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  • Nikki Cagle


It's been a long year of ombre, balayage, blondes, blondors & yes, BLEACH. In 2014 almost every brunette dipped a toe in the blonde pool, and the usual-blondies dove face-framers-first into the platinum end. With the combo of the freezing Winter air here on the east coast, paired with the over-processed {or, more processed than usual} tresses of 2014, heads-of-hair up & down the coast are in dire need of a clean slate! Whether it be deepening the base & toning your balayage-lites to give a dimensional yet seamlessly natural highlight, or completely saturating your strands with a hi-gloss all-over stunner-color, my clients are giving their 2014 locks a 2015 refresh! Note: I am all in favor of a Winter blonde—but even bright blondes need a hi-gloss refresh every now & then. Even a clear gloss can rehydrate your hair follicles and help your blondie-blonde pop! Here are a few of my F A V transitions so far:

{The epitome of rich chocolate tresses. That sheen!}

{Usual blondes need not to fret—deepening does not always mean DARK, it just means richer, saturated & refreshing. Taking it back to the roots! But keeping dimension, and yes, flecks of blonde.}

{Iced Brunette.}

{Attention!: A clean slate doesn't always have to take it back to the roots. Since you're already pre-lightened from your 2014 locks, take the chance to take the plunge into a vibrant color that you've been lusting after on Pinterest. DO IT! It's just hair, afterall.}

{Blonde goes bronde, with dimension.}

{Fun fact: professional {keyword: professional} color actually saturates, hydrates & volumizes strands to give them more shine, silk & B O U N C E!}

{Going from lighter-locks to a rich red makes your new color P O P!}

{Case in point. Again!}

New year, new hair. Let's do it! Who's with me!?

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