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  • Nikki Cagle


Despite what anyone tries to tell you, turning thirty is N O T scary. It feels peculiarly like turning 29, and 28, and even 27. But not 26, because 26 year-olds are young, ya'll. Like babies. Sike, we all know a number doesn't define you anymore. Or so I've been telling myself since I turned 30... #foreveryoung

Sure, there's that momentary ping of, "Holy cow, where did my 20's go!? Did I do them justice?? Did I get all of my 20-something acts of stupidity out of my system??"—but that's a fleeting flood of thoughts. It's quickly followed up with the much calmer affirmation of, "your 30s are the best years of your life"—as you've heard all throughout your 20's from much wiser, experienced, ::ahem:: older individuals.

So far, they're right. Sure, it's been all of a week—but I can f e e l it. The security in yourself, the way you can shrug judgement off your shoulders, the way compliments roll off your tongue, the strength you feel in your bones {I hear that doesn't start to go until your 40s...} and the calm you feel in your heart. Regardless of where you thought you'd be in life when you reached 30, you're here, and that's an achievement in itself. So put on a gold sequined romper and show your 30s what it's ALL about, baby!

{I apologize ahead of time for the flood of pictures... Who am I kidding?! No I don't! This sunset shoot was all made possible in a mere 20 minutes with the photog-tastic Renee Hollingshead Photography, who JUST launched the most incredible new venture—photography meets travel meets frame meets your wall. You can now live vicariously through Renee's travel by hanging her lovely little prints on your wall. And if you're lucky enough, you can have her as your 20-minute photog, too <3 THANK YOU, RENEE!!}

My usual wedding creator-in-crime finally got a chance to turn her tools on me & created the make-up look of my d r e a m s. I wanted eyes that popped, lashes that yelled B A M & lips that said, "pshhh, 30 ain't got nuthin' on me." She delivered & then some. {THANK YOU, SARA-BEARA!!}

Romper: Lulu's {no longer available at Lulu's} Same elsewhere, Short Sleeves & A D O R E // Earrings, Rings & Bracelets: Francesca's // Shoes: Oldies {so much so that I can't recall where they're from!} Similar {and Steve Maddens - score!} & Similar {great price at Forever21!}

{As the sun set, we got in a few more snaps with Ms. Paris—and of course, some kisses <3}

But wait, you don't think I got all dolled up for a 20-minute photoshoot, do you?! As fabulous as that sounds, what's even m o r e fabulous is the glitz & glam Hollywood-themed party that my hubs, sis, mom & besties threw me. Coming from the party-planner extraordinaire—they threw the party of my L I F E. Blowing any of my themed-out, foodie-approved, detail-oriented parties of the past out of the w a t e r. Stay tuned for a full recap & peek into my gold, pink & F A B U L O U S 30th birthday party!!...

Make-up Artist: Sara Kauffman with Imperishable Beauty Make-up Artistry

Location: Private

Balloons: Amazon {ribbons & flair added myself}

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