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  • Nikki Cagle


I hate to admit it... but my mother was right. She was just telling me how I need to start printing pictures or making picture books because the babes are going to want to see them some day. And, let's face it - by the time they're old enough for social media, Facebook and Instagram could be *gasp* a thing of the past. Shortly after my Ma was drilling this into my head, I came across Nowvel on Instagram. At first it just seemed like any other photo site like Snapfish or Vistaprint - but I was wrong... it was better, ya'll. Hear me out...

Nowvel is specifically designed to make it super-duper easy to create photobooks from the pictures you post on social media. They give you themed album ideas, or you can create your own - ALL on your phone. The reason I never create photobooks is because I don't have time to get on an actual computer, upload pictures to a website from my computer or social sites, and then plug in pictures and text. It takes HOURS - and ain't nobody got time for that {especially a twin-mom, amirite?!}

One of the themed-albums Nowvel had was a pregnancy journey—um, say what?! How perfect! I pulled in pics from my Instagram and dropped them right into the pages. I barely added anything because the wording was already so perfect. But when I needed to add text or switch around the page layout, I could just click & drag things around. Easy peasy.

Okay, so, the book was super easy to create in the app—awesome. But then I was worried about the actual quality of the book. What if it was flimsy, or the pics weren't clear, or the book itself was teeny tiny? But really, I love the quality of the book way more than any other I've ever gotten. The pages are thick - THICK, ya'll. And the book is perfect coffee-table size. I'm seriously obsessed {and already working on several more books}.

I mean, "Street Style"? How perfect is that?!

My favorite page <3

Thick-as-thieves pages!

I'm gonna put on my new-mom hat & tell you that you must check out Nowvel & start putting all of your pics into photobooks. And I'll happily help you out...with a little giveaway ;-) Head over to my Instagram to enter for the chance for you and two friends to win a customized 8x8 hard cover gloss photobook! Go ahead and get snap-happy over the holidays with your fam & friends, because those pics will make the perfect photobook afterwards!

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