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  • Nikki Cagle


We made it to the third trimester! At one terrifying point the docs said to "prepare ourselves" for going into labor by the end of the second trimester. They also put me on "light rest" around week 24, but slowly but surely I was able to ween back into the fitness game.

In all honesty, I grappled with the possibility of having to stop working out altogether at week 24. Every week I would ask the docs, "Sooo, things are looking good... does that mean I can workout again?" They would balk a little, the hubs would take that as a sign of a big fat "NO,", and I would walk out of there feeling like I lost a piece of myself. But, let's be real — the most important thing was not that I had toned arms, a taut tush, or even kept my sanity thanks to yoga — it was making sure those babes stayed put and baked for as long as possible.

The docs did give me the green light, little by little, but I always always pulled back if I felt weird. I know it's hard to know "when," but just trust me when I tell you that you'll know. You know your body — and it will tell you when enough is enough. In the meantime, if it's on board, and you're doc-approved, give these third trimester workouts a whirl!

{As always, I link to the workouts throughout, but once it's linked once I won't link it again - and again. Also, some of these workouts I own or subscribe to, but you can find a bunch of free ones on my Fit Bump pinterest board!}

{This was a big week for us. I remember the doc saying he thinks we'll "make it" - and for the first time in eons, he actually told us we didn't have to come for two weeks. What will I do with my free time?!}

Day 1: BeachBody Cize: Full Out {modified "kicks} Ya'll Shaun T and his dancin' shoes was my jam in third tri. It was super low impact and really easy to modify. Plus, it was as fun as a cardio workout could be at this point! Hilarious tip: try doing the full routine at the end in front of a mirror because nothing is funnier than a pregnant woman trying to get jiggy with it.

Day 2: Autumn Calabrese Second Trimester Workout {I did the first, second, and third trimester workouts on rotation through the entire pregnancy. I loved them! But I certainly got bored. Autumn, give pregnant mamas a FULL workout program, would ya?!}

Day 3: Diary of Fit Mom {DOFM} 8 Love Handles with 10lb weights; Tone it Up {TIU} Inner & Outer Thigh pin {modified last move to be plié squats instead of on my back}

Day 4: Cize: Full Out {modified "kicks"}

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Autumn Calabrese Third Trimester with 10lb weights

Day 7: TIU Beach Babe 3 Arms with 8-10lb weights & Legs Workout pin with 10-15lb kettlebells

Day 1: Cize: In The Pocket

Day 2: Autumn Trimester 2, 10lbs

Day 3: Leg Workout pin, 15 reps, 10-15lbs; DOFM 15 minute abs & core

Day 4: Cize: In The Pocket

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Autumn Trimester 3, 10lbs

Day 7: 20-minute prenatal cardio workout pin {modified harder to add 5-10lb weights to boost some moves}

Day 1: TIU Thigh pin; TIU Bikini Abs #1-7 & 9; 30 second elbow plank, rest, repeat x2

Day 2: Cize: Full Out

Day 3: Autumn Tri 2, 10lbs

Day 4: Haha, I wrote, "Something...but I forget! #mombrain"

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Autumn Tri 1, 10lbs

Day 7: Cize Dance Cardio with Chile {a little on the easier side}

Day 1: TIU Bikini Arms - Circuit 1, 20 reps with 10lbs; Circuit 2, 15 reps with 10lbs

Day 2: Autumn Tri 2, 10lbs

Day 3: Cize Cardio - started it but wasn't feeling it, so I called it quits after I burned 100 calories. Shook it off later by going for a walk with 5lb weights for a mile.

Day 4: Cize: In The Pocket

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Autumn Tri 3, 10 lbs; Squat Challenge {through my BeachBody coach!}

Day 7: BeachBody OnDemand Yoga Retreat Day 1: Core {modifications: skipped locust and modified some moves at the end, but otherwise a great low impact yoga}; Squats Challenge Day 2

Day 1: TIU Beach Babe 3 Arms, 10lbs; Squat Challenge Day 3

Day 2: Cize: Full Out; Squat Challenge Day 4 {I had a doc appointment this day and would always get in a really good workout beforehand, just in case they tell me that I'm back on rest and it was my last one!}

