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  • Nikki Cagle


Every year I make a fitness inspiration calendar that I hang in my workout room and glance over at when I need an extra push. Sometimes it gives me a chuckle, sometimes a nod of "you know that's right!" and sometimes it lights a much-needed fire under my bum. I also jot down every workout that I do on the calendar so I can track my progress and beat my PR's! There's no better competition than yourself. Here are my favorite 12 fitness quotes that I used for my 2017 calendar {thanks for that, Pinterest}! I always use Vistaprint to create my calendars because they have great deals and good quality. #winwin



Okay, so, yea, I'm doing it for me...but there are two new humans in my life who also push me to be the best me I can be. So I can play with them, run with them, and be there for them for a very, very long time.


Remember how I said some of these quotes light a fire under my bum? #caseinpoint


Like skinny jeans.


Anything before that point was too easy. Push past the point when you want to stop—that'll make the real difference.


A little summer inspiration for ya.


This one just plain cracked me up. Don't waste that fairy's dust, yo!


I did not change my life over night—I didn't even do it in a year. It's a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Commit to yourself.


We push and push ourselves and rarely stop to pat ourselves on the back. LOOK at what you're doing. Now walk up to the mirror and give yourself a fist-bump, you rockstar, you.


A reminder that I think every mom needs, at any age or stage of motherhood. Even if it's only 20 minutes a day, a workout is time for YOU.


One of my FAVORITES, and I aptly made it the month of my twins' birthday :-) They are not an excuse for not working out - they are my reason for working out - to be a healthy role model for them.


Now, go kick your workout's ass.


You heard it - it's game time, ya'll. Go kill it.

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