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    • 6 Ways to Style This $5 Walmart Shirt

      What, you don't shop at Walmart? You will after this. Don't throw shade - think outside the box. When something is $5 I buy now and think later — and once I started thinking, the outfit options were endlesss. I'll include links to similar pieces used in each outfit so you can complete the look (most of my looks were created using ancient pieces I already had, but I'll point you in the right direction. Got you, boo.). For starters, you'll need that shirt, yea? I'm in an XS, for reference — I could have gone for a S or M, but it's all they had, and again - five dollarsss. They have it in three colors (I'm in the "red," which is more like a burnt orange), and for the price, you kind of need all three... #iknowido Every Day Casual-Cute Look Maybe she's a blogger, maybe she's just running into Trader Joe's — maybe it's both. This is the perfect getup for running errands and then rolling right into a photoshoot... or happy hour. Get the look: Date Night or GNO Hey all you cool cats & kittens... yea, okay, it's played out — but animal print will never be. Get the look: Outdoor Concert Vibes Anyone else itchinggg to go to a live concert? Yea, just imagine me, wearing this, rocking to some Chris Stapleton. Concert or not, it's the perfect summer-to-fall transition look. Get the look: Backyard BBQ Dying for one last beach getaway, but since that'sss not going to happen, I'll just wear this to a {socially distanced} backyard BBQ, pop a Simpler Wine in Mango (have you had!? I'm obsessed), and pretend. Get the look: Brunchin' No pandemic going to keep me from a bloody mary and eggs bennie, mmmmk? So what if it's on my sister's patio... Get the look: MomLife-Friendly She's a little bit country — she's a little bit boho. Love this for a "hi, I'm a mom, but kind of cool and chill and we should be friends" look for a daycare event or backyard BBQ. Get the look: Watch the full transformation here! This was one of the most fun videos I've ever filmed and edited, and oh-so-sweaty. Mad props to the bloggers who do this on the reg.


      It's officially 2016 and you have grandiose plans about how this year is going to go... But, we're a measly two days in and you've already snuck a bite of those Christmas cookies you should have tossed, or you haven't even cracked the surface on your treadmill/closet clean-out/new year-new you plan. I'm here to tell you that it's totally okay. As perfectionists living in a world where social media glorifies what life "should" look like, we have become our own biggest critics—more than ever. Our bodies, hair, nails, wardrobe, relationships, Christmas trees, desk, calendars, Instagram snaps, plates of food, 2016 resolutions—everything must be pristine, colorful, positive and picture perfect. But life is full of bloopers with behind the scenes shots of laundry baskets filled to the brim, messy buns {and not the imperfectly cute kind}, chipped nails, cupcakes for breakfast, screaming matches, takeout five nights a week {or cereal for dinner five nights a week}, cursing photoshop to hell, and wine—more wine than is appropriate to glorify on Instagram. So, as we enter a fresh year, one where social media will remain the ruler of all things {seemingly} perfect, I beg of you to remember that it's totally okay... To wait until January 4th to start that "New Year—New You" mantra. Who wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on New Years Day? I for one wake up exhausted, slightly hungover, craving a greasy cheeseburger, and dreaming of one thing—the couch. I'm thinking the new me would scoff at the idea of starting fresh on a weekend of R&R, so I'll wait to embrace her on Monday. To say NO. You can't be everything to everybody. Let's be real - you can't even be some things to everybody. At some point you have to say NO to an offer, luncheon, brunch, client, date, party, project, or whatever else is thrown your way. Your FOMO will fade and you'll have more time to enjoy the things you do say yes to. I promise this will change your life. If you pin—but never win. Look, Pinterest is supposed to be a place to spark creativity - not a place of shame to make you feel like a failure because you never finished {or even started} that homemade holiday wreath. If lunch isn't a salad in a jar and dinner isn't crock-potting away and you haven't finished your 1000th jumping jack for the day—it's okay. It's also okay to continue pinning on top of the 10,000 pins you haven't accomplished yet. Keep those creative juices flowing. That you didn't finish that project you set out to accomplish in 2015. You're lucky enough to be here for another year, so it's not a wash, it's just an extended deadline. And the best part is, the hardest part is over - getting started. To put up a social front. Those {seemingly} perfect lives we all see on social - it's okay to partake in the "front" they present. No one really wants to see the negative drama BTS - if so, it would be called "anti-social media." There's nothing wrong with showing the best parts of your life, given that they're not completely staged and fake. Don't live a make-believe social-only life - make sure it actually mimics the best part of your life that is truly happening... And then feel free to leave out the detail about how right before that perfectly styled picture of you posing against a brick wall your Instagram husband said, "okay, go" with all the lackluster enthusiasm in the world. To start small. You don't have to lose all five pounds {okay, six. fine, seven. FINE, eight.} that you gained through the last quarter of 2015 {aka, eating season} in the first two weeks of 2016. You don't have to sign-up for a half-marathon right out of the gate. The house doesn't need to be completely renovated by Valentine's Day. And your new business doesn't need to be off the ground and running by Spring. But you DO have to start somewhere - so start small. Download theFitness Pal app to track your calories; sign up for a 5K; pick one room to redo and go from there; and at least open the Business Plan Pro wizard. Don't set yourself up for failure - it's okay to take one tiny step at a time, as long as you're stepping, period. If you're already counting down to your next day off. 15 days until MLK Jr. Day. But who's counting? It's also okay if you already put in to take off on March 4 to binge watch season 4 of House of Cards. Underwood for President! If you're having the hardest time parting with that fashion statement that all of the fashion-powers-that-be say to toss for 2016. Long live pastel hair, coachella-inspired music festival fashion, and suede. Also, I just started "mastering" contouring, so I'll be sticking with that cheeky goodness for a bit. Let's also remember that trends don't hit the level of us "real" people for a good year—in which case, we're right on track. I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite words from the ever wise... Bethenny Frankel. Namaste, 2016. Psst... More fuel to your 2016 resolution-fire: 10 Health Hacks: How I Changed My Body, My Life Commit to Fit: The 6 Commitments That Helped Me Lose 80 Pounds #Realtalk #life #Hair #health #fashion

