakeology got cray expensive and I love it! BUY ME At-home Cycle Bike I can do Peloton and Soulcycle-style workouts on this bike for a PORTION of the price of their bikes. Look on Craigslist, too! BUY ME Vital Proteins Collagen I am SO impressed with this collagen because it doesn't clump OR have taste in your coffee. Cheapest at Costco. BUY ME Alani Nu Pump Stim-Free If I'm doing a workout heavy on the weights then I use Pump instead of Pre-WO. BUY ME Shein Criss-Cross Workout Tank I've gotten so many workout clothes from Shein because, hello, cheap . Love the criss-cross back on this one! BUY ME

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    WEDDINGS silver linings I may not even know you, but I am SO excited for you!! Good golly I Iove a wedding — the buzz of the day is one of my favorite feelings on earth. I know it's a huge day, so I take it super seriously to make sure the bride is never stressed (about her hair, at least)! I come to you, fully equipped with all the tools & products you would ever need, and if you couldn't narrow and ended up having all your besties in your wedding then I call in my styling team so you don't have to have to have a 4am wake-up call. CONGRATS, BABE!! INQUIRE >> Annie Sullivan Photography In need of hair services for your big day and wondering about availability, pricing, and all that jazz? Let's chat! Please take a few moments to complete the inquiry form right down there and I'll be in touch in 48-72 hours! Annie Sullivan Photography 2 Generations of Beauts Vintage Bride Side shots also welcome ;-) 2 Generations of Beauts 1/16

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    Oh, hey gorg! Welcome to the online home of Nikki Cagle, a lifestyle brand about life, fitness, beauty and everything in between. MEET NIKKI Let's just put it out there right now: I'm superrr long-winded — I have no cliffnotes filter. I can have full conversations in emojis, or gifs, or abbrevs that only my sister understands. I live my life in a perpetual state of before & after... Before, I was obese and a prisoner in my own body — now I'm a fitness fanatic who works her booty off {literally} every day. Before, I was a shy tomboy — now I'm a total people-person and I play with hair as a side gig {and shop WAY too much}. Before I was a twin mom I went through five rounds of infertility and suffered a miscarriage. Before, I used to judge people by their cover — but being the managing editor and social media manager of a health website for people with chronic conditions changed my entire perspective. Before I met my husband — I was never truly myself. He helped make me who I am today. I overuse the emdash, will be your biggest cheerleader #communityovercompetition, and I'm forever a serial optimist — hopelessly searching for the silver lining. And that's only the beginning... GET THE FULL STORY >> LET'S TALK ABOUT IT Life is what you make of it, so when life hands you a faulty uterus {or tubes, or eggs, or... #inconclusive} you make IUI twins. And when you're a childhood tomboy & suddenly decide to be a "girl," you do a complete 180 & pour yourself into beauty & fashion. And when you feel like throwing a picture frame at your high school sweetheart-turned-husband's head, you talk it out, dance it out, or cheers it out — but you always always fight for the love and life you've made together. You'll catch me harping on all of this, often! LIFE. BEAUTY. FITNESS. THE LATEST SCOOP ON THE BLOG>> SHOP MY: TRY-ON HAULS BEAUTY FAVS BARGAIN BUYS Shop My Finds That side gig hustle that never feels like a job because you love every second of it? That's my aptly named salon & style bar. From my in-home salon, to your on-site wedding or event, and sometimes to the comfort of your couch through IGTV or YouTube , me & my passion for hair are there for you. SIT IN MY CHAIR >> LIFE FITNESS BEAUTY

