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  • Nikki Cagle

9 Best Amazon Shops for Babies & Toddlers

Do you have any idea how fast a baby grows? Fast, y'all. Like, lightening speed. So, spending $22 on an outfit for a baby to drool, spit-up, and spill pureed beets on, and then grow out of before you can even get the stain out, is pointless. Truth be told, if I'm not spending that much on a shirt for myself, I sure as hell am not spending that much on a onesie for my child.

As a born & raised bargain shopper, my thirst for sale signs and inexpensive shopping runs deep. So deep that I will scour the ends of Amazon until I find the best quality, for the best price, with the best shipping. Oh, and did I mention I was a shopaholic? Yea, so I've tried & tested an Amazon shop, or two (or 14...). I read reviews, look at galleries, and make notes for shops to neverrrr try again when something comes in so gawd awful.

Since I send my list out to moms-aunts-and-grandmas-to-be about once a week, I figured it was time to officially spread the love. These are my favorite Amazon shops for baby & toddler apparel, shoes, bows, and more — for girl & boy littles!

Oh, and - tip on sizing breakdown, because US sizing is not usually listed. First off - read the reviews and see what reviewers say about the sizing they ordered and the age/size of their little — reviews and pictures speak a thousand words. Here's the basic breakdown, but may vary:

Sometimes things run small, sometimes things run big. I'm telling you - reviews, reviews, reviews. I know that's annoying because who's got time to read all the reviews - but a sampling will give you an idea. I'll try to list sizing below so you can compare, too!

This is probably one of my most frequently shopped for boys and girls. Sizing runs pretty on par (smaller over larger, though), and everything is always exactly as pictured! Prices range from $6-14, and when not on Prime, shipping is $1.99 per piece, and takes about 1-2 weeks.

Just a sampling of our favs from BiggerStore! We've been shopping them since birth, and into toddler-dom.

This was my go-to bow shop from the get-go! The head wraps are adjustable, so they grow with babygirl. And, hello, matching mama & mini headbands - I mean.

Some of our favorite bows from Itaar - including these massive sequin bows that were perfect for every holiday (though, note that they run big, so the pictured green one is pinned. But they'll fit her for eons!)

Hilarious and on-par graphic tees, plus cute jumpers and rompers! Range from $4-15, and tons on Prime. Otherwise, shipping is $1.98 and takes 1-2 weeks. Great shop for baby shower and birthday gifts, too!

Come on with this mini kimono! This is a size 2-3 years, worn at 18 months, and will fit her for years. With shipping it was less than $7. Oh, and shoes were from Hongteya on Amazon for $13. Good little slip-ons.

This is our go-to sock shop! Knee highs, thigh highs, characters, plain — all the damn cute socks you can imagine on chunky little thighs. Prices range from $10-18, and almost everything is on Prime. They have socks for newborns and toddlers — and tons of headwraps, including mama & mini!

We've been rocking these unisex socks since they were infants, and we'll continue rocking them until they don't squeeze on anymore!

I've only ordered one piece from here, and it was honestly a little weirdly shaped — a bathing suit that was cut just a wee bit low for my toddler. But, she's also tall, so maybe it was stretched that low. Either way, that's not stopping me from ordering more, because now that I'm in their store on Amazon I'm already swooning... bonus: It's so inexpensive! Ranges from $3-15, and when it's not Prime it's $3.98 shipping. Also, you'll notice a lot of the same stuff in multiple stores - and they range in pricing. Sometimes it's best to shop around for the best deal - including shipping.

Obviously had to get her a cactus suit to match his Cat & Jack suit. #duh

Super cute outfit sets, joggers, holiday and graphic tee sets. Prices range from $0.01 (NO JOKE) and $12. Sometimes Amazon Prime, but otherwise added shipping of $3.99 per piece. Shipping typically takes about 3 weeks, give or take (excluding Prime pieces).

Bought this for a baby shower gift - sooo cozy.

This shop has kiddo & grown-up clothes, so just make sure you choose "baby" or "boy/girl" in the categories on the left to narrow. I've only gotten one thing from this shop so far, but this one purchase is totally worth it, 'cause guys LOOK. And this is just one of many jumpsuit/overall outfits they have - all around $6, plus $2.99 shipping (with about a 2-week delivery).

These overalls are super soft and stretchy - like thick leggings material!

I just newly came across this shop and have only ordered a few things so far — all of which are for an upcoming vacation, so my little babe hasn't worn them yet. But, they're so stinkin' cute, true to picture, and seem soft enough. Pricing varies from $5-15, and when not on Prime it's a whopping $0.50 shipping, y'all.

Got this cute little number for Mexico — how stinkin' perfect?! It was only $7.70, including shipping, and I got a size 110 - which will likely be big on her when she's two, but will also fit her next summer! #holla

I've only gotten one thing from here so far, because I couldn't pass up on these drop-crotch pants! The shop has an eclectic mix of things beyond baby & toddler-wear, but gear for the littles range from $6-15, with most being Prime, and others being free shipping any way! #winwin

Coolest dang kid on the block in these drop-crotch pants! They're pretty long in the legs, super stretchy, and a nice thickness, too!

And on that note... I have about 17 tabs open that I now need to go shop. Questions on quality, sizing, etc. - drop me a note below!


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