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  • Nikki Cagle


Things I hear e v e r y time I am doing a head of hair: "Oooo, what's that smell?" "What was that, that you just used?" "What do you suggest I get for {XYZ}?" "Can I see that bottle?" It's time we put those questions to rest with my Top Ten MUST Have Hair Products. You'll notice right off the bat that the list is heavy on Kenra products. I can assure you that I am not a Kenra Professional rep, even if my list screams otherwise. Over the years I have gone through my fair-share of hair product lines—using hairspray from this line, shine spray from this line, root lifter from this line, and on-and-on-and-on. I was a product line hussie! But the more I use Kenra products, the more loyal I've become. Long, short, stick straight, massively curly and beyond, Kenra has always come to the rescue. Their products are light-weight, yet hold like a champ, and most importantly - they smell like hair heaven. Now that you've heard my borderline-embarrassing profession for Kenra products, you can only imagine the level of the other products that have graced this list. To be in the ranks with my beloved Kenra speaks very highly of the three non-Kenra products, so they are not to be overlooked! Start your own love affair with the following ten products by following the links & instructions below!

1. Malibu Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor {$30, 12ct} - Malibu products are great for swimmer, well water-exposed, damaged, stripped & color-treated hair. This is my absolute favorite deep conditioning treatment that I do at least bi-weekly for 10+ minutes.

2. Kenra Professional Volume Mousse 12 {$16} - Daisy a dollop! All you need is a dollop the size of a ping pong ball {remember that mousse rises once it's sprayed into your hand, so start on the smaller side}, rub between your palms and distribute through your hair from roots to ends while hair is damp/towel-dried.

3. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin {$20} - My favorite spray-in/leave-in conditioner that smells super fresh and will help that Wetbrush glide through your hair with ultra-ease {yes, yes, a top ten must have hair tools list including the Wetbrush will be coming soon!}.

4. Kenra Professional Silkening Mist {$21} - The day I discovered the Silkening Mist was the day that oily hair across the world rejoiced. This "shine spray" is actually a mist {what gave it away?}, so it creates a silky shine layer without saturating your hair with too much oil.

5. Rusk Shining Sheen & Movement Myst {$14.50} - Now, for those times when you DO want a heavier sealing shine spray, like a finishing shine spray for a sleek look, this myst does the trick. Bonus: it smells like men's cologne in the most appealing and non-overwhelming way. This is my number one best smeller and provokes the most, "mmmhmm, what was THAT!?" questions.

6.) Kenra Professional Platinum Recovery Polish {$22} - My newest Kenra obsession, rightfully nicknamed: The Magic Elixir. Used as a finisher to any style—straight or curly—this drenches your strands with a light serum that magically erases frizz & any fried-esque looking flyaways.

7. Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25 {$17} - This is my most prized Kenra obsession. It has gotten me through countless weddings, tamed even the most unruly hair, and has likely been my most repeated hair product purchase to date.

8. My Amazing Repair & Shine Secret {$20 & up} - The secret is out! A teeny tiny M&M-sized dollop of this on damp/towel-dried hair will ensure a silky, shiny, free-flowing blowdried or air-dried style.

9.) Kenra Professional Root Lifting Spray 13 {$16} - Whether I'm going curly, straight or air-dried, I never ever skip the root lifter. Because no one wants to look like a dragged-down wet dog. Pump those puppies up! Your roots, that is.

10.) Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray {$22} - A spray that smells like fluffy clouds, protects your hair from heat, leaves you silky & shiny...and cuts your blowdry time in half?! I didn't believe it either—but now I won't do a blowdry without it! Which, by the way, takes nearly half the time #truestorybro.

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