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  • Nikki Cagle


{Update October 2018 - I finally wore them down and became an official Beachwaver Brand Ambassador in October 2018!! Which means that I'll be bringing you my usual love for the Beachwaver, and all of their tools and products, and you get a hella good discount for following! Stay tuned to the bottom of this rundown for deets. XO!}

I am not a spokesperson or sales{wo}man for the Beachwaver — but I might as well be! It is my absolute favorite iron of all time. It's quick, easy as pie {even the most uncoordinated can use it}, and it miraculously creates a curl that holds longer than any other iron I've ever used. Though my sister once said, "How lazy can you be — you're a hairstylist using an automatic iron...," rest assure, this is not your typical Conair hair-eating automatic iron of yesteryears.

The Beachwaver was created by celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa, who was tired of explaining how to achieve the best beachwaves to... just about everyone. So, she went right ahead and made it possible for everyone to get said 'best beachwaves' in a cinch. {aka, stop bugging me}

In case you need more proof, the Beachwaver is the iron for Victoria Secret model hair. If I had a dollar for every time someone requested VS hair...

But, here's the conundrum — do you get the S1 (1 inch), or the S1.25 (1 1/4 inches), or the smallest size — the S.75 (3/4 inch)? In my world, you get them all. But in case you need to narrow to just one, I would say the S1 and S1.25 are the most used/requested, so here's the difference in their 'wave.'


The S1 will give you springy true-blue beachwaves, whereas the S1.25 will give you loose voluptuous Victoria Secret model curls.

Top 3 tips:

  1. Don't get the 'pro' {albeit she's gorgeously pink} unless you are legitimately - a pro.

  2. DO follow Sarah on Instagram because her pink hair, celeb clients, and wanderer lifestyle will fill your feed with so many good vibes. #fangirl

  3. Keep an eye on Beachwaver on Instagram and Facebook because they offer insane sales like half-off their irons {yea, that's a thing}. But if you can't wait that long, use my ambassador code!!

For 20% off anything and everything on, including on top of sales, use my ambassador code! Happy waving!!

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