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    MOM FINDS Shop My SHOP BY: All My Insta Beauty Buys Fitness Favs Fashion Finds Happy Home #MomLife BUY ME It's never too early to stock pile Halloween outfits! This took about 8 days to come in so plan early! Toddler Halloween Outfit BUY ME Sure, the kids love them, but I LOVE THEM because they're durable (water resistant) and actually cute! Perry Mackin Charlie Backpack in Pink BUY ME I'm a sucker for a butterfly anything. Got this for Sauce in a 3T and it's TTS. Modern Daisy Butterflies Tee BUY ME It doesn't just teach them to speak up for themselves, it also teaches them to speak up for others. Love. Teaches kids to speak up! BUY ME Because girls love dinos, too! This is so soft and stretchy and I know my little workout partner will love it! Dino Track Outfit BUY ME My kiddos picked the basic pink and blue, but there's a GORG Tiffany blue and mustard color, too. PM Charlie Backpack in Navy BUY ME Could also double as a watermelon suit? Because that's why I got it for my daughter ;-) Target FTW. Target Girls Strawberry One-piece BUY ME For little girls who like to play hair, "Keltie" has the BEST head of hair. And you can buy her more outfits. My daughter's fav doll BUY ME The kids have loved these since they were two and still play with them ALL the time! Magnetic Blocks on Amazon BUY ME Comes in baby onesie sizes and toddler t-shirt sizes, and 50% of proceeds are donated for BLM! BLM Modern Daisy Toddler Tee BUY ME Came across this at the doc office once and it was adorable so I promptly went on Amazon. One of our fav books! BUY ME Ranger has sensitive skin so little briefs rub him the wrong way — these briefs are INSANELY soft. Little man's first boxer briefs!

  • About | Nikki Cagle

    In short {HA! Newsflash: the only thing short about me is my actual height. I'm long-winded and detail-oriented—you can thank my obsessions with WB-meets-CW-teeny-bopper dramas like Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl. May they all rest in television peace <3}—what was I saying? Oh, right... In short, I'm a 30-something twin mama in the Washington D.C. area, fire-wifey, social media manager & managing editor for a health website with a hair hustle on the side, fat girl turned fitness fanatic, and a shopaholic. But to really get to know me, here are twelve silver linings that have shaped this so-called life: OH HEY, I'M NIKKI! MY SILVER LININGS 1. (THE BASICS} Nikki, 30-something {#foreveryoung}, spends way too much time scrolling Insta, survives on coffee, wine and workouts. #basicallyabasicB 3. (THE TWINLETS} After three years of trying, five rounds of infertility treatments, one miscarriage, countless tears, endless wine, a thrown picture frame, a surprise double pregnancy, and the most memorable Thanksgiving of all time — the twinlets arrived. These threenagers keep us BUSY, humble, thankful, and fully stocked with wine. They are, without a doubt, my brightest silver lining. 2. (THE HUBS} I met my hubs {aka, Tomás} when I was 14, got a twinkle in my eye when I was 16, landed him by 17, he put a ring on it at 21, we were hitched when I was 23, and we {finally} popped out some babes when I was 31. And yes, ladies & gentlemen, we plan to live happily ever after <3 4. (THE PUP} She is the perfect mix of crazy & cuddly, the perfect blend of Yorkie & Maltese, and the perfect first fur-baby to rock our cradle. And she is appropriately named: Paris {my favorite place on earth}. 5. (THE SOCIALITE} When I was younger I always got in trouble in school for talking {shocker} — my dad told me to keep talking because one day it would get me somewhere, and he was right. Being a social butterfly, mixed with my passion for words and writing turned into me being the social media manager and managing editor for a health website. Now I get to use my voice and make pretty things to share with the world — and they pay for me for this! My grade school teachers can suck it. 10. {THE LISTENER} Clearly I have NO problem filling silence, but, I do have one heck of an ear. Two, actually. I pride myself on being that ear — and shoulder — for my fam, my besties, and my clients. And I would love to hear from you! Comment, message, ask, share. You never know - it could turn into a beautiful relationship and spark a future post ;-) 9. (THE DREAMER} When I was little, I wanted to be a myriad of things when I grew up—one of which was a McDonald's drive-thru attendant {HAD to be the drive-thru—I don't settle, I go right for the best position}. Needless to say, that didn't pan out, and my dream job changed umpteenth times as I grew up. But, one dream that never changed was the overwhelming yearn to get to the city strewn with silver linings: Paris. Did we go? Boy did we ever <3 Not an expectation that wasn't met. Which just means: dream bigger. 8. {THE FAT KID TURNED FIT MOM} Look, I can call myself a fat kid because...I was. Certified obese. Those from my yesteryears know a very different version of me — a much chubbier, albeit "cute," version. I'm still taken aback when someone new in my life is surprised to hear that I come from a chubby childhood — mostly because I sometimes forget I'm no longer that version. When you spend 20+ years of your life with someone — as someone — it's hard to get out of their shadow. I have battled this bulge for many years, and I have no plans on stopping now. #fitmomgoals 7. {THE CREATOR} You didn't think I'd stop at Hair + Beauty, did you? I also thrive on the anticipation & anxiety that comes with planning a party {themed, always}, crafting a personalized gift, or actually getting around to one of the thousands of Pins I've been meaning to do... 6. {THE ENTREPENEUR} As a diehard tomboy, I entered my teens, took that persona and did a complete 180. What's the girliest thing I could think to do? Hair. Fashion. Make-up. Beauty. Style. Sold! That tomboy, turned creator, is now an entrepreneur — and shopaholic. Proud owner of Silver Linings Salon — an in-home & traveling hair & beauty salon. 11. {THE THYROID WARRIOR} For years a close friend who was a nurse would ask, "have you gotten your thyroid checked lately?" I'd shrug it off like it ain't no thang. But, it was a thang — a big thing {pun intended}. Turns out, I had a gigantic toxic nodule that took me from hyperthyroid, through a thyroidectomy, and out the other side as a hypothyroid warrior. I fight it every day, track my pills like a bloodhound, and help advocate for thyroid health through my day job as managing editor of — the patient's health website. 12. {THE BESTIE} I take my role as bestie very seriously. I will be the first to scour the earth for the most perfect personalized gift, pimp out you and your side gig on social media, stay on the phone until the wee hours to hash out the same scenario 87 different ways, hold your dress above your head while you pee at your wedding, and bring over all the wine when the shit hath hitith the fan. If you've made it this far... Hi Mom, Hi Dad ;-) But really, I know what you must be thinking—what else could this girl possibly tell me that I now don't already know!? Oh, honey, we're just getting started. Blogs really are the new-age diary, after all. If you'll allow me, I'd love to come into your office, living room, cozy corner, cafe, or {totally platonically} your bedroom. Let's create some silver linings, shall we? <3

