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  • Nikki Cagle

Best Bargain Bathing Suits Seen on Instagram

Summer ain't over until the fall lady sings! Even then, there's tropical vacas in the cold months, and now is the best time to buy suits for those, and for next season {don't hate on season-old suits, ya'll}. Considering that Halloween stuff is already gracing the shelves {just stop}, swimsuits are majorly on sale, and I don't know about your town, but mine is still sporting 90-degree pool-worthy weather.

So, you know all of those ads for bathing suits interrupting your Instagram scroll and enticing you to click on them? Yea, well, they wore me down. And don't even get me started on the suits that every influencer and their bestie were posting for {or #liketkit if you only speak hashtag}. I had to try them. HAD TO {didn't I?!}. So, I did — I tried a few {all} of the best Instagram swimsuits and here are my favsss, plus a few I could do without {including probably one of the most popular from Amazon...}.

1. THE Cheetah Suit

I've seen this suit no less then 400 times on my Instagram feed — and for good damn reason, ya'll. I would wear this suit every day and in every scenario {kids or not; beach or pool; bloat-central or totally comfortable}. It's thick, but breathable, and the fabric is ribbed, which somehow helps to mask anything you'd naturally want to mask {like, you know when you can see your "mama pouch" outline in your tight suit? This bad boy doesn't show that. #bless}.

#1 Thing to know: It issss a little cheeky. Like, not a thong, but definitely the cheekiest suit I've ever owned. But it doesn't ride, so I'm a-okay with it.

Deets: Target, Top: $17,99; Bottom: $17.99 {I'm in a large bottom to allow for the booty, and a medium top.}

Buy if: You like cheetah and high-waisted. Or you're human, period. It's my FAV of the summer.

2. My Forever Favorite High-Waisted

I am a bit of a high-waisted-whore — I've tried them all from endless brands. And at the end of the day, I always go back to Old Navy. They hit at the exact right point {right above your belly button, at the smallest part of your waist} and have complete full coverage {no cheek here}. I buy at least one new pair per season! The top I wasn't gaga about, but I feel like I'm just not a one-shoulder kind of gal.

#1 Thing to know: Old Navy always had insane sales, so you should never be paying full price for a suit! {Tip: Stock up on solids at the end of this season for next year!}

Buy if: You want to wear a two-piece, but also want to be able to sit, breath, bend-over, or eat comfortably in a bathing suit.

3. Kardashian-Inspired NEON

It is the brightest of bright neon greens and it is at the tippy-top of my favorites this year. Where the bottoms hit on my tum is a little meh, but it pushes me to be in my best summer shape so I can feel uber-comfortable in them. I love how the bandeau top is wide enough so I'm not worried about a slip... And the color is just infectious!

#1 Thing to know: If you thought the cheetah suit was cheeky... #youaintseennothingyet #becauseyouactuallyseealot

Deets: Shein, $11 You heard that right!! Comes in 10 colors {I'm in a medium}

Buy if: You're going to the beach without your kids and want to feel amazeee.

4. The Secret Suit Shop

You mayyy be shocked to know that every year I scour the earth to find at least one suit that I HAVE to have {because I saw someone post it on Instagram and can't live without it} from... Walmart. Flippin' Walmart, ya'll. Their swimsuit game is no joke.

#1 Thing to know: The bottoms are cut into a "V" in the front and I find that it majorly elongates your torso. The first time I tried it on I thought, WHY ISN'T EVERYONE DOING THIS!? Look at you Walmart — setting trends.

Deets: Walmart, I think it was around $22 total? NO surprise, but I hate Walmart's website and can never find the same thing I bought in the store. My best advice is to check your local Walmart for this suit! Otherwise, here are some other striped options on their site! And here's a tribal one I came across and loveddd {$17.88 top}. Also, this romantic little flouncy number {$15}.

Buy if: You're a true bargainista.

5. Vintage Feels

I loved this tie-front one-piece! This is actually my first year liking one piece suits. I always feels like they stunt me more than I'm already stunted — but when it's a peekaboo one-piece it somehow helps to stretch me out. Blasphemy? Maybe. But I'm rolling with it.

