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  • Nikki Cagle


You know how sometimes I tell you that "this style is so easy, and you can totally do it yourself," and you're all, "oookay, lady"? Well, this time, I ain't lyin'. If you can't follow this simple tutorial, then I can't help you. Grab a scarf—any scarf—and try it out. I promise it takes a mere minute, it's not frustrating, and it doesn't include a single iron. That's something to dance about, no?

All you need is a long-ish scarf, whatever pattern and fabric tickles your fancy, and a hair tie if you're wearing your head wrap with an updo of sorts {calm down—updo does not always equate to complicated and fancy. A top knot is an updo, people.}.

See, less than one minute. Okay, fine, this is sped up, but, in reality it really did only take about two minutes to tie, so, ha.

Me sportin' my quick and easy head wrap, and my mean mugger.

Guys, c'mon, even my daughter knows how to do it. {Just kidding, Mama may have helped.}

Now go on and make Aunt Jemima proud.

Psst...another hair tutorial for the not-so-savvy:

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