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    Shop My FASHION FINDS SHOP BY: All My Insta Beauty Buys Fitness Favs Fashion Finds Happy Home #MomLife BUY ME These were MADEEE for my boho soul. They're so comfortable and stunning in person. Use code EXTRA60 for mega sale! DSW Boho Chunky Heel BUY ME These are the best I've found that I can stand for a full hair day. Light, breathable, soft ear holders, and slot for filter! 3-pack Tie-Dye Masks BUY ME I have three of these and they fit SO much more than I expected. They also wheel around super easily. Simple Houseware Industrial Garment Rack BUY ME BUTTER PJ PANTS. Need I say more. Leggings Depot Pajama Bottoms BUY ME Super cute for layering. Dainty Eye Necklace BUY ME I love a longgg duster kimono! There are a ton of styles and patterns. ALL The Kimonos BUY ME I was super surprised at the quality of this moto faux-leather jacket. It's a new fav! Favorite Leather Jacket BUY ME These come in four shades, but I like to think the snakeskin is neutral! With the EXTRA60 code it's $6 for these beauts!! DSW Chunky Snakeskin Heel BUY ME Perfect for storing allll the vintage/band/stylish t-shirts. I also use it for pants, shorts, and booties! TomCare Storage Cube Organizer BUY ME For when you want to tie-dye, but don't want the mess. They don't "drench" clothes as much, but they give a splash of color! SEI Spray Tie-Dye Kit BUY ME These save me from major headaches after staring at a screen all day. And they're so flippin' cute. Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses BUY ME Comes in a bunch of different colors! Wide Brim Fedora Hat BUY ME I love how wide this is in the ankles! Fits great over pants, and is the perfect heel height. The Perfect White Bootie BUY ME Thin tip for precision; don't bleed; pop pretty well but some of the light colors don't show well on dark jeans. Worth it! 24-Pack Fabric Markers BUY ME Great for a little extra shoe storage, or for organizing shoes. Doesn't fit booties, but good for flats and kitten heels. 8 Tier Shoe Shelf BUY ME I may or may not have these in about 5 colors/patterns at this point. They are like leggings, but with a flare! Leggings Depot Palazzo Pant BUY ME I wanted a belt like this so badly, but didn't want the price tag of most I saw on Insta. This one is perfect! Black Leather Belt BUY ME I've bought these for myself, for gifts, and for bachelorette parties! Such cute gift bag additions. Barrette Variety Pack BUY ME Probably one of the best pieces I've ever gotten from Shein! Those sleeves are AMAZE, and soft! Bodysuit with Statement Sleeves