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  • Nikki Cagle


While your Spring hair color can set the tone for your spring look, there are cuts & styles that can take your spring transformation to the n e x t level. Want to know what cut to pair with your new bronde or ice blonde color? Need to know what styles to perfect to show off your fashion colors? Or, coveting your virgin locks but still need something to mix it up? Bob, shag & braid with me!


{Blunt Textured Bob}

Long bobs kicked off last year, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon! Especially with warmer weather on the horizon, this is the perfect lightweight & breezy cut to survive humidity and still maintain an actual style. A lot of this cut is in the styling—pumping up the volume at the root, adding texture throughout, and flattening the tips to give that lived-in and blunt look. You want the cut to hit anywhere between grazing your shoulders and skimming your collarbone, depending on your face shape {rounder faces should go for a collarbone cut to lengthen your face shape}. Then, you want very inconspicuous layers that add texture throughout, without giving you The Rachel.

{Long Modern Shag}

Shags are famous for their sassy, sexy and majorly swingy layers. And I mean LAYERS. This is one of the most layered cuts out there—stemming from the original 70s style, perfected by both womenand men {think teen heartthrobs of the 70s like David Cassidy and Mick Jagger}. In the 90s it took on a rounder shape with the birth of The Rachel {one of the most iconic cuts of all time, which you can probably tell since it's been mentioned twice already!}. And in the 00's it made it's return withMeg Ryan. Most of these decade-shags have one thing in common—short. Today's shag, although perfect on all lengths and textures, is mostly geared towards medium to long hair. Finally, us long-haired girls get our shag on. The more layered, fringy and textured - the better. Julianne Hough rocks my most recent favorite, chopped by no other than the incredible Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon {a must-follow on Instagram!}



Once upon a time I was wearing my hair stick straight and smack down the center and someone said to me, "you look like Cher!"—and just like that, I fell in love with center-parts forever. Made famous by Cher herself, the center-part has been reborn in a hippy-wannabe, Coachella-style infested, Kardashian-ruling new world. Sleek {more like plastered}, flowy, bang-split, double-bunned, pinned back—however you're wearing your hair, a center-part will instantly up your chic-factor.


I know, this is not a new trend—in fact, most of us have been rocking braids since grade school! But alas, it still reins every day styles, bridal styles and tutorials across the web. Today's hottest braids include a nod to those grade school braids with french-braided pigtails; intricate braids-within-braids; half braids; and chubby little pancake braids. At this point in our lives I think it's safe to say that braids are here to stay—for. EV. er.

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