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  • Nikki Cagle


Fresh off the heels of a 7-day plank challenge with fellow fab blogger {popcorn and pandas} & soon-to-be BeachBody Coach {countdown to post-VEGAS PiYO}, my bestie & I were revved up and eager to keep our middles whittled in prep for our early bikini-season-debuts in VEGAS {I don't know why I feel like that should always be in all caps. Just me?}. That's when I turned to my old-faithful—the abs that started it all.

When I first started weening into working out in 10th grade, I quickly found that the one exercise I didn't absolutely d r e a d was abs. Abs, abs, abs—all day, ery'day. I was ABsessed. And who, pray tell, induced this ABsession? Why, B.Spears, of course {are we shocked that I found a way to weave Brit into another post?!}. I hung a picture of Brit-Brit's "I'm a Slave for You" abs on the back on my door and would hit the floor every night with my mini made-up ab routine. Truth be told, I still hit the floor every night with that quickie routine—only now I'm laying in front of the TV watching Pretty Little Liars instead of staring at Britney. W A Y more grown-up now, obviously.

When it was time to create a new ab-chiseling challenge that would carry us to VEGAS {where I'll be seeing those abs up close & personal... Front row Brit tix, ya'll {!!!!!!!!!!!}—F R O N T row. Yea, justwait for that post.}, I turned to my ab-idol once again. And who wouldn't?! Look at that fABtastic stomach. She's still got it, ya'll. As soon as I saw that those abs were gracing the cover of Women's Health, I raced right out and nabbed a copy. Only, this time I didn't post the ab-inspiring picture of her on my bedroom door—I thought that might be a bit awkward for the hubs. So, instead, she sits abs-up on our kitchen table ;-) {I have a very supportive husband...}

Whether you're planking for VEGAS, crunching for Cabo, or just need a challenge to kick-start those Summer abs, this 20-day stomach-cincher will get. it. done. Join us!! And let us know how you're doing—we can all "bellyache" together ;-)

"You better werk, bitch." -B. Spears

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