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  • Nikki Cagle

Hair Prep: Fresh Out of The Shower

Sometimes I forget that we're not all hair stylists and the simplest things like prepping your hair right out of the shower can be completely overwhelming. So, welcome to my "no duh" hair segment, where I share the things that are a "duh" to me as a stylist, but completely foreign to those who pay me good money to wash and prep your hair for you. #noshame

Obvs I mean this as no offense, because I too came from a place of "I put what in my hair? Wait, start from the top..." It's all in trial and error (lots and lots of error and wasted money on products, but who's counting) — in reality, what works for me, may not work for you, but I give tips below for thick, fine, curly, and straight hair so you can tweak as you please.

Okay, so, before I dive in to this regime, let me harp on this very important fact: How you prep your hair fresh out of the shower {from "birth," as I often refer to it} will completely impact how well it will style, how long it will hold that style, and how long it will last before you have to wash that dirty thang. Some people think that adding product will gunk up their hair and cause them to wash sooner and more often. Au contraire ladies — it's quite the opposite. Product helps to sop up the natural oils in your hair and creates grit and hold, opposed to grease and limp locks. Now, of course, everyone's hair is different, and it might take some training, but tune-in to how your hair reacts to products and adjust your hair care routine accordingly. I once was an every 2-3 day washer — now I last a week! #whatnow

My go-to products

  • Step 1: Tigi Bedhead Split End Mender ($12.48 on Amazon) - After towel drying my hair, I use this first thing as a leave-in conditioning lotion, which also helps to seal your split ends.

  • Good for: Thick, coarse, long, or curly hair

  • Skip if: You have thinner hair because this could weigh you down — start with Step 2!

  • Step 2: Healthy Sexy Hair Tri-Wheat Leave-in Conditioner ($11.59 on Amazon) - I spritz this throughout to help break up any tease I had going on up in there, and make it so I'm not completely yanking hair out when I brush.

  • Good for: All hair types, lengths, and styles

  • Step 3: My Amazing Repair and Shine Secret ($9.98 on - A tiny dot goes a long way! This will protect from heat and fight frizz.

  • Good for: Thick, coarse, long, or curly hair

  • Alter if: You have thinner hair — just use an M&M size and concentrate on mid-to-ends {avoid roots}

  • Step 4: Kenra Root Lifting Spray 13 ($17 on - This doesn't have to be applied super precise — just make "splices" in your hair and spray at the root {see video for technique}.

  • Good for: Everyone and their mother!! One of my most suggested products. Everyoneee needs oomph at the root.

  • Step 6 {Guess what guys, I dumb, and I don't know how to count, so I skipped a "step 5" in my video — whoops, guess who's human!!}: Kenra Strengthening Sealer Mousse ($17 on - My newest obsession because it strengthens and conditions while plumping you up. It's also light-weight and goes a longgg way.

  • Good for: Thick, coarse, long, or curly hair {a golf-ball sized dollop will do you good!}

  • Alter if: You have thinner hair — just a tiny squeeze of the nozzle will give you a good-sized dollop, and all you need is a marble size.

  • Step 7: Brush with Wet Brush ($6+ on Amazon — I just saw this cheetah one and now I must have... even though I currently have 3 #addstoamazoncartanyway}

  • Tip: Can also brush after Step 3 and then continue adding more products

  • Step 8: Rusk Shining Sheen Mist ($13.78 on Amazon) - There's just something about the way this smells — it's like perfume for your hair! Oh, yea, and it helps protect against heat, humidity, and frizz... but the smell!

  • Good for: Thick, coarse, long, or curly hair — especially before blowdrying

  • Alter if: You have thinner hair — you might want to consider using a more lightweight shine spray like Kenra Silkening Mist {also a great protectant spray for all hair types when your're styling with heat tools}

  • Step 9: Kenra Blowdry Spray {$33 on} - If you're going to roll right into your blowdry, this is a MUST. It protects your hair from heat and humidity, and get this — cuts your blowdry time in half. Say whattt! I know, but it's so true, and I don't blowdry a single client without using it. It's probably the product my clients end up buying most after I use it on them.

Now, what "no duh" segment should I do next?!


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