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  • Nikki Cagle


You didn't really think I wasn't documenting that bump, did you?! C'mon now, who do you think I am? I just decided about halfway through to hold on to all pictures so I could make one big final reveal. Ya know, give you the full effect of how this puppy grew.

When I first started scouring Pinterest for monthly belly picture ideas, I knew I wanted to steer clear of the usual fruit/vegetable or chalkboard trend. I'm not actually against these adorable trends, it's just that...I had already been there, and tainted that, with our first pinto bean that never was. The second I saw the silhouette belly pics, I was in love. So classic, so sweet, and so simple. Now, I'm no photog, so I had no idea how to actually achieve this, but I did some research, played around in Lightroom, and walla! All you need is a bright background {we did ours in front of a window that gets a lot of light}, preferably a light colored/sheer curtain, and a black dress {or shirt and pants}. I got my dress from Old Navy {no longer available, but here's a similar black maxi dress, and here's amaternity option} and it stretched along with me & my belly.

To edit in Lightroom I would simply turn up the Exposure, bump up the Shadows and Whites a bit, and turn down the Blacks. Again, I'm no photog, or graphic editor, so I don't really know what I'm doing in LR - I just play around until it looks good! Even though sometimes we'd forget and go weeks without taking a picture, I love that we stuck with it {loosely} through the end. Something for the baby book{s} <3

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