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  • Nikki Cagle


You or your bestie are engaged—yay! At that very moment you official committed to a good 90 minutes a day of Pinteresting to build up the secret photography/florals/seating arrangements/photobooth boards, and now it's onto—dun, dun, dun—finding the p e r f e c t style to compliment your dress {which also has its own board, obvi}. You find one that you love, but it's only the back, and what if the front is like, totally sleek and plastered to her head? *Gasp* So you type in something that Pinterest may be able to decipher and return results on: "front of bridesmaid hair half updo loose curls." You, along with Pinterest, are lost.

You resort to bringing multiple print-outs of pictures to show the stylist and hope that she can piece together the style you've mashed together from similar-ish pictures. Now, don't get me wrong—as a stylist I love an out-of-the-Pinterest 'do that we create together. "Something a little like this, but incorporate this, and maybe have a braid?" I'm all about it. But that's usually reserved for the very laid-back bride or bridesmaid who doesn't really care about the outcome or has specifics about how the front should look.

The majority of my updo's-to-be come to me, Pinterest-defeated, saying that they found the style they want but only the back, or only the front - and so, what does the other side look like!? Oh, if I had a penny for every defeated Pinterester. So, this past wedding season I set out on a mission {with my trusty sidekick assistant/photog} to capture every updo from e v e r y angle.

Pin away, my dears, pin away.

1. {The Beautiful Mess}

2. {Big Bridal Bun}

3. {Braided Bangs & Messy Updo}

4. {Braided Side Bun}

5. {If Elsa Had an Updo}

6. {The Sleek Center-Part Kardashian Bun}

7. {Classic Romance Updo}

8. {Classy Crossover Bun}

9. {Eva Longoria Inspired Updo}

10. {Flower Crown Girl}

11. {Flower Girl Side Bun}

12. {Grown-up Ballerina Bun}

13. {Intricate Braided & Twisted Bun}

14. {Curly Bun}

15. {Romantic Side Cluster}

16. {Small Chic Side Bun}

17. {Sweet Low Chignon with Tendrils}

18. {Taylor Swift Side Swept Updo}

19. {Twisted & Intertwined Updo}

20. {Vintage Rosettes Updo}

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