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  • Nikki Cagle


One week. O N E week, people. If you're not in wrapping mode, you're in panic mode. And if you're still in shopping mode - well, then, god save you, my child. Just kidding, just kidding. Breathe. Deep breaths. It's not too late. Thanks to Amazon Prime {sent from the gods} & late store hours, you have plenty {read: not many, so get your inner-elf in gear} of time to get your bestie//wife//girlfriend//fiance//mom//auntie//teach//coach//every other woman in the world the gift that will have her thinking you planned well in advance. Little will she know... These are a few of my favorite things...

  1. Cozy Cardi from The Loft {$80 + 40% off!} - The colorblock number is sold out online, but may still be found in stores. No matter the color, it is the coziest thing I've ever owned—worth the buy.

  2. THE Beachwaver {$129} - For the curling impaired and the experienced. I am a stylist and use a motorized curling iron and I am not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

  3. Quay, bae-bae {$50} - Quay is the new Ray. Okay, maybe they don't replace the classics, but they certainly mix it up! Styles vary - widely & cutely.

  4. They're real...really {$24} - Falsies in a bottle—every girl's dream.

  5. Plaid anything {$14} - If it's plaid, just buy it. In case you haven't heard - plaid is the new black.

  6. Infuse it {$20} - Plain water is so five years ago. If it's not infused with lemon, berries, cucumber, or whatever other concoction you cut up, it's just not worthy.

  7. Bootie {$39} - Any store with shoes will have booties because they are "running" rampant these days {see what I did there? ;-)}. But these happen to be uber comfy, the perfect height, and the most neutral color of all time. Oh, and affordable. #bonus

  8. Color me pretty {$10} - You have no idea how therapeutic coloring can be...especially when accompanied by wine. What?? I was told to color outside the lines. {Psst: Make sure to get some good coloring pencils to go along with this! Even better if you nab a sharpener, too.}

  9. Poncho Mama {$22} - Along with booties & plaid, you're going to find a poncho of any shape, size & pattern in just about any store. I fancy this one, but you can find them anywhere from Old Navy to Target to Nordstrom Rack {and beyond}.

Ahem, are you seriously still here?! Tick-tock, Santa's helper! Happy shopping


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