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We've already covered my f a v wedding looks from the first half of the year—there were cascading curls draped over one shoulder, flower crowns, braids galore & *oh* the romance. The second half of the year was all of that and more, so as we wrap on Creations' biggest year yet - swoop, curl, drape, tendril & swoon with me, would ya? 7.17.2015 - Ana + Billy Photo cred: Megan Cara Photography It may seem like an oxymoron, but this was the most intimate and beautiful local destination wedding. A little bit beachy, a little more beauty, and all tucked away right in Maryland! Who knew? These girls had tons of hair—if it wasn't Rapunzel length, it was thick as thieves, so we had to get creative with twisting & twirling it into updos, and they turned out to be some of my favs yet!

{Seriously with the back shot—these are a hairstylists' DREAM. Thanks, photog.}

8.28.2015 - Sam + Brendan Photo cred: Love Life Images Event coordinator cred: Pop the Cork Designs Number one reason why I'm a stickler for wedding hair trials - because it helps you mull over what you really want on your big day. You can picture yourself with your trial hair, walking down the aisle towards your new hubby...orrrr, maybe not. Maybe after the trial you realize an updo is totally not you, and you're much more of a relaxed curl, effortlessly draped to the side, kind of girl. Had there been no trial, we never would have known that—and I'm so glad we did, because Sam's hair was so perfectly elegant & summery and most importantly—so Sam.

{Can't claim fame to the 'do third from the left.}

{That boho fishtail though.}

9.19.2015 - Bernie + Steve Photo cred: KT Nichols Photography Here's the thing about Bernie - she's the most chill, "whatever works," girl I've ever met in life. But ya know, being a bride does something to even the chillest girls. For Bernie, it didn't send her into a closet-bridezilla, but it did turn her into one of my most surprising brides this year. Girly & glitzy & glamourous to the utmost. She rocked my socks, all while staying as chill as ever. #dreambride

9.26.2015 - Teri + Charlie {Take 2} Photo cred: Erin Michelle Photography Two years ago, almost to the day, Erin & I dolled up Teri & her girls {my forever bridesmaids} & sent her down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Only...her photographers apparently didn't get the notice and missed out on some crucial moments {like THE kiss. I kid you not.}. With Erin this time behind the lens instead of behind the curling iron, we did a re-do: Operation Capture the Kiss. We enlisted the beachwaver, and a whole lotta lash.

{I NOW pronounce you husband & wife. #officiallyofficial}

10.10.2015 - Lucia + Ryan Photo cred: Mike Busada Nothing wrong with starting hair at o'dark-thirty when you get to do it while watching the sunrise over the water. This was made to be one of those perfect days—gorgeous weather, gorgeous girl, and gorgeous hair {if I do say so myself ;-)} Oh, and the M O S T adorable flower girls of all time. Bias at its finest.

{Just. stop.}

10.17.2015 - Becca + Nick Photo cred: Unforgettable Moments Lets talk about what makes an incredible wedding morning: bagels {check}, mimosas {check - but OJ for me, please - I'm a working woman}, and Beyonce {on repeat}. I kept getting confused about whether this was wedding day prep, or just a super glamorous girl's day—it was that fun - as evident by the endless giggles. The day was filled with a whole lot of big buns - and even bigger smiles. {Disclaimer: I would never not give credit to a photographer, which is why their business is listed above. However, due to the nature of their professionalism, they are not linked as I would not endorse them as a vendor. Unless, of course, you prefer to be yelled at on your wedding day :-)}

{Epic. Royalty much?}

11.6.15 - Meghan + Pat Photo cred: Popcorn and Pandas {Bridesmaid & multi-tasker ;-)} The professional wedding pictures have not yet graced social media {thus, I can't stalk, steal & credit}, so for now you'll just have to swoon over this sneak peek from fellow Blogger-meets-bridesmaid. Thanks for capturing such perfect peeks, G!

12.12.2015 - Christine + Tony Photo cred: Erin Wheeler Photography I love a Winter wedding because they're so rare around here—it could be blizzarding, iced over, or, ya know, 65 degrees like it was on this day. Nothing instantly classes up a wedding like some stark red pops & Christmas decor! Another wee-peek before the full album of this day drops.

CONGRATS to all my 2015 brides!! I expect to be doing first kiddie cuts in a few years ;-) Or, at least wifey-chops in the near future. Now booking for 2016 weddings! Email to inquire about pricing & availability. *Will travel*

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