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  • Nikki Cagle

Must Have Summer Beauty Products

I switch up everything in the summer, from the make-up palettes I use on the daily, to the tanning products I douse myself in, and to the wine I drink — no joke. Everything has its time, and summer is the time to stock up on these puppies.

1. Sunless Tanning

Pre-tan: super pale; Post-tan: golden bronze

Pre-tan: uber pale. Post-tan {Southern Sun Tans spray}: bronzed baby!

I am pretty ashamed to say that I used to frequent tanning beds in my 20s. That warmth on your bones, those freckle-inducing "rays", and all in a mere 10 minutes. Fast forward to my 30s and those freckles are now age spots and I'm frequenting a pop-up tanning booth and a little magic bottle that contains all the tan I need. Here's what I always have stocked so I don't scare kids at the beach with my paleness:

  • Perfect Glow Tanning Mousse - I get this from my girl with Southern Sun Tans by Allison Thomas for when I can't squeeze in a custom spray tan with her {preferred}. I use this every other week - $25

  • Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray - for when I can't get to my custom girl {above}, and want to preserve my mousse because it's pricier - $9 on Amazon

  • To help with the above, the hubs bought me a pop-up spray tent a few Christmases back - partially because he's an attentive husband, but mostly because he was tired of me covering our shower and bathroom in brown #letsbehonest. It's the same one the professionals use! - $45 on Amazon

  • Australian Gold Gradual Sunless Tanning Lotion - I use this about once a week, right after showering, as a replacement for my usual lotion. It gives me that little bit of glow that I need when I'm in between sprays - $9 on Amazon

  • Fake Bake Face Self-Tanning Lotion - because the other lotions and sprays may be a little harsh for your face. This is my go-to and has been for years. I swear it gives me a more uniform and cleaner complexion. This bottle is teensy, but lasts months - $15 on Amazon

2. Humidity Spray

Wedding hair will not stand the test of time in the DMV without humidity spray.

I live in the DMV, and in the heart of summer you could cut the humidity with a knife. Mostly because it's so thick, but also because you'd just like to shank it so it dies and goes away. Too violent? Nah, just payback — for all the times humidity kills your curls, or your updo, or frizzes out your sleek look. I do not do a wedding without these two products, and I pretty much carry them on a tool belt for myself. #justkidding #sortof

  • Rusk Anti-Frizz Humidity Resistant Working Spray - basically a light-hold hairspray with a layer of humidity resistance - $18 on Amazon

  • Rusk Freezing Spray Humidity Resistant Hairspray - super-duper hold, to be used last as your shield - $18 on Amazon

3. Sea Salt Hair Spray

Because true beachy waves don't exist without it. I've tried everything from the cheaper end Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray (can be found at Target!), to an old fav in KMS's Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, but my number one for the past two years has been:

  • Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray - not too sticky, too salty, or too crunchy — just the right amount of salt and hold to enhance beach waves - $12 on Amazon

4. Dewey Make-up Palettes

Dew brought to you by a combo of the two palettes below.

In the fall and winter I tend to go a little more matte with my make-up looks, but there's something about a dewey, shimmery, & glowing make-up look for the summer. These are my go-to face palettes:

  • Sephora Spice Market Blush Palette - I use the golden bronze around my perimeter, cheek bones, and outer bridge of my nose, and "contour" {as much as I know what that is... #noexpert} with white gold under my eyes, mid-forehead, and the bridge of my nose. Then I spruce up my cheeks with a splash of Orange or Copper Shimmer, depending on my look. - $28 at Sephora

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow-Kit Ultimate Glow - for when you really want to up the shimmer & shine factor. Looks amaze with a tan! - $38 on Amazon

5. Sugar Scrub

So, I didn't really see the big deal about these back in the day, but now that my skin is... ahem... aging {gracefully}, I feel like it sometimes need to shed and start anew. I use a good scrub before I do any at-home spray, foam, or custom spray tan because it gives the most clean and even look. And I love using it after a vaca or after a few days in the sun when I may be a little flaky and need to rid of dead cells or skin. I'm just a regular ol' snake — and a sugar scrub convert.

  • Hempz Herbal Sugar Body Scrubs - Some scrubs are way too harsh and I feel like I'm literally scrubbing my skin off. Others are borderline body wash, aka, weak. But Hempz is the perfect middle-ground. Plus, their scents are incredible. Currently obsessing over Fresh Coconut & Watermelon - $12 on Amazon

6. Malibu {Everything}

Follow Malibu on Instagram for daily tips!

My hair isn't exposed to pool {chlorine} water all that often, but so many of my clients are. Sometimes I can actually smell the chlorine lifting out of their hair while shampooing. The number one rule is to rinse your hair immediately after leaving the pool. But to take it the extra mile, you should also be using:

  • Malibu Swimmers Shampoo and Conditioner - use after exposing hair to pool/chlorine water — at least every other wash - $50 on Amazon {can also be found at Ulta!} There is also a Swimmers after-swim solution that you could use once every other week or so.

  • Malibu Wellness Hard Water - this is a bonus for my girls who are on well water, because nothing will ruin a freshly iced-out blonde like some hard water! Well water, no matter how well it's filtered, will wreak havoc on your freshly balayaged blonde. Beat the brass by using this shampoo and conditioner at least once a week - $8 on Amazon

  • Malibu Anything - Malibu basically can't do wrong, so it's not a bad idea to check out their whole line. They have a line for blondes, miracle repair, and more.

7. Coconut Oil

Whenever a client asks me about the best treatment for dry summer locks, I always say, "Olaplex," but I know not everyone can get to me for an Olaplex treatment, so when all else fails - go natural with coconut oil. It really is such a great drench for your hair! I buy a regular ol' jar, take a scoop with my hands, rub between my palms to get gooey, and then run through my damp strands. Sometimes I pin it up and rinse after 30 minutes, but a lot of times I put my hair in a bun and sleep with it in. Just, ya know, make sure your sleeping partner can stand the smell of coconut. You'll have to do a few washes to get it out because it's quite greasy, but I say - the greasier, the more hydrating!

  • It's coconut oil, ya'll - you can find it at the grocery store. But, also - $10 on Amazon

8. FitVine Wine

You're going to want to follow FitVine Wine on Instagram, because — giveaways.

What do you mean wine isn't a beauty product? Is there anything that makes you feel prettier? #ifeelpretty #ohsopretty

I consider this a beauty product because it's low cal, sugar, and carbs. Which means you can indulge without actually indulging in anything "bad." Also, low sugar means no hangover, ya'll. Double also, they recently released a rosé, making this a legit "summer" beauty product #justsayin. First found at Trader Joe's, and now popping up at other local liquor stores, so keep your eye out, or order through {psst... they often have killer case deals}.

  • FitVine Chardonnay - My gateway FitVine Wine - $16 on FitVine

  • FitVine Rosé - The unicorn of FitVine Wine — hard to find, but worth the search {or case order...} - $18 on FitVine

I'm sure there are more — and certainly products that I use year-round {and will eventually spill about} — but I'm guessing this is enough on your budget, for now.

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