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  • Nikki Cagle


When I first got pregnant, I was determined not to become....matronly. I refused to succumb to maternity style, wouldn't step foot in a Motherhood store, and absolutely would not be caught dead in a jean shirt with a tie above the belly, or ::shudders:: a belly band. Now, look, I get it—the stretch, the ease, the comfortability—it's all very appealing. But why—WHY—do the styles have to be so mom-meets-stepford-wife? The stripes, the ruching, the khaki shorts waybeyond fingertip level - it's just not me. Why, oh why, can't someone make some trendy boho styles, but with a little more belly stretch?!

Oh, but someone can. Thanks to a fellow first-time-preggo with a similar breezy style, I was introduced to Pink Blush Maternity. Now, here's the other thing—I wasn't too keen on shelling out tons of money on maternity clothes, especially when I plan on this being my one and only pregnancy {twins - one boy, one girl - need I say more?}. So, when I visited PBM for the first time and saw their clothes modeled on a babe with a bump AND on a babe without, I thought - how could this be!? Non-maternity, maternity clothing that I can wear now and later?? And at a reasonable price? Sign. Me. Up. To all of my fellow mamas-to-be {M2M} who are holding out on growing their wardrobe along with their bump—hold no longer. Because every bump deserves amazing stretch, and every M2M deserves to feel sexy on date night!

{Make sure to follow them on Instagram for a heads up on ALL the sales - like the one running right now {{9/6/16}} for 50% off all clearance items with the code HOTOFFTHERACK}

Dress: Pink Blush Black Lace Dress {also available in burgundy & royal blue} // Kimono: Pink Blush Black Paisley Print // Necklace: Oldie from Nordstrom Rack {Lucky Brand}; similar in a fun blue pendant // Hat: Gifted; similar // Booties: Oldies from Kohl's;super similar, and uh, I NEED // Bracelet: Dare I say - I don't remember? {#pregnancybrain}; similar boho style

Photo cred: Erin Michelle Photography {Follow on Instagram & Facebook for pictures of mamas-to-be, adorable kiddos, stunning weddings & more!}

I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more PBM on this blog...

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