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  • Nikki Cagle

An Epic Boy-Girl Twin First Birthday Party

You know how you get a one-year grace period on sending a wedding gift {that's still a thing, right?}, well, the same goes for finally posting pictures of your twins' first birthday party. I made that up — but I'm going with it.

You know damn well I started hunting down a first birthday theme right around the time I found out I was having boy/girl twins. So, needless to say, this was an epic party in the making. The issue is that I am so not a conformist. Sure, I like trends, but I needed my own twist. So there was no way I was doing the traditional Mickey & Minnie, Thing 1 & Thing 2, or Prince & Princess bullshit. #nooffense

I needed something that was them — something that embodied our journey to get them, and how perfectly they fit into our lives. And one day, it just hit me — they're the theme. Nothing goes together better than Ranger & Sawyer. But how on earth would I execute a party that had no Pinterest roadmap?! With a heck of a lot of plotting, DIY'ing, whining {and wine-ing], and no shortage of extra hands.

I may have gone a little overboard {may?}, but this party was a long time coming, so I let myself go crazy. Next birthday, though — Chuck E. Cheese.

The theme: You can't have one without the other

Twins' first birthday invitation

The Decor: ALL the twinning pics & an ode to the perfect {prickly} pair

Menu Pairings: Things that go together, like...

PB&J {roll-ups}, {snap} peas & carrots veggie platter,

and bacon & {deviled} eggs

Pretzels & beer

Wine & cheese

Kids & Caprisun

Milk & cookies

Birthdays & cake!

The birthday babes in their last outfit change {yep. shut up.}

And, now that I have created this wheel, there's no sense in you doing the same, so here are all of my printables - feel free to snag!

Free Printables

We used these "1's" on the backs of their custom made onesies for eating cake. Again, yes, I know — I'm insane.

Milk & Cookies onesies: Zulilly Twins On the Way shop

ALL the ribbon, fans, & random decor: Michaels & Target {dollar spot!}

Cakes: Made by TT {my talented sister!} using the giant cupcake pan

My sanity: Wine

Anything else you're dying to know where I got, or how I made it - drop me a comment and I'll divulge all of the details! If you're a twin-mom, or a singleton-mom, and you're gearing up to plan an epic first birthday party, I would love to say DON'T DO IT, SCALE BACK — but I know that, if given the chance, I'd do it all over again. Just have fun with it, and try to take a minute to soak in the day — and then sob into your wine because your babies are ONE!! #insertsobbingfaceemoji


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