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  • Nikki Cagle


When I set out to find the perfect dress for my baby shower and maternity shoot, I didn't think I was being too picky... I just wanted a light and airy floral dress that hugged my bump just right—not too tight, but not too mumu—and fit the theme of modern-day fairytale. I mean, is that too much to ask!? Apparently so - according to Zara, Francesca's, Forever21, Macy's, Lord & Taylor... I could go on, but I think you get the gist. I walked the mall and maneuvered my way around fitting room-after-fitting room enough to have put me in to labor. Zilch, zip, nada - that's what I would tell the hubs after every unsuccessful mall trip. ::womp::

Then I discovered Pink Blush Maternity, which, you should know from my previous post, is notactually maternity {bonus points for them!}. I fell in love with this dress - like, full-on obsession, love. So much so that I had to talk myself down because I knew something would go wrong. It wouldn't come in on time, it wouldn't fit right, it would be too tight, or too loose, or the WORST: itchy—there's just no way it was going to work as perfectly as I wanted. HA. Yee of little maternity faith. It arrived in a flash and I immediately got butterflies when opening the package. The fabric is that slinky jersey fabric that's light enough for a pregnant belly to breathe, but heavy enough so that you don't see every nook and cranny {read: cellulite}. I took a deep breath and tried it on {I'm not over-exaggerating - it was THAT serious of a moment. Think wedding dress jitters, people}. After that I went into a giddy-spiral of selfie snapping and texting my closest gf's and fam - because it was the ONE. The Obi-Wan Kenobi of maternity dresses. But again {and I can't stress this enough} - not actually maternity. Which, for anyone who knows me and my hatred of ruching and belly bands, was the number one appeal of this brand.

Bottom line: for my fellow-preggo's - don't brave the mall, just order from PBM. And for my non-preggo's - ditto that, because their clothes are all-inclusive of ladies with or without bellies. Thank you, PBM, for making me feel like a modern-day princess at my modern-day fairytale baby shower <3

Dress: Pink Blush Ivory Floral Wrap Dress {Also comes in three other dreamy colors!} // Flower crown: Homemade

And, oh hey, what if I set you up with a $75 giftcard to Pink Blush to get your newest obsession started?! All you have to do is hop over to my Instagram page, follow along{make sure to follow PBM @shoppinkblush, too!}, scout the post for the PBM giveaway, give it a "like," tag a friend {or 2...or 5} and walla - you're all entered. I'll announce the winneron Saturday, October 1st! Photo cred: Erin Michelle Photography {Follow on Instagram & Facebook for pictures of mamas-to-be, adorable kiddos, stunning weddings & more!}

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