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  • Nikki Cagle


Before & After 10-minutes Faux Blowout

There's a reason why blowdry bars are so dang popular — because you walk in with god-knows-what kind of limp locks, and walk out with bouncy Victoria's Secret model hair. But, ain't nobody always got time for that. Or money.

I rarely blowout my hair at home — maybe once a year, maybe. But that doesn't mean I don't rock the "blowout" look. I just... fake it.


>Kenra Mousse 17

{You can go ahead and guess my favorite product line...}



>Wet Brush


>1 1/2 or 2 inch curling iron {I used Hot Tools}


  1. Apply to damp hair: Kenra Root Lifter, Kenra Mousse 17, and Kenra Blowdry Spray.

  2. Rough dry hair until completely dry. Tip: flip your head upside down to dry for a bit so you get some instant extra oomph at the root. Note: I usually let my hair air-dry for a good bit before blasting it with the dryer to prevent it from being exposed to too much heat.

  3. Brush it out so you can easy move the iron through it. Then you'll want to go layer by layer, so leave a section down at the bottom and clip the rest up.

  4. Treat each layer with a light spray of Kenra Silkening Mist and Kenra Hairspray 25. Tip: I like to spray the hairspray right at the root underneath the section before curling so that the iron sets the root with some oomph and hold.

  5. Take a large 2-3 inch section and loosely curl the section while keeping the iron completely horizontal. Hold for just a few sections and then let out. Without overly touching the curl {touching hot curls will make them fall!}, nurse it so it lightly cups under.

  6. Continue throughout your entire head, going layer by layer, section by section.

  7. Once your last section has cooled to the touch, drop a small dollop of Kenra Silkening Gloss {the size of a dime} into your hands, rub together, and then pull through your hair.

  8. Finish with some Kenra Hairspray for hold.

It may take you a little longer the first time around, but once you see how big of sections you can take, and how little time you need to hold the iron on each section, you will have this down in 10 minutes flat. Or less!

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