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  • Nikki Cagle


Oh sweet naive girl. When Jonas first started to trickle down I was as giddy as a 6-year-old. It was the first real snowfall of the year and I was counting all of the ways to spend it—hot cocoa loaded with 'mallows, a nonstop fire in the fireplace, too many calories to keep track of, a constant stream of wine, shoveling for hours {only so I could count it as a workout and throw snowballs at the hubby}, and so so much binging on Scandal.

Thirty inches, 5 days, and 10 pounds later, I am as bitter and annoyed as a 30-year-old—dying to get out of the house, wear something other than snow boots, and see other humans. But you know what, this time next year, when Justin Berk gears up his Faith in Flakes campaign, that 6-year-old will rear its ugly head again and I will fight the lines at the grocery store for three cartons of eggs - because who can bake cookies, cake, and brownies with no eggs?! Until then, here's a peek into how we survived Jonas...

It's a rarity that the hubs is home during a snowstorm because this sweet man is usually called into 12-hour midnight shifts to make sure our emergency vehicles are up to snuff. I actually had him home for a full day & night during the storm and made every single minute worth it. You know, like dragging him around town in a foot of snow to take pictures of me :-) Don't worry - there was a massive steak at the end of the dragging.

{This almost looks like a scene from Paris and I love it oh so much.}

Con of snowstorm Jonas: Postponing two Caps games, both of which we had tickets to #whomp. Two missed opportunities to deck out in RED and nearly lose my voice. I had to do something to quench my Caps thirst.

{This shoot happened so fast and was so fun that I didn't realize it was pouring snow. Sorry about that, hubs.}

{This isn't even a 16th of the amount of Caps gear I possess. But I did try to pile on as much as possible—afterall, it was blizzarding.}

{The man behind the cam <3}


After all of the wine, and beer, and cookies, and...okay, there was a lot—I needed to feel like my shoveling was really making an impact on my calorie intake. Thus was born my first little infographic! Blizzards do crazy creative things to you.

When the hubs did finally have to venture in for that 12-hour shift, I couldn't send him off hungry! These were so easy to throw together and made the perfect amount for a bunch of hungry guys. I didn't get to taste the Croissant Casserole but I'm told it was devoured. I did however sneak a corner of the Cinnamon Roll French Toast...and it almost didn't make it out the door.

Recipes for both coming SOON!

Okay, now that I've reminisced, I could admittedly go for another five days inside. It's been real, Jonas. Keep those #FITF {for my DMV'ers who live and breathe by Justin Berk}!

Psst...In case, like me, you need to work off some of those calories...

My Fitness Frenemies: Workout DVDs for the Advanced

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