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  • Nikki Cagle


I remember the day when I used to hate running. And, I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not like — "Oooh, running day, I am counting down the minutes!" — but I do count down to that runner's high afterwards. Still, I'm not all about spending hours on the treadmill #boresville, so I aim to get my runs in quick and get up off that tread. Once a week I do a "long" run of 4+ miles while binging a CW-esque teeny-bopper show, and my other run day I get in a quickie 3 miles as fast as humanly possible.

Yea, it sucks to run at 10mph, but it's quick, and fleeting, and then — you're DONE. And that's my ultimate favorite part of a run — being done.

For this one I push my max every other minute. I sprint, then jog, then push my sprint harder, then jog, then push my sprinter even harder... and keep repeating until I've pushed my max all the way to 10mph.

So what if your sprint starts at 4mph and your max is 6mph! I was there once, too. Swear it. But keep sprinting (just keep sprinting, sprinting, sprinting) and your max will climb before your eyes. Don't be afraid to push your max — because as my favorite Tone It Up girls say, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." #challengeaccepted


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