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  • Nikki Cagle


For those who couldn't be there—there's nothing I can say that these pictures and videos won't say for me. Welcome to a peak behind the biggest surprise of our {and all of guests'} lives! Our gender {slash - quantity} reveal was captured by the incredible Renee Hollingshead Photography, who tells a story in every shot!! {Videos by family & friends—I have no idea how they held the cameras that still through all of the excitement!}

{All eyes on us!}

{All eyes on the shocked crowd!!}

{The Anticipation}

{The Reveal}

{The first reveal...}

{The second big reveal...}

{The After-Shock}

I am SO thankful to have these pictures & videos so I can relive it over, and over, and over again. And not to mention - show our TWINS how very loved they were from the start. {Holy moly, ya'll - we're having twins!!!}

Details on mini-themed food recipes, free photobooth printables, DIY boho-themed decor and more—coming soon!

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