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  • Nikki Cagle

Living The Lunge Life

Love 'em or not, the proof is in the pudding — lunges are the way to long, lean, cut legs. Or, as most of the world refers to them: Carrie Underwood legs.


Any questions?

Just like the squat challenge, I dedicated each week to different lunge variation to make sure you don't get bored, and to hone in on every angle of those gams. My personal fav is week four... which I purposely put at the end so it keeps me on track the entire month!

Week One: Back Lunges

Pretty much the "traditional" lunge, and for whatever reason I prefer stepping back opposed to forward. I feel like it gives you more control over form — but maybe that's just me! Don't sleep on those modifications — and if you're amping it up, don't be afraid to load up on the weight. Your legs are stronger than you think!

Week 2: Lunge Hops (or Skips)

I hate, loathe, avoid-at-all-costs a jumping lunge. You know the one — kind of like you're skiing, but getting deeper in your lunge, and dying, and just hating life, and probablyyy killing your back. They're just not fun, or necessary. You can get the same plyo lunge effect with a lunge hop (or skip). Check it:

Week 3: Side Lunges

Talk about an outer-thigh burner! And booty. And inner thigh. And, surpriseeee, an ab burner, too — if you add on this crossover knee crunch, too. Why the hell not!?

Week 4: Curtsy Lunge

My favorite lunge of ALL time. I fell in love with these bad boys during PiYo. Actually, they're less of bad boys, and more of proper girls? Whatevs — they will KILL your outer and inner thighs on both sides, no matter which side you're curtsy'ing to. And, as if I didn't love them enough, I added one of my favorite ab moves at the top: a rainbow crunch! It takes a little coordination but it's hella fun and will cinch your obliques.

We're coming for you, Carrie.

What challenge should we do next?! Whether we're in our backyards or on the beach, summer is still coming — and let's face it, fitness keeps us SANE in an otherwise coo-coo-bananas world.


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