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  • Nikki Cagle

Tone It Up Ab Challenge: 10 Days of 10-Minute Abs

Ten minutes. Ten minutes {or less} out of your entire day to build some ab strength. I do this 10-day line-up every time I'm working towards something. These quickie workouts are the perfect pairing with a cardio, booty, or yoga workout, and can be done at sun-up, sun-down, on lunch break, on the sidelines of the soccer field — wherev, whenev.

And hi, if you don't know what Tone It Up (TIU) is by now, well then, you must just be happening upon my page for the first time, because I obsess & gush over them on the reg. They are down-to-earth girls who just happen to be besties, just happen to love fitness so much that they made a million-dollar {I assume, by now...} biz out of their love of fitness, and just happen to have built a community of girls strong enough to kick some serious ass. OH, and did I mention that these mega-babes are also in their mid-30s? So, yea, don't shy away because you don't think you're cut out for 21-year-old abs. These are the abs of 30-somethings. #bowdown


The Challenge

A good bit of these daily ab workouts are from Studio Tone It Up, which I highly recommend. I do a Studio TIU workout probably 5-6 days a week - but that's a whole other blog in itself! Back to abtastic talk...

I challenge you to take 10 minutes {or less} every day for 10 days straight. Do it, 'gram about it, and use the hashtag #10TIUabsUnder10.

I triple dog dare you.

TIU Abs Challenge

Here are the links to the exact workouts, including suggested replacements for Studio TIU workouts {if you aren't a studio babe #butyoushouldbe}:

Day 2: Abs pyramid {Studio TIU only. Replacement: Sleek & slender abs.}

Day 5: 5-minute core burn {Studio TIU only. Replacement: The best quick cardio core workout.}

Day 6: 7-minute lower ab workout {Studio TIU only. Replacement: Best 10-minute ab workout.}

Day 7: Cardio wave abs {Studio TIU only. Replacement: ABSolutely gorgeous workout.}

Day 8: Toned abs with Kat {Studio TIU only. Replacement: Best summer ab routine.}

Day 9: K&K Abs Burner {Studio TIU only, but, here's the printable version to follow!}

Day 10: Repeat your fav from above! You've got this, girl - day 10!!


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