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  • Nikki Cagle


As a new mom, you quickly find out that there are like 80,000 "must-haves." It can be so overwhelming to figure out what you actually need—and what's just going to collect dust. If you're teetering on whether you need a car seat cover, or not - let me save you the headache of deciding: you do. I know, another mom telling you another thing you have to have. But, trust me on this one.

Top three reasons why:

  1. People LOVE babies. Love them. But people are...well...gross, sometimes. Whether that means they're sick, covered in germs, smell like smoke, or worse—you don't want your baby exposed to them. This cover is a surefire way to keep them and their germs out of your baby's face.

  2. The cover can shield your baby from the elements like wind, a little rain, and let's face it - light. When you have a happy sleeping baby, you want to keep it that way. Not to mention, if they have a skin condition and need to be shielded from direct heat and the sun - it's a life saver.

  3. It's versatile! Not only does it work for covering your baby's car seat, it will also cover youwhen you're nursing, cover the germ-laden cart at the grocery store, and—get this—it can be worn as an infinity scarf!

**Bonus: It's an insta-accessory for you and your babe!

I fell in love with The UnderCover Baby's covers because they are super stylish {case in point - above}, really really soft and stretchy {which helps them work with any car seat, cart, or breastfeeding situation}, and affordable {which comes in handy when you need two}.

{Another bonus: you don't have to take the cover off to get the car seat snapped into the base in the car...or the stroller.}

How about, instead of just telling you all about my must-have cover, I actually let you check it out for yourself, yea? Consider it a gift from one mama to another. Head over to my Instagram for anUndercover Baby giveaway!

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