Day 3: Autumn Tri 2, 10lbs; Squat Challenge Day 5

Day 4: BeachBody Yoga Retreat Stretch {modified to compensate for belly but needed, but felt SO good!}; Squat Challenge Day 6

Day 5: Nada

Day 6: Autumn Tri 3, 10lbs; Squat Challenge Day 7

Day 7: DOFM Third Trimester workout, 12 reps, x3; DOFM Love Handles workout

Day 1: Pregnancy Pure Cardio pin; Hot Mommy Cardio pin {great low impact cardio workouts - felt great to sweat!!}; Squat Challenge Day 1 {doing it again, because why not?! Squats help to strengthen your legs for push time.}

Day 2: Autumn Tri 2, 10lbs; Squat Challenge Day 2

Day 3: Yoga Retreat Day 4 - Flow {modified cobra and locust}; Squat Challenge Day 3

Day 4: Cize: Go For It

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Walk outside with 5lb weights for 1.8 miles; Squat Challenge Day 4 {and then apparently I said F-that - I've done enough squats.}

Day 7: Autumn Tri 1, 8-10 lbs {modified boat pose with elbow plank}

Day 1: Cize: Livin' in the 8s {53 minutes!! I must have had a lot of energy that day...}

Day 2: DOFM Bun in the oven pin, 10lbs {modified to 30 second side plank intervals}

Day 3: Yoga Retreat Day 5 - Flow on the go {I am finding it hard to hold my body weight up in some positions, and modified where my belly wouldn't fit, but otherwise good!}; TIU Arm Routine pin, 10lbs, x3

Day 4: 1.8 walk outside with 5lbs

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: DOFM Labor Preparing workout, 10lbs; 30 second elbow planks, x3 {trying to strengthen my core for delivery, and planks are the only way to do that with this belly size!}

Day 7: Hot Mommy Cardio pin AND Autumn Tri 3, 10 lbs {burst of energy week!?}

{This was a huge milestone week for us. It was my ultimate goal to make it to 35 weeks. I could not believe we had made it. From here on out, anything else was a major bonus.}

Day 1: BeachBody Country Heat: Country Swing {a little too easy for this mama. I added 5lb weights to kick it up a notch at some points}

Day 2: TIU Beach Babe 3 Arms, 8-10lbs; DOFM 15 minute abs & core pin

Day 3: TIU Body Bliss, 8-10lbs {felt great to be back to "normal" workouts, but had to modify a lot, especially at the end with abs. Did floor work on all fours or on elbows.}

Day 4: 1.6 mile walk with 5lb weights {tried to do a little jog every now and then but I had way too much pelvic pain, so I pulled back. I had quite a bit of pain later that night, so I knew I had overdone it and needed to rest!}

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Autumn Tri 2, 10lbs

Day 7: Nada {crampy! aka Braxton Hicks}

{Clearly I had stopped worrying about them coming early because I had jumped back into "regular" workouts like I wasn't carrying a massive bump...}

Day 1: TIU Tone, Burn & Flow, 8lbs {TOUGH. No surprise since I hadn't done this in forever, and it's a legit workout, even when you're not preggers! Had to modify quite a bit, but did everything that me and my belly could safely do. Instead of abs at the end I did more legs.}

Day 2: BeachBody Turbo Fire 30 {felt so good to be back to this! Modified on the fire drills because I didn't want my heart rate to jump too high.}

Day 3: TIU Inner & Outer thigh pin; TIU Bikini Arms, 10lbs, 10-20 reps per move; {modifications: only did 30 second planks and skipped supermans}

Day 4: BeachBody Turbo Fire Stretch 40 {modified and took my time transitioning to different positions, but otherwise still a great workout, especially for my sciatica! Skipped the last couple minutes of floor/core work.}

Day 5: 1.8 mile walk with 5lb weights

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: BeachBody Turbo Fire 40 {low on energy today so I started to fade near the end. Backed off where needed and cut it short - with 9 minutes left.}

Day 1: TIU Bikini Arms, 10lbs, 20 reps, x2 {modifications: did planks and push-ups off the wall because my belly wouldn't fit under me! Changed last move to be lateral raises.}

Day 2: I had every intention of doing a Cize workout after my doc appt...but instead, they sent me over to the hospital and the babes came on "Day 3"!!

And thus begun the postpartum fitmom transformation. You bet your ass I documented that... coming to a blog near you, soon.


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