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  • Nikki Cagle


Spring survey says... Hippy Chic, baby. With the 70's AND 90's making a MAJ comeback, you can expect the fashion mash-up of your dreams. It's the nostalgic threads of your childhood, meets hints of the era you wish you would have lived {and dressed} in. We're talking flares, florals, pastels & platforms. Every piece is a statement - and all you need is one. But why limit to one when there are 13 lucky pieces in this collection alone?! #bonafideshopaholic

Happy Spring Shopping!

V-neck Floral Maxi from Romwe {$16.50—MAJ sale!}

Florals With Zipper Midi Skirt from Romwe {$18.90—You guessed it... Sale alert! You can thank me later.}

Distressed Frayed Flare Jeans from Charlotte Russe—Love the frayed bell-bottoms! {$34.99—Buy One, Get One $12.50}

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