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Screenshot_2020-08-19 Amazon com Toddler

It's never too early to stock pile Halloween outfits! This took about 8 days to come in so plan early!

Toddler Halloween Outfit


Sure, the kids love them, but I LOVE THEM because they're durable (water resistant) and actually cute!

Perry Mackin Charlie Backpack in Pink

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Butterflies Modern

I'm a sucker for a butterfly anything. Got this for Sauce in a 3T and it's TTS.

Modern Daisy Butterflies Tee

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Say Something Reyn

It doesn't just teach them to speak up for themselves, it also teaches them to speak up for others. Love.

Teaches kids to speak up!

Screenshot_2020-08-19 Amazon com Toddler

Because girls love dinos, too! This is so soft and stretchy and I know my little workout partner will love it!

Dino Track Outfit


My kiddos picked the basic pink and blue, but there's a GORG Tiffany blue and mustard color, too.

PM Charlie Backpack in Navy


Could also double as a watermelon suit? Because that's why I got it for my daughter ;-) Target FTW.

Target Girls Strawberry One-piece

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Amazon com Glitter

For little girls who like to play hair, "Keltie" has the BEST head of hair. And you can buy her more outfits.

My daughter's fav doll

Screenshot_2020-07-06 Amazon com Picasso

The kids have loved these since they were two and still play with them ALL the time!

Magnetic Blocks on Amazon

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Black Lives Matter

Comes in baby onesie sizes and toddler t-shirt sizes, and 50% of proceeds are donated for BLM!

BLM Modern Daisy Toddler Tee

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Amazon com Dream B

Came across this at the doc office once and it was adorable so I promptly went on Amazon.

One of our fav books!

Screenshot_2020-06-26 Amazon com Hanes B

Ranger has sensitive skin so little briefs rub him the wrong way — these briefs are INSANELY soft.

Little man's first boxer briefs!

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