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  • Nikki Cagle

5 Easy Halloween Hairstyles

Three irons, five styles, all super simple and can be used for sooo many different costumes. They are so versatile that it's really like 10 easy Halloween hairstyles. And now I will no doubt spend the next two hours looking on Pinterest to literally find 10 Halloween looks that you can use these styles for. #yourewelcome #ihatemyoverachievingbrain

Two hours later...

First up is the Beachwaver S1.25, which is a 1 1/4-inch iron (1.25, get it? Now ya know, and knowing is half the battle #GIJoe). I did two different pigtail looks with this—one low, and one high.

6 different Halloween costumes you can use these looks for: Cowgirl; Cheerleader; "Big" kid (um hi, I'll wear a giant PJ onesie and walk around holding a babydoll #pleaseandthankyou #doneanddone); Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (is there any other Dorothy?); Harley Quinn (just add blue & red spray); or Girl Next Door.

Then there's the Beachwaver S1 (1-inch iron), which is probablyyy the most versatile of them all. I literally go from old school Hollywood glam to rocker chick in 2.5 minutes (let me not lie—I think it was like 6 minutes, but still).

5 different Halloween costumes you can use these looks for: Old Hollywood Glam; Rocker Chick/Gwen Stefani; Bride (dead or alive—it's Halloween, go cray); Jessica Rabbit (truth be told, I've always wanted to be this); or Vintage bombshell.

Last but not least is my FAVORITEEEE. Yes, it needed bold and italics. I used the Beachwaver S.75 (3/4-inch iron) to create the bounciest, airiest, most fabulous 70s curls of all time (I mean, probablyyy not better than Diana Ross, so not all time, but close second?). Now, I will keep asking until it happens, but someone pleaseee have a 70s-themed party so I can rock this style (and no less than 4 outfits changes). I beg of you.

5+ different Halloween costumes you can use this look for: 70s disco QUEEN; 80s prom (duh); 80s hair band (double duh)... let's be honest, pretty much anything in the 80s; Scary Spice; Anything wild like an animal, zombie, or anything where you want to make a big bold cray statement.

Happy Hair-o-ween!!


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