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The ultimate planner for being super organized by month, week, and day. Customizable inside and out!

Oh So Retro Erin Condren Planner

I am a "special pen" kind of girl for my planner, so I like to have it handy right where I need it.

Planner Pen Holder

Things I love about this clock: DIMS super low so it doesn't brighten the room all night; alarm sounds are so nice; TINY!

Tiny Alarm Clock


Hands down the best baby monitor {or house monitor} ever. We have at least four around the house!

Wyze Cam {Baby/House Monitor}

Love that I can snap these in and out as the weeks go by to track overall weekly priorities, meals, or workouts.

Snap-in Dry-Erase Mini Planners

I love these because they're not super slippery and they DON'T bleed or smudge when writing! Found this pack at Target.

Yoobi NO BLEED Gel Pens

Tells you the last time you took your meds (starts counting as soon as you put the top back on) so you know if you took them or not!

Time Cap Med Bottle


I'm a Hallmark girl at heart, so I always have greeting cards on hand. I love the designs of these!

Greeting Cards for Everyyything

I'm a sticky notes kind of girl! Love these for adding throughout my planner for quickie notes that I can toss when I'm done.

Tabbed Sticky Notes

Perfect for your nightstand - your watch snaps right into place, and it has extra USB's to charge your phone, too!

iWatch Charger

Sticks to mirrors, windows, and so many other surfaces to hold your phone in place. Use code NIKKI15 for 15% off at the link below!

The DOP Phone Holder

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