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  • Nikki Cagle


You'll soon realize that I don't particularly have a "style." And if I do, it's nearly impossible to pinpoint and define. I like trendy...with a hint of flair—but not just one type of trend - e v e r y trend. I {always} put my own twist on every coveted wardrobe piece so that it works for me, my short little frame, my proud little curve, and my {ahem} lack-luster womanhood. What works for me may not work for you—and likewise, there are undoubtedly styles that I drool over that I just can't pull off {gauchos, circa 2003—it wasn't pretty}.

My style evolves with my mood, and sure, there are times when I look back, grit my teeth {insert emoji}, and think, "bad mood, eh?" But at one time or another, it worked for me—or maybe it didn't, but {shrugs} ya win some, ya lose some. #fashionwars

Call it Hunger Games-inspo, call it Top Gun-style—call it what you want—but I just call it today's mood: military chic with a hint of edge. I scoured the world for a jumpsuit that would fit this shorty, and when I did, and it was a whopping $19.95, you bet your bottom dollar that I stood in that ridiculously long post-holiday sale line at H&M. An hour of my life I won't get back—and a jumpsuit I'll cherish, really, I don't get rid of things easily. This may very well still be keeping my closet company in 30 years...

{Not brave enough for an actual shaved side panel? Welp, neither am I. #fakeittilyoumakeit}

Jumpsuit: H&M {no longer available} Similar in black & Similar in shorts! // Shoes: Target {oldies} Similar & Similar & T O N S of styles on sale at Nordstrom Rack {don't mind if I might...} // Necklace {gifted - American Eagle} Similar // Bracelet: World Market {no longer available #wompwomp, but it's where some of my F A V jewelry comes from, so let's see what else they have...} Similar in silver {mixing metals is so totally approved these days} & Similar // Ring: H&M {no longer available} Similar {and I also love/want/need!} // Earrings: American Eagle {oldies & some of my most worn studs} Similar {love their multi-metal packs!} & Similar

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