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  • Nikki Cagle


Everyone who knows me, knows I loathe clean hair. *Blech* What am I supposed to do with this squeaky-clean, free-flowing, natural, freshly-washed hair?! Dirty it up! That's what.

When you spend a good portion of your week with gritty strands, you get creative with how to style them. One of my go-to's for sprucing up a dirty-'do is by incorporating a headwrap. There are SO many ways to wear a headwrap - these are just a sprinkling of my favs!

Things a headwrap are good for:

  1. Transitioning from clean, down & bohemian to dirty, gritty and pony.

  2. Masking roots!

  3. Insta-accessorizing tool.

  4. Taming those pesky in-between bangs.

  5. Taking your style from boho-babe to sweet princess in the swoop of a bow.

Finding a headwrap that can make all five of these things happen, while staying stylish, practical & most importantly - staying PUT - is a task. That's why I'm o b s e s s e d with Simply1Love's headwraps. Hello gorgeous, tribal, diverse, beauty - wrap me up!

And what's a headwrap without a hair tie? Simply1Love - at it again. Not to mention: floral halos,turbans {LOVE a good turb}, festive hair ties, Mommy & Me scarves {anything mommy & me is just ah-dorbs}, hair jewels & so much more! I'm a frequent Etsy-shop swooner & daily Instagram stalker. Join me - shop, stalk, swoon - WRAP.

Psst...Hair how-to's got me like - more, more, more!

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