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  • Nikki Cagle


When I was told that I wouldn't be involved in any aspect of my 30th birthday, my mind started racing... But, but, what about the decor?! The layout of the house?! The events of the evening?! THE FOOD?!?!

One of my biggest, ahem, concerns, if you will, was the food. I am a picker—a mini cupcake, poppable appetizer, finger food kind of gal. On top of that, I like to snack on the healthier side. Talk about a challenge for late night party food! My party planners proclaimed a big ol' "Challenge Accepted!" and delivered the most Pinterest-esque finger food spread I had ever seen. I would be doing a serious injustice to the party-planning and foodie world if I didn't provide a breakdown of every single delectable dish on that table. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart.

Pepperoni Twirls from Dizzy, Busy & Hungry

{You see those little pockets of heaven off to the left? Yea, those were a foodie favorite. And the perfect late LATE night snack as you wrap up in the wee hours of the night {morning, whatever}. Tip: serve with warm marinara sauce!}

Inspired by Mediterranean Cucumber Cups from The Three Little Piglets

{Only, sprinkle in some pepperoncini's, layer with hummus on the bottom, and then fill to the brim with your med-mixture.}

Antipasto Skewers from The Weary Chef


Satay Chicken Skewers from The Nest

{My one input on food was: finger, fancy & skewered. Nailed it!}

Spinach Dip Bites from Lil Luna

{Okay, so these weren't the h e a l t h i e s t thing on the menu, but there's spinach in it, so it half counts, right!? Besides, the flavor combo is way worth it, and the mini size keeps you from OD'ing...if you have restraint.}

{Like savory little pizzas without the heavy crust, but still with a crunchy crust! These were a top contender for "must-have-again" favorite.}

Inspired by Asian Crab Salad Croustades {sans crab} from The Passionate Cook

{I love anything with an Asian flair {it's in my blood, ya know} and these were so incredibly fresh and, to quote Katy Perry, "Japanesey" {not an actual word and makes my skin crawl, but there you have it}—they were a win, win!}

Bloody. Mary. Shrimp. Shooters. from Man Titlement

{I added the periods for emphasis - because, Y A ' L L. Three of my favorite things in one: bloody mary's, mini-everything and seafood. Now this is a shot this 30-year-old will do!}

I wish I could tell you there was a place you could purchase these delicious mini cuppycakes, but I can *hopefully* say that they will be coming to a local bakery at s o m e point in my lifetime, because these beauties deserve to be in a window front. And in my belly, on demand. I wish I had a picture of the intricately stunning cake, but alas, that IS in my belly.

Food spread: Courtesy of my foodie of sis who missed her calling as a critic {or chef}, my Ma who broke out of her normal food-box, and my besties who can always whip up something Pinterest-worthy!

Cake/Cupcakes: Erin Horton Poff - coming soon to an Etsy shop near you... (right?!) ;-)

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