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  • Nikki Cagle


I can't tell you how many times I have chopped inches-upon-inches this season. All in the quest for the "It" long bob—the lob. I don't think I have to tell you that it's A L L the rage these days. Those fresh blunt ends, the collarbone skimming angles, and the flounce & bounce that comes along with the life of a lob—you must. have it. now. Everyone from Alexa Chung {the original lob'ber}, to Julianne Hough {rocking a double trend, with pink!}, to Jessica Alba, and even known long-haired beauties like Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Dewan Tatum & Sarah Hyland are taking the plunge! Seriously—e v e r y o n e. If you're one of the brave who made the cut, or if you're considering it but you're worrying about how to style that bad boy - I've got you covered! I would never leave you chopped & lost.

Along with the "It" bob, the "It" style to go along with it is fitting for the Summer: beachy waves! There's a trusty technique & slight secret to get those perfect lived-in, blunt tipped, tousled waves. Let's roll through, shall we?

Step 1: What's my #1 rule, ya'll? Prep from birth. You know this, so I know you're already following. But just in case you need a refresher: prep freshly-washed damp hair {towel dried} with root lifter & mousse to add some grit. Then blowdry {roughly - not smooth - feel free to use some blowdry spray to protect from the heat!} or let airdry.

Step 2: Section out the hair from ear-to-ear by leaving a small layer at the bottom and clipping the rest up. {Hint: I would say I end up with four or so layered sections from start to finish} I typically do a light mist of Kenra's Silkening Mist on each layer to protect from the iron heat and reduce frizz. {See my full list of must-have hair products here!}

Step 3: Now here's the trusty technique—you are going to do ALL curls vertically, not horizontally. So while you would normally hold the iron out as if it's laying flat, you're actually going to hold it straight up and down—like you're holding a flag pole {because you totally walk around holding flags, right?!}. Spray a 2-3 inch section with hairspray, then clamp your iron around it, being careful to continue holding it vertically as you curl. {TIP: You also want to leave about an inch out at the ends - this will help with that blunt tips look}

Step 4: After holding the curl for a few seconds, you want to lightly pull the iron down {it's still straight up and down - right!? Right.}. Here's that slight secret: as you pull the iron out of the hair you are going to roll over the ends to completely flatten them - as if the last inch of the curl was flat ironed. {Tip: You could actually curl the whole head and then go back through and flat irons the tips when you're done! But who wants to add extra steps and more tools? To each their own!}

Step 5: Repeat throughout the whole head, layer by layer, 2-3 inch section by 2-3 inch section. And here's the key {okay fine, there are three major keys to this 'do}: don't touch any of the previously curled hair while you finish. None. No touching. You will look like Medusa and it's fine—just assure your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/bestie that it will not look like this in the end. Pinky promise. {Side note: Notice in Step 5's picture that the ends are all straight, yes? Don't forget to "flatten" the tips!}

Step 6: Nooo touching. Just leave it. Do your make-up, get a drink, gab on the phone, whatever - just don't touch it until your curls are completely cooled {takes about five minutes}.

Step 7: When your curls are completely cool to the touch {if it's still warm to the touch—stop. Back away from the curls and let them cool. If you dive in to them, don't come crying to me when you have frizzy humid curls. Heat loves moisture—your hands carry natural moisture—let's not give heat what it wants, okay?}... Anyhoo, where were we? When your curls are cool, put a tiny dime-sized squirt of serum into your hand, rub it between your two palms, and then get. in. there! This is a tousled look, not a coiffed look. Just use your fingers to separate the curls and crunch slightly so it gives a lived-in look.

Step 8: Spray for hold and walla! Beachy-waved bob perfection <3

{Thanks to the gf for being my forever (guinea pig) model.

Check out her blog here, & her photo magic here!}


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