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  • Nikki Cagle

Don't You Dare Make Me Feel Bad For Being Healthy

Let's be clear — I don’t give a shit what you think about my healthy lifestyle. But that doesn't mean that your pestering and snide remarks aren't still hurtful {and annoying}.

Living a healthy & fit lifestyle is selfish. And that’s okay — it SHOULD be selfish, because you’re not doing it for anyone other than yourself. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re being ridiculous — that you should just cave and do what’s easiest for the majority. That you shouldn’t be picky about what you eat, where you eat, or what time you eat. But that’s how it starts — excuses. Cowardliness.

I did not get to where I am today by bending the rules to make others’ lives easier. Once I figured out that my life, health, and happiness should come first - I made sure it was. Nonetheless, there are five scenarios that I face time and time again. Somehow, it doesn't matter how long it's been known that "I'm healthy now," these things keep on happening, and they suck.

1. Making a mockery

I first learned about nutrition when I did Weight Watchers in my 20s {she says as though she's ancient}. I went from no portion control, to literally weighing my food. I had a food scale — I was that person. But how else was I supposed to learn that you're not, in fact, supposed to eat the entire box of Rice-A-Roni {you probably shouldn't eat it at all, but ya know, #hindsight}? When I first started weighing and portioning out my food, I would always get the peanut gallery comments, "Oh, you're only eating that much? I should probably only eat that much too, huh?" No, Susan, you do you. If you're feeling guilty about what you're eating, you deal with that. Don't put your insecurities on me. I'll just be over here, weighing my salmon.

2. Salad security

Sound the alarms {!!!!}, I'm ordering a salad, again. That's right people, I have turned to the salad page and I am settling in there. And somehow that ignites a rousing round of teasing. "Shocker, she's ordering a salad." This is not meant to be like, 'good for you girl, you have such restraint, turning right to the greens'. This is meant to be a bullying moment so that you can get as many people as possible to agree with you that salads are like, so dumb, and make you feel better about the triple burger with fries you just ordered. Yea well, funny thing about losing weight — your skin grows thicker and thicker in the process. My salad and I are not offended, but nice try.

3. Shocking discovery

Yes people, I DO EAT. And, I eat real food. And sometimes, I even eat CARBS *gasp* I don't think the world needs a press release because I'm splurging on McDonalds {at 2am, but who's judging? #justmejudgingme}. So please hold your "Oh my god, she eats!" comments to yourself. Would you like me to call out every time you ate? 'Cause by the sounds of your seemingly ashamed comments, I don't think you do.

4. The free food complex

I don't care if the food is free, that doesn't mean it's my only option. Picture me this: You're at a work event and they set out a massive buffet of BBQ, complete with the cheesiest of macs, mayo with a side of slaw, buns the size of Leia's hair, and the only green in sight is drowning in butter and bacon. But it's free, so you should just eat it, right? Let me ask you this — if someone offered you a free nose job, but you knew that it would mess up your body, would you still take it? Or, would you pay for the nose job that will make you feel amazing? Buy a salad and take some nibbles of the free buffet (if you must). Don't succumb to food pressure.

5. Odd man out

"Nikki can't eat there." Look, I will find something anywhere. And if I can't then I'll eat a protein bar beforehand and have some nibbles of the good stuff without going overboard. You don't need to dis-include me because of my healthy lifestyle {NOT a diet people — healthy lifestyle. This is for life, not 30-days}. It doesn’t make me awkward - and if makes you feel awkward then that’s your problem, isn’t it? I'm not there for the food — I'm there to hang out with you. You wouldn't dis-include or make someone feel bad about where you're eating if they had religious or allergy restrictive diets, would you? If so, we're probably not having a meal together anyway. #byefelicia

Chances are, if you have a problem with what I'm eating, then you really have a problem with what you're eating. Because I can tell you that my healthy friends never rag on me for ordering a salad. If you have a friend who is trying to lose weight, or someone who has devoted themselves to a healthy lifestyle — support them! You don't have to be doing the same thing, but if they're a friend, you shouldn't mock them. When we go out to eat, my hubs says, "What kind of salad are thinking?" And not in a shaming way, but because he knows that's how I roll — the same way I say to him, "What are you thinking? Buffalo chicken sandwich, or enchiladas?" {Fingers crossed for buffalo, because I could really go for just one fry.}

I don’t care if you’re annoyed by the fact that I always order from the salad section of the menu. And it’s not my problem that my portion control makes you feel guilty about your lack of control. And I sure as hell am not going to hide my body because you’re self conscious about yours. I wasn’t born looking & feeling like this — I made myself like this. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Go after it — not after me.


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