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  • Nikki Cagle


Time to replenish those static-laden & dry winter locks and awaken them for spring with some bronde, bold & near-black color-inspiration! Major inspiration to take to your stylist for your spring transformation. Check out the colors that will be A L L the rage this season!


The best of both worlds—perfect for brunettes who are terrified of becoming blondes, and perfect for blondes who are terrified of going completely brunette. It gives blondes a deeper base with face framing highlights, and gives brunettes the chance to get some contrast with sunkissed freelights. Whether blonde or brunette, both looks are meant to be natural and soft—we're not talking harsh blonde-on-near-black chunky foiled highlights here. We're talking seamless shades of color that perfectly compliment and melt into one another. The kind that makes you say, "Is it blonde? Or is it brunette?" Let's just settle that right now—it's BRONDE.

{Ice, Ice, Blondie}

Blondes are going even blonder—to platinum and beyond. Something tells me that Elsa & her ice white braid had something to do with this. Ice blonde still comes in many shades - from pure white, to silver, to near-grey. Some stick with a more natural root, while others get iced all over. Now, this look is not for everyone—aside from whether it gels with your natural skin tone, you also have to consider if you're ready for a lengthy {and likely pricey} salon visit, high maintenance touch-ups, and extra special hydrating products to keep your processed locks in tact. It's not as simple as your typical blonde—you have to commit to stages {if you're starting with darker hair}, and also consider your elements after you've achieved your icy blonde. For instance, well water wreaks havoc on blondes - filter or not. But, don't let me scare you away completely - there are ways to get icy, if you're ready to fully commit! Thanks to liquid hair-gold like Olaplex and b3, the integrity of your hair can be saved while you go blonder...and blonder...and beyond!

{Fashion Colors}

Now that you've gotten to a bright blonde, you might as well have fun with it, right?! Fashion colors still reign - and they've evolved from the barely-there pastel peekaboos that let even the most conservative heads of hair get a little edgy. Now, fashion colors are getting ballsy, and even mimicking pictures, concepts and sunsets. Think pinks, oranges and yellows to melt into a sunset color. Or lilacs, fuchsias, and pastels to paint a picture of a garden. The best part about fashion colors is that they don't last forever, so why NOT have some fun?! However, that's also the worstpart about fashion colors—if you love them, they unfortunately fade fast.

The best tricks to maintaining fashion colors are:

  1. Wash as few & far between as possible.

  2. Use color protective shampoo, conditioner and products - sulfate free is IDEAL.

  3. Rinse with cool to cold water - never hot. Beauty is pain! And apparently cold.

  4. Avoid chlorine and well water at all costs - the harsh chemicals will strip the fun right out of your hair.

  5. Protect against heat - this means natural heat from the sun, too. Look, I get it, you can't live without your flat iron, but if you are going to subject your brightly colored hair to mega-heat, make sure to use a protectant spray first, ay? Here's a great list of 10 under $20.

{Deep, Dark Chocolate}

Usually, when you think spring hair, you think about starting the transition to beachy blonde locks—but that's not the case for everyone! While I love a striking dark color on my winter brunettes, I am also l o v i n g super dark brown-almost-black locks that are full of hydration, health & SHINE. It's a little edgy, a lot fashion, looks great with a tan or on healthy pale complexions, and screams mysterious. To me, there are two kinds of bloggers in the world: the girl-next-door sweet & cheery blogger with typical bronde or balayaged hair - and the fashion-forward edgy & mysterious blogger with fashion colored or uber dark & uber long hair. I adore, follow and mimic both at times—but my inner-blogger really wants to be MaryCake when I grow up. What color are you coveting for Spring?! Check out my Instagram for daily Spring-hair inspiration! Up next: Spring Cut & Style Trends! Coming soon...

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