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  • Nikki Cagle


When the hubs and I finally got pregnant {and it stuck!}, I was hell-bent on doing whatever I could to protect the baby - even if that meant not working out {for an avid-fitness girl, this would be HARD, but having this babe was WAY more important}. To my surprise, my doctors encouraged me to workout - even asking, "are you still running? I hope so!" every time they saw me. Except for a three-week stint when I was on "light" rest to help the embryo really bury in and settle, I maintained a near-normal workout routine through the first trimester.

Naturally, when I found out I was pregnant and was allowed to workout, I took to Pinterest ASAP! I wanted to pin every single baby-friendly first trimester workout I could find. What I really wanted was for someone to tell me exactly what workout to do every day for the next couple of months. And while I found some incredible workouts, I didn't find many full-blown schedules. I also wanted someone to tell me if 10 lbs. was too much, plyo was out of the question, and what pace I should run at {and what pace I shouldn't go over}. Every single person said, "do what's right for your body." Huh!? But how will I know??

Well, now I know. You just do. I know that's vague and slightly annoying, but trust me - once you get started you will know. You'll notice that your usual 7mph pace takes your breath away much quicker than before; your 10lb hand weights now feel like 50lbs; and psychologically you don't feel comfortable doing any supermans because you don't want to squish the babe! Feel it out - TRUST your body, and listen to your mind. If it freaks you out, don't do it! But that doesn't mean you can't push yourself - just back off when your body {or babe} say whoaaaa buddy. From one first-time-mom to another: you will know.

Nonetheless, I chronicled every workout for the first trimester - including notes about what I could still rock, what I should probably rotate out of my calendar, and when things started to get uber hard. Luckily, like I said, I maintained pretty much my norm through the first. The second will be a different story {I can already tell} - but don't you worry, I'm chronicling that, too ;-)

Here's every workout I did for each day that I worked out in the first trimester - including links to almost every workout!

140 lbs

*Positive pregnancy test on the third day of Week 4!!* Day 1: 5 mile run {I hit a PR this day! Ran 6-9mph. Little did I know life was about to change...} & 2:00 plank Day 2: Tone it Up (TIU) Kettletoning with a 10-15lb. Kettlebell & 2:00 plank Day 3: PiYo Sweat, TIU Daily WO {ab workout - skipped plank jacks; swapped out for ankle taps} & 2:10 plank {this was all after getting the call that we were pregnant (!!!!), hence skipping the plank jacks. Nervous-nettie, party of one!} **Tip: sign-up for TIU and you'll get a new quick Daily WO every day - it always changes, so there's no way to link back to them.** Day 4: 3 mile treadmill HIIT {made up} = 27:15 & TIU Daily WO Day 5: Jillian Michael Kickbox Upper, TIU Daily WO {arms}, TIU Toned Arms, TIU Bikini Abs {got hard at the end with on-back exercises so modified a little} & 2:15 plank {Umm, was I insane this day!? I'll have to use these as inspo post-pregnancy - like, see what you used to do!} Day 6: TIU Exclusive WO Tone HIIT Up {20 minutes}, TIU Total Body {14 minutes}, & TIU Daily WO {full body} - no modifications but limbs felt heavier and I lost breath easier Day 7: REST

138.9 lbs

Day 1: 4.5 mile run {6mph, 6.5, 7, then back down to 6 and then only .100 mile sprints at 7, 7.5, and 8, opposed to my normal .250 mile sprints (1 lap) - couldn't stick out the usual sprints at the end; too winded and didn't have the energy, but still made it through and felt great!} & TIU Daily WO {abs} & 2:00 plank Day 2: TIU Kettletoning {mostly with 15lb. kettlebell - some 10lb.}, TIU Daily WO {full body} & 2:15 plank {felt great through all!} Day 3: Incline Interval HIIT - Sweaty Mess {loved!!} - Modified to run 1-10 minutes starting at 6mph and increased .5mph every 2 minutes, at 2 incline; completed 10-38 as listed = 2.7 miles & 2:20 plank Day 4: Turbo Fire Core 20 {mostly standing, which is great!} & TIU Bootycall from BB3 {TOUGH! Not my usual strength and endurance. I took this one out of my workout line-up after this!} Day 5: REST - bad cramps, shooting pains and spotting Day 6: 2 mile run {6-8mph} = 17:41, TIU Arm Routine Pin x2, TIU Bikini Yoga {16 minutes}; 2:00 plank & :30 side plank {each side} Day 7: REST

138.9 lbs

Day 1: 4 mile run {rough, little energy, winded easier} & 1/2 mile incline walk to 4.5 miles

Day 2: TIU BB3 Total Body {25 minutes} - used mostly 10lb weights; modified laying abs with sitting abs {v-sits}. Pushed through even though nausea started to set in this day!