    • 3-Week Ab Challenge: Planks, Crunches & Weighted Abs

      Abs for dayssss... 21 days, to be exact. I made up this 3-week challenge to get my mom-tum summer ready, and I gotta tell ya, for just a couple minutes a day it really does the trick! I didn't want to make this so hella-long that I'd never stick to it — I knew, at most, I could carve out 5-10 minutes per day, and stay interested for a few weeks. Who doesn't have 5 minutes first thing in the AM {before you even change out of your PJs}, or last thing at night {while you binge Housewives}? Ya do. Trust me. Do I need to break out my whole "I'm a twin mom with two jobs and a firefighter husband" schpeal again? I didn't think so. Week 1 kicks off with planks to help strengthen your core all the way down. Week 2 gets into crunches, which were my gateway abs workout eonsss ago. And Week 3 closes out with weighted abs, because now that you have the strength, let's shred that core! Speaking of gateway abs... I stick to my original inspiration. Bald or not. Week 1: PLANKS I have a love-hate relationship with planks — probably because they're one of my most dreaded workout moves, but I know they work, so I know they're a must. I can do crunches all day long, but planks give me a pit in my stomach. Nonetheless, I know they're necessary because they totally proved themselves when I was postpartum and needed to restrengthen my core and get that mama-pouch to lift. Over a couple months I saw my droopy kangaroo pouch shrink up — and anytime I need to cinch it in before I start shredding it {especially when it comes to the lower pouch area}, I know I need to do the dreaded... #joinme! #itsfun! #itsnotbutitsnecessary I know what you're thinking — 2 minutes and 30 seconds holding a plank!? Pssshhhhh. Girl, bye. I know, I get it — but it's totally doable, over time. Anddd with a little help from plank distractors — aka, moves that mix up your plank and distract your mind from the fact that you're still holding a plank. Here are my go-to plank distractors: Week 2: CRUNCHES Almost 20 years ago {holyyy cow, when did I get old enough to say I did something 20 years ago... I digress...} I decided I didn't want to be miserable in my own body anymore — but I didn't know where to start, so I started small... Actually, no, I lied. I went all in and did like 1,000 bicep reps in one day so I could magically wake-up skinny and I ended up over-exhausting my muscles so badly that I had to wear slings on my arms for weeks. This is no joke — ask my mom, or my doctor who put me in slings. I was humiliated, and I realized right then and there that this would be a lifetime lifestyle change, not a quick fix. So then I started small, and I cut one bad thing from my diet and added one workout to my regimen. I cut out all soda, and added crunches {because, again, B.Spears abs}. At 16 years old I would lay on the floor every night and do my crunches. That's how it all started for me, so I will forever have a special place in my abs for crunches. I kid you not when I tell you that these were the exact moves I did every night for years. I could do them in my sleep — but I realize that they're not a "duh" for everyone, so here's a breakdown of exactly how you should be positioned: Week 3: WEIGHTED ABS After two weeks of building your core strength, it's time to SHRED those abs. You know how you do cardio to shed fat, and then you lift weights to tone your newly slim bod? This is the same concept. First you shed the fat with planks and crunches {cardio for abs}, and then you shred them with weights. I like to go heavier because your abs are stronger than you think, so I typically use 8-12lb. weights, but I may up the ante and use 12-15lbs. this time around. These moves are hard enough on their own, so any weight will make a difference — choose what works for you! You can also do a drop set, especially as we get into higher reps later in the week. Start heavier, and then alfway through drop down to something lighter. Teapot tiltssss, ya'll — now there's an ab move I could do all dang day. They kill your obliques in the best way possible. What is a teapot tilt you ask? Here's a breakdown of all of the weighted abs moves: Now, here's the real challenge: Take a picture on day 1, 7, 14, and 21. Even if you just keep it hidden away on your phone, you owe it to yourself to see your progress. Sometimes it's so hard to see in the mirror staring back at you {trust me — sometimes I still see that 183lb. girl}, but when you do a picture comparison side-by-side, you'll see the difference and it will keep pushing you. Plus, every-time you open your photos and see those pictures it will hold you accountable and keep pushing you to finish out the challenge. Want to really hold yourself accountable? Post your progress pics on Instagram, tag me @thenikkicagle, and use hashtag #SilverLiningAbs. Because, here's the thing — it may be hard work now, but the silver lining is core strength, abs, crop topsss, and feeling downright proud from the inside out. Who's with me!? #fitness #workout #abchallenge #fitmom

