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  • Nikki Cagle

Get Off Your Bum And Squat It

I have this theory that our bums should be sore from squating, not from sitting on them all. quarantine. long. My workplace asked me to lead a fitness challenge for April, to which I said "squat, yea!" (or something to that effect), and I figured, why not share it with ya'll, too? It's totally attainable, takes maybeeee one minute a day, and the whole quarantine-fam can join.

I'll post the full 4-Week challenge below for saving (aka pinning) and each week I'll update this post with how-to vids and modification tips, so be sure to check back (or, follow me on Insta, where I'll remind you, because who has time to remember to check back unprompted?!).

Week 1: Traditional Squats

First and foremost, let me start by saying, I'm not a trainer — I am a TV-taught fitness fanatic (Jillian Michaels taught me almost everything I know). So if you really want to know how to squat, take it from the professionals. But, if you'd still like some tips on what I do to amp up my squats, continue on!

Your official week 1 intro & how to:

Modifying those squats to be a little lighter (but still burn):

Amping up those squats to burn SO GOOD:

Until next week, ya'll, here's my favorite water jug, aptly named Bubba, who also happens to fit two bottles of wine — not that I've tried...

Keeps water ice cold for 12-hours and a fraction of the price of a Yeti. Get one on Amazon (ranging $11-15), or at Walmart. (Also comes in black, teal, and more colors, depending on size.)

Week 2: Jump Squats

I'm going to be that annoying person that says, "I love jump squats to start my day!" But... truly — there's something about boosting your metabolism first thing in the morning that keeps you revved all day. I like to hit up a sip of coffee {just a sip - don't need any sloshing} and then hop to it — literally. They'll be over before you know it {less than a minute} and you'll SO awake and ready to KILL THIS DAY! ::insert grrr face::

Your basic jump squat {because everyone seems to do them a little different? That's okay, do you!}:

When you're just nottt quite ready to get some air:

I secretly hate these, but, whatevs, I'm told they work, so I throw at least a few jump tucks in there:

If you're having trouble keeping up with your daily sips {you are, aren't you? It's fine. Just kidding, IT'S NOT. GET YOUR SIP ON!} — maybe you just need me to yell at you? If that doesn't work, I suggest making your water jug your BFF. Everywhere you go, they follow. Sitting at your computer — water in plain view. On a walk? Water in hand. Watching the RHOBH — wine in hand, water right next to you. #balancebaby The point is, if you see it in front of you, you're more likely to grab it for a sip.

Week 3: Weighted Squats

The squat of all squats — my favorite! Good golly I love a weight. And a squat. And when the two marry in holy squatrimony — it's pure apple bottom jeans. {Too many puns in a sentence? Never!} The beauty about weighted squats is that you pick your poison — dumbbells, soup cans, kettlebells, bottle of wine — whatever you have on hand, put it in your hands and squat!

Your basic B of weighted squats - the dumbbell:

Lighter just means to quite literally go lighter with your weights. Or, go back to the basics with bodyweight{ed} squats:

And when you're ready, don't be afraid to up the ante, because your legs and booty are powerhouses and they can handle more than you think! Just remember to engage your core to protect your back and keep perfect form. If you feel form slipping, time to downgrade the weight:

Now for some sips of a different kind: Smoothies!

I am a smoothie-fiendddd. I have at least one a day because they are so versatile, easy to hide veggies in {without tasting} and with the right protein can be super filling. Here are some of my favorite recipes from over the years! {Sub in any protein powder you like, or omit altogether. I'm on an Arbonne Vanilla or Vega Vanilla kick lately.}:


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