Day 3: 1.7 mile walk outside with 5lb weights & TIU Exclusive WO Body Bliss {did drop set when needed and modified floor abs to do on my elbows}

Day 4: Treadmill Shredmill HIIT through 4th set & then more {side walks and free weights} - 35 minutes = 2.17 miles

Day 5: TIU BB3 Arms & 2:00 plank {tired!}

Day 6: Docs put me on "no intense workout" regimen until further notice...

Day 7: REST

138.9 lbs

Day 1: REST

Day 2: REST

Day 3: TIU Toned Arms {x1 - 10lb. weights} & TIU Inner Thighs Pin {x1} - took my time and didn't push myself

Day 4: TIU Bikini Body Routine Pin {x1 - 8-10lb. weights}

Day 5: REST

Day 6: TIU Arm Routine Pin

Day 7: TIU Inner Thighs Pin {x1} & TIU Bikini Abs {skipped hardcore floor work at the end}

138.9 lbs

Day 1: REST

Day 2: 20 minute leisure walk at lunch {outside} & TIU Toned arms {x2 - first time with 10lbs., second with 8lbs.}

Day 3: REST

Day 4: REST

Day 5: REST

Day 6: 20 minute walk 3-4.5mph with inclines & 3lb. hand weights = 1.2 miles

Day 7: REST

*Looking back, it pains me to look at this week - my inner-psyche that was trained to workout has a pit in its stomach. BUT, during my "rest" period, I remember feeling completely at ease about it - anything for the babe!!*

141.1 lbs

{finally on the move!}

Day 1: REST

Day 2: TIU Toned Arms Pin {x3 - 10lb., 8lb., 8lb. - skipped bands move on second and third round} & 2:00 plank

Day 3: 1 mile incline walk {3.5-4mph at 6-12 incline} with 5lb. weights & TIU Best Abs Routine 15-20 reps each move {modified bird plank to be on knees}

Day 4: TIU Daisy Duke Pin {x2}

Day 5: *Graduation Day from Shady Grove Fertility!! Officially approved to get back in the game!* 2 mile jog {4-6.5mph} & TIU Bikini Arms {x1 - 10lb. weights; 20 reps each move}

Day 6: SO sore! Hurts to get back in the game. TIU Beach Yoga {20 minutes} & 1st Trimester Core WO by FitMommy

Day 7: REST

141.1 lbs

Day 1: 3.5 mile run {4-6.5mph} - felt good! Note to myself: Not as much "oomph" as I used to have, but stick with it and go at your own pace - get over the 1 mile hump!

Day 2: TIU BB3 Beach Bombshell {8-10lb. weights}

Day 3: Turbo Fire 30 - felt great! Then super sore at night.

Day 4: Turbo Fire 40 Stretch - much needed!

Day 5: PB Fingers HIIT: 30 minute treadmill workout {modified to run less mph and do walks at inclines} - 30 minutes = 2.707 miles; not bad with 10 minutes of walking!

Day 6: 1.5 mile walk outside with 5lb.weights

Day 7: 2:00 plank {this was a rest day but I threw it in there, because, what's 2 minutes?!}

142.9 lbs

{gained exactly 4lbs in the first trimester}

Day 1: 3.5 mile run {5mph for 1/4 mile, 5.5 for 1/4 mile, 6 for 1.5 miles, 6.5 for 1 mile, 7 for 1/4 mile, 5-6 for last 1/4 and then cool down walk at 3-4mph for 1/4 mile} = 34:53 & 2:00 plank

Day 2: TIU BB3 Beachball & TIU Bikini Abs/Arms Video {6 minutes} - felt "normal" for the first time in weeks!!

Day 3: TIU BB3 Kettlebells {used 15lb. weight as much as possible but had to drop to 8-10 sometimes}

Day 4: Treadmill HIIT - 30 minute incline/interval HIIT {made up!} = 2.520 miles

Day 5: TIU Beach Yoga, TIU Bikini Arms & TIU Toned Arms {8-10lb. weights} - great arm day!

Day 6: 1.8 mile walk outside with 5lb. weights

Day 7: REST

Next up: second trimester workout schedule! I switched from doing tons of TIU {which started to get too ply and HIIT-happy for me & babe} to dabbling back to my BeachBody On Demand subscription {totally worth it! Tons of videos at your fingertips}. Get ready for some P90x3, a little 21 Day Fix, and tons of PiYo {because, low impact, lean muscles, and core strengthening}! Until then - remember to talk to you doctor about a workout regimen that works for YOU!

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