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  • Nikki Cagle


When you buy as much Lularoe as I do, you learn to mix it up! I've had a few people tell me that they don't like the Perfect Tee because it's too flowy and makes them look wide in the hips. But, ya know, letting it flow isn't the only way to style it. I for one love a little tie or a little cinch, and a little less flow. Here are my six favorite ways to sauce up the Perfect Tee {shown in size XXS}.

{Au Natural}

With the right size and right pair of pantalones, letting it flow ain't so bad sometimes!

{Double Side Ties}

Simply tie the slits together on each side & let the front & back flop out!

{Tucked Double Side Ties}

Same as above - but this time I tucked in the front!

{All tied up}

I took the "front" part of the shirt where it slits on each side, pulled it to the front and tied twice. This is my favorite to cinch in the waist! {You could also tuck in the back and just have a cute little double-knot in the front.}

{Side knot}

My favorite and most go-to Perfect Tee style - one side tied up to show off your waist, but have a little flow, too!

{Side tuck}

Instead of knotting the side, just tuck it in!

All six ways are equally as simple, ya'll. What's your fav?

What Lularoe piece do you want to see styled different ways next? Let me know! Chances are, I own it... {and then some.}

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