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  • Nikki Cagle

20-Day Core Crush Challenge

Oh how I love an ab challenge!! There was just no other way for me to start this post. It's true, I loveee me some ab burners. It's how I got started with working out eons ago, and it's the workout that always makes me feel the best, especiallyyy in the summer.

Now, let me give you some advice about this challenge... you know how when you're really high up, let's say, on a rollercoaster, and as you're freaking out you think to yourself, "don't look down." I'm going to tell you the same thing with this — don't look down the list. Don't look ahead. Don't start dreading the days with 100 sit-ups. You will inevitably talk yourself out of it. Take it one day at a time. Day 1: 25 sit-ups. You can DO 25 sit-ups. And I promise you this — by the time you get to 100 sit-ups, you'll be able to do those, too. You know why? Because you took it one day at a time, and slowly but surely, you built the strength to add on a little more each day. So, don't look down, don't skip ahead, don't talk yourself out of it — just start with day one.

Commitment tip: I set a reminder on my phone at 9am and 9pm that says "AB CHALLENGE: DO IT!!" and I have it repeat for 20 days. If I don't get it done with the 9am reminder, I have that late night reminder that makes me get off the couch and crunch while Netflix'ing. Life is cray — I'd be lost without my reminders. The hubs jokes that I even have one set to remind me to pee. Real funny, but I've birthed twins, I don't need a reminder to pee — all I have to do is stand and I'm reminded.

Here's a little vid to showcase each move, including some modifications {some easier, some harder}, and some tips for when you get to those mega-rep days and need to break it up!

Who's with me!? Phase 3 abs, comin' in hot!


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