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Fresh off the sandy-heels of our first beach trip {or trip, period} as a family of four, and I feel like I now have the knowledge {read: trials & errors} to be able to share the MUST have items for your first beach trip with babes. For comparison - ours are 6 1/2 months, teething like fiends, newbie-sitters, easily entertained, and live by a pretty strict eat/play/sleep schedule. Much like when we registered for our baby shower, I spent countless hours researching and asking for advice for what we would need for not just one, but two babies, for the beach. While we got a tonof helpful tips and packed the entire house {plus half of Amazon and 3/4 of Target} - in the end, these were the things we would not have survived without. Summer Infant Pop N' Sit


The twinlets aren't quite ready for highchairs, but we also didn't want to lug/ruin the bumbos. These practical chairs fold up insanely small and have a carrying case you can throw over your shoulder. They pop open in seconds, have a tray that attaches, and can even be buckled down to chairs at a restaurant. We used these on the beach, as a highchair to feed, and to keep them contained at restaurants. Worth their weight in GOLD, but can be found for $30 at a ton of places.

Beach wagon: Mac sports collapsible wagon When you have 87 things to carry out to the beach, trust me when I tell you that pulling this wagon {which folds up uber compact for the car} is way easier than growing extra hands.


Baby wearing: Wraps and carriers One of the biggest things that kept me up at night was the logistics of getting the babies from point A to point B—point A being the condo, and point B being the beach. Then, a fellow twin-mom told me that the best way to transport would be for each parent to baby-wear. Genius. We were hands-free to pull the wagon, and back-free to carry the diaper bag. I went the Boba wrap route, while the hubs rocked a carrier in true Hangover fashion.


We have both a shoulder strap diaper bag and a backpack diaper bag, and as the twins get older I find it much easier to bring along the backpack diaper bag. Again, the theme for vaca is hands-free. You will need your hands for much more important things than hiking a diaper bag strap back up on your shoulder.

Beach essentials: Tent, hats {hers & his}, sunnies {hers & his}, SPF, baby powder

We bought one of those baby-proof UV-protected pop-up tents for napping, but it could not withstand the light breeze on the beach. I wouldn't call it a wasted purchase, but I would call it a pointless beach addition. All you really need is tons of shade—a la tailgating tent—and a waterproof mat/giant blanket for beach naps. Other beach babe necessities: sunnies and hats {because the sun is BRIGHT to these tiny eyes and they need shade on shade on shade}, SPF {babyganics seems to be the favorite among moms these days}, and baby powder - your arsenal against sandy hands/feet/bums/bellies/cheeks...

We needed two - one for each sleeping baby. We also brought crib sheets to wrap around the padding at the bottom to try and trick them into thinking it was their cozy crib. Bonus: it worked. Reality: they were likely exhausted from the stimulation of the beach that they would have slept on the kitchen table.

iPad loaded with Baby First TV

I had all of these lofty goals not to succumb to technology and to brave through tough times with sheer human entertainment. Ha! Those goals flew out the window around hour one into our screamfest car ride. Thankfully, our babes are already obsessed with VocabuLarry and his Baby First friends. The hubs and I got to face the road and ride in peace {other than the sounds of a singing parrot...}, and I was somewhat at ease knowing that at least they were learning the basic of baby vocab. {Tip: download the app AND some of the videos ahead of time, because there's no wi:fi on the open road!}

Food essentials: 6 bottles, gallon water, to-go bowl & spoon

We're formula folks, and instead of having to wash bottles after every feeding, we brought six bottles so we could make it through a whole chunk of the day without stopping to wash. We also brought gallons of purified water, because you don't want to find out the hard way {while on vacation} that your babe's tummy can't handle the city water from {insert vaca city here}. I had also picked up this handy little to-go bowl & spoon at Target a few days before our trip and it really came in handy for meals on the go! {Also suctions to the table}

Yeaaaa, I didn't actually bring this, but luckily we stayed at a condo where the owners are new parents, and they had a tile floormat on hand {insert emoji prayer hands}. Highly recommended because you never know if there will be a soft-enough space to lay your babe down, and sometimes a simple blanket just won't do. Bonus is that most of these tile mats come with a zipper bag to keep them compact for traveling!

Wine, coffee, patience & a can-do attitude

This is for you, mama {or dad}. One of the best pieces of advice another twin-mom gave me pre-vaca was, "It's all in what you make of it." So, instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed while trying to maneuver bab{ies}, wind, restaurant seating, food wait times, and failed plans of entertainment for the babes {giant blow-up pool fail that we won't discuss}—just take a deep breath, laugh through parenting {like you always should} and enjoy the fact that you are on your first vacation with your little one{s}! When deep breaths fail - that's when the wine and/or coffee kicks in. Also, highly suggest as many extra hands as you can get—by way of family or friends—on the first venture. Not only will they help with the 87 things you have to juggle, but they'll also be good company for the wine portion of the evening {or morning, I don't judge - as long as you're sharing.}

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