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      FITNESS FAVS Shop My SHOP BY: Beauty Buys Fashion Finds All My Insta Fitness Favs Happy Home #MomLife Bubba 52oz. Keg-jug Bubba is my best good jug! Keeps my water ice cold all day and helps me suck down H20! I shoot for two jug-fulls a day. BUY ME Fav Muscle Tank Warning, going to this site will make you want to buy like 5 more tanks!! They have the best sayings and designs. BUY ME Tone It Up Booty Band This little band packs more of a punch than you'd think. You don't need heavy weights to build that booty! BUY ME Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookies Favs: Double chocolate, snickerdoodle, and chocolate chip. Buy the variety pack and try them all! BUY ME Leggings Depot High Waist Yoga Pant At least 70% of my workout pants are Leggings Depot leggings. They come up high, stay put, and are super soft! BUY ME Liquid IV: Hangover cure!! Proven to cure hangovers, help you rebound after hella hard workouts, and even give you a little afternoon jolt! BUY ME Tone It Up App I am a TIU girl through and I do this app 4-5x week, and have for years. It's worth the annual investment! through! BUY ME Alani Nu Pre-Workout I can't do a workout longer than 30 minutes without this stuff — it doesn't give you the jitters, just energy and determination! BUY ME Vega™ Vanilla Protein & Greens I take my protein powders very seriously — I switched to this when Shakeology got cray expensive and I love it! BUY ME At-home Cycle Bike I can do Peloton and Soulcycle-style workouts on this bike for a PORTION of the price of their bikes. Look on Craigslist, too! BUY ME Vital Proteins Collagen I am SO impressed with this collagen because it doesn't clump OR have taste in your coffee. Cheapest at Costco. BUY ME Alani Nu Pump Stim-Free If I'm doing a workout heavy on the weights then I use Pump instead of Pre-WO. BUY ME Shein Criss-Cross Workout Tank I've gotten so many workout clothes from Shein because, hello, . Love the criss-cross back on this one! cheap BUY ME

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      LOVE LIST Nikki's *Shop all my favs, from bargain fashion finds to hair tools, skincare, home decor, stuff for the kiddos, and random helpful stuff I swear by. All My Insta Beauty Buys Fitness Favs Fashion Finds Happy Home #MomLife SHOP BY: SHOP: TRY-ON HAULS STORY SHARES OUTFIT POSTS Insta Obsessed SHOP BEACHWAVERS MUST- HAVE PRODUCTS SKINCARE REGIMEN Beauty Buys SHOP: GEAR YOU NEED WORKOUT OUTFITS FIT FUEL Fitness Favs SHOP: AMAZON FINDS BARGAIN BUYS TREND OBSESSIONS Fashion Finds SHOP: DECOR ORGANIZING STUFFS GIFTS Happy & Homey SHOP MY: KIDDOS' OUTFITS TWINS' FAV TOYS #MOMLIFE LIFESAVERS #MomLife

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