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  • Nikki Cagle

Beachwaver FAQs: ALL the Answers (Plus How-to Videos!)

Beachwaver transformation

It still shocks me when someone says — with bewilderment in their eyes — it turns on its own!? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Yes, the Beachwaver does, in fact, turn on its own. And yes, I am that "lazy" that I, as a stylist, would use an automatic curling iron. Besides the fact that it saves my wrists from cramping up after curling 9 bridesmaids, it's also uber fast, so hi — more heads per hour. I have no shame in my automatic-iron game.

K, but it rotating at the press of the button and stopping on a dime isn't the only enticing thing about the Beachwaver {BW}. It also somehow creates the best wave, for any hair type, and holds. Like, brides have sent me pictures two days post-wedding with their style standing strong. I don't question the logic behind how the BW works such magic, I just roll with it {spin with it? curl with it? rotate with it, whatevs.} and keep my mouth shut.

Beachwaver Bride

Apparently I've drummed up a fascinated fan-base, because ya'll have been blowing up my DMs with BW questions. And rightfully so, because this iron-meets-wand IS a must-have tool, after all. But, I get that at first glance & try it's a little different. So let me walk you through it so you fully understand my obsession and can figure out how to properly use this bad boy.

FA-DMs {Frequently Asked Direct Messages}

Q: What size do I get?!

So, there are three sizes, and they correspond with inches, so the S.75 is 3/4 inch, the S1 is 1 inch, and the S1.25 is 1.25 inches. Rocket science, right? Not really.

The size you should get reallyyy depends on the type of curl you're going for. If you have naturally curly hair and you're looking for a little something to help enhance your natural curl by taking a few rando pieces and curling them, you definitely want to go with the S.75. If you have short, medium, or long hair and you're looking for true boho beachwaves with a little spring in their step, you want to go with the S1. And if you have short, medium, or long hair and you're looking for more of a relaxed curl {or, for short hair, just a simple "bend"}, you'll want to go with the S1.25. Here's a comparison of the S1 and S1.25 so you can see the difference side-by-side.

Comparison of the S1 and S1.25 Beachwaver

This is the long answer. The short answer is that you need them all. Seriously.

Q: How do I get my curls to hold?

Use the Beachwaver? Any Beachwaver? Ha, I kid. I really do think the BW has the best hold, but I've heard of newbies struggling to get the curls to hold and the number one culprit is that they're not wrapping the hair tightly enough around the iron. {The other culprit is that you're not prepping your hair with the right products, so first, start here with the right products, and then come back to learn how to curl tightly.}

Making sure the hair is hugged tightly around the iron does not mean you're going to end up with uber curly hair. It just means that it'll help set the section of hair you're curling with more intention. And what is the NUMBER ONE rule about setting hair?! Don't touch the curl until it cools. Say it again with me: Don't. Touch. The. Curl. When you touch a curl that's still warm it'll instantly relax {and frizz} the curl. Allowing it to cool lets it set into place, and that way when you tousle out the curls with your hands or a brush at the end it'll just relax it, and not completely release it.

Also guys, newbie suggestion: Practice. On your own, in the privacy of your own mirror, with no one staring down your neck. It takes a little coordination, but mostly it's just about getting comfortable with the iron. I will tell you that I've had clients who have no coordination, who could never maneuver a traditional iron or wand, and they mastered the BW after a couple of tries. If they can do it, anything is possible. #notnaminganynames

Q: How do I avoid the clip "kink"?

So, truth be told — I never really have this issue ::shrugs:: But I've heard woes from a few worried kinkers. I think my method of the "drag and smooth" to get fresh blunt ends eliminates. I also have this drag & re-curl technique that... well, that I'll never be able to put into words, so watch the video, yea?

Q: How do I get the lived-in look?

Ah yes, the coveted lived-in beachwave. You know the one — like what [insert Victoria Secret model name] rocks on the daily, as if she legit just emerged from the ocean #iwalkedoutoftheoceanlikethis. The key to this look is to curl away from your face, and drag the ends a bit to leave a fresh blunt look. Or, you can go back through afterwards and tap your ends with a flat iron!

Q: How do I get the curls closer to my head?

Curling awayyyy from your face and not towards your face will ultimately get you closer to your scalp because you won't be afraid that you're going to singe your face. But you can also do the "drag and curl" {now coined the "dragon curl"} method which helps you curl an entire piece of hair in stages. Let me walk you through it...

Q: How do I get waves without looking poofy?

For starters, the right prep products that will help keep your poof at bay. Then, letting the curls set and cool completely will help to minimize frizz. Lastly, using a serum to smooth the curls will help decrease "poof" while still maintaining the formation of the curl. If you have naturally curly hair or hair that's prone to poof, I would use your hands to smooth and tousle curls instead of a brush. If you have straighter/smoother hair from the start, you can definitely use a brush to soften your curls, but make sure you're using the right brush, like BW's On Set Pro Brush.

Q: How do I get the curls to wave "backwards" (away from my face)?

You know how Victoria Secret models look like they're always walking down a runway with a fan lightly blowing their waves back? Yea, the Beachwaver did that. (No kidding, Sarah Potempa, brains behind the BW, created those VS waves!!) The trick is to curl away from your face, especially for hair that's in front of your ear line.

Q: Does it work on short, shoulder-length hair?

Yes, ya'll! The BW does not discriminate. I love using the S1 or S1.25 on shorter hair. For beachier tousled curls I use the S1. For a chic "bend" I use the S1.25. And if it's already a head of curls I'll enhance with the S.75.

If this helped but you are still stumped on some things and want me to do an Instagram Live to answer you're Q's in real-time and really dive deep, let me know! I would be willing to brave up if enough people requested it... and I had some wine on hand for liquid courage.


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