#1 Thing to know: The little tie on the front can come off and then the top is wider, kind of like a sports bra. Great for swim class with the littles {or if you have a big bust! I know nothing about that...}

Deets: Shein, $11, comes in 6 colors {I'm in a L, and it fits snuggly!}

Buy if: You want the best of both worlds — a two-piece vibe with one-piece comfort.

6. You Flouncy, Huh?

I'm all about a basic black suit, but this one is sooo much more my jam. That flounce and those pom-poms jazz up this basic B and make me feel way less "Mama" and way more "Mami" #yeaisaidit #yesimanerd

#1 Thing to know: It's thick and hugs, so it's super slimming.

Deets: Shein, $14, comes in 3 colors {I'm in a medium}

Buy if: You are on the hunt for the perfect black one-piece!

7. Not Your Average Mom-Suit

I was sooo excited about this suit when I ordered it because it seemed practical yet stylish enough to not make me feel like I had completely lost my mojo. But, considering the price, there was no way it was going to be that good. Right? So very blissfully wrong. I promptly went back to buy it in the pineapple pattern but it was sold out in my size ::wahhh:: I did size up because of the reviews and that was 100% the right call — it runs snug. The large fits like a damn tailored glove.

#1 Thing to know: There's a cut-out in the back, too, so make sure to click through to see the whole shabang — in case you're not already sold.

Deets: Shein, $11, comes in black and white — pineapple pattern completely sold out {I'm in a large}

Buy if: You wanna be a hot mom.

8. That 90s Style Suit

I don't know whyyy it didn't dawn on me to shop at Aerie for suits, considering I love their high-waisted [insert everything]. I actually came across this little number at Marshall's and was instantly smitten with the pattern and cut. It's like a two-piece, but with a little extra comfort and concealing. Super functional but still super cute.

#1 Thing to know: It's made by Aerie but I found at my local Marshall's.

Deets: Marshall's {technically} but made by Aerie, $14.99 — unfortunately, you can't shop Marshall's online {let's get with the program, guys}, and Aerie doesn't carry this one anymore, but I do loveee this one from Aerie, too. And they appear to have super cute mix-n-match bikini sets with a high-waisted cheeky bottom, so sign my booty up.

Buy if: You can find it in your local Marshall's!

9. THE Amazon Suit... That I Didn't Love

I saw this suit in EVERY color, on EVERY influencer's feed, and I HAD to have it. And then... I returned it. #GASP. It actually pains me to write this. I feel ashamed, and duped. Like, how did they all truly love this suit that much!? #ordidthey It's super thick — like, doesn't-feel-like-bathing-suit-material-at-all, kind of thick. It has a very different basket/waffle-esque texture, which is kind of like ribbed, but in a weird pattern. And the bottoms were oddly long, like, are you full coverage, or are you trying to be vintage, or are you actually boy shorts? I just felt like it squeezed weird and didn't let me breathe. Maybe it feels different in water? #imtryinghere

#1 Thing to know: This IS mustard, which is not the most flattering, I admit, so I feel like maybe I would have liked it more if it was black. Might be worth a comparison.

Deets: Amazon, $11.99, comes in 7 colors - black is apparently not one of them but there are other dark colors {I'm in a large}

Buy if: You want your bathing suit to feel like Spanx.

10. Small Bust Need Not Apply

Does this need further explanation? I thought the ruffles would help — they did nothing. The triangles way overcompensate for what I have to offer {see gap in pics}, and the bottoms rise to a very weird height that leaves you wondering, is it a bikini, or is it high-waisted?

#1 Thing to Know: I have a petite athletic build and this suit completely swallows me — but everyone is different!

Deets: Shein, $12, comes in 4 colors {I'm in a M}

Buy if: You have a little more... natural padding up top.

As you can see, my sizes are all over the place. Sometimes I even buy different sized tops than bottoms for the same suit. Girlfriend's got a little bit of a booty but no one's home up top, so you gotta make do. Don't let sizes scare you — buy what you need, it's just a tag!!


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