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  • Nikki Cagle


When something says "try for free for five days," odds are, I'm going to say "why the heck not?" Especially when I've been lusting over Warby Parker glasses for so dang long. You know how when things are "free," they somehow don't end up actually being free? Well, much to my surprise, that was actually not the case here {for once}. The process couldn't have been easier - or free'er {is that a word? It is now.}. You can take this quick little quiz and they'll present you with some options to choose from, or, you can sift through the tons and tons of styles they have to offerand pick your own. {Hint: turn on the "Available for Home Try-On" button in the upper left-hand corner to avoid the "dangit!" moment of wanting ones that aren't available. #beentheredonethat} You pick your fabulous five, they arrive in a neat little package at the door within days, you get five days to try them on {a pair a day—as it were}, and then you drop them in your mailbox {or at the local post office} with the return slip that was included in your package - and that's it. No charges, no tricks, no requirements to buy. Unless, of course, you fall truly, madly, deeply in love with a pair {or two} and you're forced to buy—forced, I tell ya! But, at least it's at your own will. Now, the real challenge—narrowing my picks!

{Laurel 17 - Rose Quartz}

{Laurel 17 - Espresso Tortoise}

{Percey - Crystal}

{Chamberlain - Whiskey Tortoise}

{And the winner is...}

Laurel 17 in Espresso Tortoise! Even though I also adore Laurel in Rose Quartz... Oh, now I see - thisis how they get you. You're such a tease, Warby Parker.

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